1. "Now now nephew, you've had your fun showing that young woman what a real man's touch is like; perhaps it is only fair I offer Ava the services of a true gentleman."

  2. I have to agree! It's funny how all the best scenes on the show lately have involved Esme. And some of these soap karens wanna get rid of her 🤷🏼‍♂️🙄

  3. I remember when they were close I hope they can get back to that again. They are a force to be reckoned with.

  4. Esme and Ryan, two people who would throw anyone under the bus for the hell of it, telling each other that they won't double cross each other

  5. So if Ryan can't tell Esme who her mother is, how is Esme really sure that Ryan is her father? Yeah I'm not using the other word Esme uses for him.

  6. i’m interested to see where this goes. i thought he was going to say “your mother can’t be in portugal, i know exactly where she is.” and then refuse to tell esme until their plan has come to fruition

  7. It's weird that Trina can't understand that Spencer had to show up to the trial, whether she wanted him there or not.

  8. Taggert should really be figuring out why he was hardly a factor in all of this. He could've been doing this own investigation in the background but apparently he remembered he has the skills to work this case weeks ago.

  9. which is just a stupid fucking plan. is britt just supposed to accept it as coincidence when he shows up every single time she’s at the MC? that can only happen a handful of times before she’d get suspicious

  10. It's more convenient that the PCPD starts working the case as the trial has began. It's like they were stalling till they finally cared to do their jobs.

  11. So does off-duty Jordan remember seeing Trina the cemetery that day because clearly on-duty Jordan has no memory of it.

  12. It's a society setups day. Which means we'll get more Cody👎. This is what Britt should have just said to him from the start.

  13. Today's episode wasn't horrible. Victor wanting to get rid of Esme, permanently. Esme & Daddy Dearest and his little threat at the end. Ava and Spencer's little moment where she questions whose side he might actually be on. I'll even say that TruckNuts passport idea was kinda charming. But what is his deal, really? Once he found out Britta is Faison's daughter he was ALL OVER her.

  14. Regardless of why Spencer is in the courtroom, he was at the cabin where Esme made the tape so he'd have to show up to testify sooner or later.

  15. Cody, Maxie doesn't know where her kids are the majority of the time, so she is the last person you should ask for any advice, especially relationship advice.

  16. right? how can victor disappear for years and then declare himself the head of the family just because he bothered to show up again? being oldest doesn’t mean you get to be in charge

  17. Why do I feel like this is gonna turn into some weird love rectangle with Austin/Maxie/Britt/ Cody with Spinelli (God help us all) thrown into it

  18. I don't get it.... Spencer's plan was to have Esme leave a confession and leave town ... now he expects her to come testify at Trina's trial????

  19. And that's the biggest issue Trina has, no one else could really tell where she was. That's where Esme succeed in all of this.

  20. Just finished watching todays episode and yeah I was surprised I watched most of it and it was good-then I was like wow is it bc there was no sonny no Carly no Michael no willow. Lol 😂

  21. Just watched Monday's episode, where Molly describes what literally everybody knows about the court system and TJ is like "wow, clearly you put a lot of thought into this." THE WRITING IS SO FUCKING BAD, lol.

  22. I really can't wait for this trial to be over with, this is the third trial and the only one I rooted for was Michael losing to Nina in court after that bribe didn't work out for him. Next is going to be what baby drama and Trina learning about who her real father is, yeah I'm good on that.

  23. Maxie, just because you are in the most boring relationship known to man, doesn't mean you have to make your former in-law have one even more boring than yours.

  24. Cody mentioning travel does give credence to the treasure Hunter vibe people have said!! I hope when Esme is on stand they show flashbacks to show how solid her testimony is on paper. Then have Brit testify and the circumstancial stuff comes out to save Trina.

  25. That's really a thing in soaps though! Years ago, I remember Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke from B&B) telling a talk show that the look they give right as they are going to a commercial is basically a director saying "Give a look like you wanna know who farted?". Then Friends made that joke about Joey saying the look is about "smelling a fart" after he was playing Dr. Drake Ramoray on DOOL.

  26. For sure, but also she’s an 18 year old who has been dealing with some serious issues and changes. I think in this case the writing is spot on. subconsciously trying to regain some control. Not saying its a good look on her, quite the opposite, but it does make sense in her world.

  27. Ryan is right, Spencer's deal is bull, if he had a name he'd give it to get already. Then again Ryan has to reveal who Esme's mother is or she helps Spencer.

  28. Oh Esme I don’t think you’re father will tell you who is your mother either, so if I was you I’d leave port Charles for awhile.🤷🏾🤷🏾

  29. As an almost 42 year old woman I kept looking at Esme today thinking damn I need to start working out again. I always thought she looked creepy in her dresses but in Jeans I wish I looked like that 🤣

  30. To be honest Victor and Nikolas I’m rooting for Esme to escape and come back in the future with a partner to hang with(we all know who we want to be Esme new partner to be?🔥🔥🔥😈)

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