1. I think it’s just for drama. I think Sonny is going to continue to stay with Nina for a while. So far, any time they’ve had a little fuss, they resolve it and stay close. But who knows?

  2. Oh course Joss can't keep something a secret for Trina, but Trina would be expected to keep a secret for her

  3. I mean why even use the phone, just scream all your convos at the top of your lungs, you will have just as much privacy that way.

  4. She also lied when Ava asked "hasn't anyone ever told you not to paint your nails on the couch" she said no, but I remember Laura had a pretty big problem with it.

  5. Seriously PO'd at Olivia now. These people call 'lawyer' at the drop of a hat, and a lawyer can't do a thing, except point out that Nina owns half the hotel, from a legal purchase.

  6. Oh how did I know the previews were gonna be a rip off 👎🏼 Ava didn’t walk in on them talking 🤦🏼‍♀️👎🏼

  7. They are really writing Carly like the dumbest person possible. I don't know how anyone can watch this and think she's benefiting from favoritism.

  8. Snarly would tell Laura she's sorry about her mother only to follow it up with "Did you hear what that witch Nina did to me?"

  9. Here's a thought, Olivia, if you don't like who your new business partner is, sell your half of the business. You got Q money now, you don't need the job.

  10. She doesn't want to be a kept woman. She likes having a purpose and it keeps her from messing with the Q's kitchen because she can use the MC's.

  11. After Olivia professed her undying loyalty to Carly made me wonder how is she going to be a business partner with anybody else especially Nina? It will be to the detriment of the operation of the metro court? I agree with the poster who said if she’s not gonna get along with her new partner she might as well sell the business and move on. Maybe sell it to Nina and she will be the sole owner. I could see her leaving it to Wiley.

  12. i know she won’t walk away, but she needs to just be done with sonny. one moment he’s telling her he wants to be with her, then the next he’s interrogating her over carly and running to carly to ask if she’s okay. nina, just let him go!!!

  13. All of those people who you think were trying to move in on Ned are also Quartermaines so it's also theirs. Ned has no more right to it than they do.

  14. Maybe Nina and Olivia can do like the Ricardo's and Mertz's..... draw a line down the middle of the Metro Court.

  15. Carly is basically an evil version of Lucy Ricardo. She gets into hijinks and everyone else has to rescue her yet she is still worthy of everyone’s wuv. Except Carly is anything but funny, lovable or charming.

  16. Either they own the land personally and they need a partition action (they likely don't), or now they own own 50/50 of the land LLC or corp, and the operating entity, and they need a corporate action.

  17. Well Olivia, if you don't like how the hotel is being ran then sell your half and go be best friends with Carly

  18. Nina standing up for herself and not backing down to Olivia is better then her trying to play nice with people who could care less about her

  19. Sonny says he likes independent women but he really doesn’t. Nina said that Sonny had nothing to do with her business dealings. So I can see Sonny being a little butt hurt over it. But he’ll come around, I bet.

  20. This whole storyline is bullshit there's no way Carly would give up her hotel without a fight. I can't watch this show anymore.

  21. Because y’all trying to accuse her of using it to see her grandson and then evict her from crimson and the metro court. We ain’t Stupid

  22. Are we supposed to feel bad for Carly? Or proud of her for some reason?? All of this is her fault, and she's acting like a brat. So....🤷‍♀️

  23. I’m glad they brought up the fact that Esme is a white girl coming after Trina who’s Black who will face a different kind of justice system. I’m also irritated as hell that Trina is helping a little rich white boy with all the resources in the world when she needs to save her own behind and it’s the one time I’m agreeing with Joss.

  24. I didn’t see it before but the actress playing Portia sold it for me. Also, I guess aunt Stella finished shooting her sitcom and was available. Good for that actress. She’s been around a long time.

  25. Thanks for reminding me what a bitch you are, Carly. She is keeping a huge secret for no reason other than she is pissed at Nina. I don’t believe for one minute that Carly thinks she is a danger to Wiley. She just wants to keep Nina from having a family. Her dig telling Nina she was leaving to be with her family only twisted the knife to remind Nina she was childless.

  26. Carly keeps making the same mistakes over and over again especially when it’s concerning Nina. Reminds me of an Einstein quote “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

  27. Drew said that he had to artificially bump up the value of the stock and that the merger would’ve made it really have that value.So essentially she has stock that isn’t worth anything or very little. I don’t think it was stated that she bought more than 51% of the company.

  28. Wonder if they thought that was gonna be a hot pairing? I don’t see it but that doesn’t mean other people don’t see it

  29. Is milque toast and weeping willow on today? It’s not on yet, but I might as well forward through their scenes when it is on

  30. Smile keep smiling now but one day your world is going to burn 🔥🔥🔥 when you’re grandsons real mother comes back and makes you pay

  31. Must have a lot of big signs showing the way .... that was the first time Creepy burner phone guy was on the Island.

  32. There's an entrance to the catacombs behind the fireplace in the living room that takes you to the mainland. And also a secret lab that Cassadines did evil things in.

  33. And if you don’t take that as Carly keeping it bc she doesn’t like Nina and wants to get back at her -you must not understand soap world/characters lol.

  34. I don’t think that’s what Porta was saying. She was trying to say that there was no way Esme couldn’t have known that Trina being a woman of color would also mean she’d have a harder time dealing with the justice system than any other of Spencer’s friends. I don’t think it was racially motivated but it definitely aids Esme’s plan

  35. I thought that was confused logic by Portia too, and I have never got that kind of vibe from Esme with all her faults.

  36. Saying this in the least impolite way, unless you are a POC in the US, you have no place to speak on their experience or anyone's in general. Myself included, it's not for me to speak about either.

  37. Wow. “The race card”. I had no idea the GH fandom had this in them but I’m not surprised, I’m on Reddit after all.

  38. Late watching Friday's episode. Another mention of the Nurses Ball. Are they ever going to have it again?

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