1. I love how they make such a big deal about Marshall being on an antipsychotic like he's gonna go nutzo. I know plenty of people, myself included that use them for depression it doesn't mean we're all insane.

  2. It was never gonna be an even playing field. I'm sure Britt's gonna be a shoulder for Carly to lean on when it's revealed she kept Willow's paternity a secret too.

  3. I understand that ELQ is a family company, but if Valentin who saved the company from Ned's mismanagement, Micheal fucking off for his family issues, and is bringing in record profits... What's the fucking problem with My Beloved?!?!?!?!

  4. Apparently Ned just got back from tennis...or he went back to working at that spa he was at when he and a Monica had that affair in the late 80s.

  5. So will Liz's "stalking" issue have anything to do with the random Jeff mentions since November or not? 🤔

  6. Arguing with Ned has been the most interesting Drew has been in a while. He actually showed some emotion.

  7. Why does Michael care that Sonny isn't backing him? He was the one going around proclaiming that he doesn't need Sonny and that he's going to reform the Corinthos name. So he should be glad that Sonny isn't on his side.

  8. OH FFS!!!! When is Sonny going to say that Nina brought up multiple times about Mike needing to find about his past before they could be together and he didn't want to?

  9. You’re right she did gently as him, but that doesn’t hold up. Nina knew Sonny would want to get back to his family and she could have done something about it. How fast did he fly home as soon as he remembered? He hotfooted it right black to PC. Everything about this storyline is dumb and I hope they just move on soon and get married or whatever. I’d love to see her be Donna’s step mom!

  10. Ambien sleep walking. They'll send her to Kevin for therapy to help with her losing Franco. You know like what should have happened over a year ago. Then they'll roll her out occasionally. Not quite basement bound but pretty close 🙄

  11. How many people are on this show?! I like most of the cast but come on. Let scenes last longer than 30 seconds you blink and you miss it.

  12. It bothers me that CM is being wayyyyy underutilized as Drew, yet we have Chad thrown in our face as Michael every day, and he's just terrible. Sorry, he is. 🤷‍♀️

  13. I was so impressed with that doctor!!! But then we have finn and chase loudly discussing Elizabeth’s health at GH. HIPAA only exists outside PC.

  14. I can't believe I am to defend Marshall but...Curtis, he doesn't have to tell you anything about his own health conditions.

  15. Legally? No, he doesn’t. But, since certain conditions run in families, he should tell him, ethically. Curtis or any children he might have in the future might be susceptible to whatever Marshall suffers from. It’s important to know your family’s medical history. And, putting the practical issues aside, if Marshall’s medical condition played a part in his decision to leave the family, I think Curtis is entitled to an explanation. He just found out every adult in his life — his mother, father and aunt — lied to him his entire life. Plus, his dead brother never will know the truth. That’s a lot for a person to carry without any explanation.

  16. Does Carly forget how the whole situation with AJ went down a few years ago. Michael went against Carly's advice and got to know AJ, which of what Wiley may do, if things go Carly's ways.

  17. She hasn’t forgotten so much as reinvented the narrative of what happened when Michael was conceived. AJ was never some awful drunk who was a danger to Michael. Yes, he had a drinking problem but that was just Carly’s excuse. She certainly didn’t mind his drinking when they hit the sheets — and they hit the sheets that night hard. She was just obsessed with Tony for all her twisted reasons and wanted him to be the father. Then, she wanted Jason to be the father. But, biology doesn’t change through wishing. She’s the one who set the smear campaign of AJ in motion for her own selfish wants and she doesn’t want to own that. The only one she really every admitted the truth to was Jason. Surprise, surprise.

  18. they sure did. while nina was lying to them, they were lying to chase and everyone in their circle since no one knew they were cheating lol. “wiley it’s not good to lie, unless it’s to your best friend so that you can bone his wife behind his back!”

  19. Dante, there isn't one person in PC over the age of 13 that doesn't have a "history of questionable" behavior.

  20. According to wiki: Through November 16, 2016, the minimum pay rate for an under-five actor on a soap opera is $451 for a one-hour show

  21. I really feel like Dante and Sonny are both at their best (in general, across the whole show) when they are in conflict or disagreement with each other. Those two have incredible chemistry. It’s really special to see.

  22. I hope that it's finally the next day in PC and the custody trial FINALLY begins!!!!! We've only been stuck on Leo In The Park Day for almost 2 weeks. I feel like I've been watching an episode of 24 considering how long this day has been. 😂

  23. Lol yeah hopefully but it’ll probably be the morning before and all this talking til the court actually starts and that’ll be at the end of todays episode or later this week lol

  24. maxie should have torn michael a new one for that comment about peter. yes he is biologically bailey’s father, but if he had lived he would be in prison, where he wouldn’t even have the option to be in bailey’s life. the two situations have nothing in common whatsoever. nina has made some major mistakes and hurt many people but she cannot be compared to peter who committed literal international crimes lol. michael gets away with too much!!! constantly talking out of his ass like he’s the smartest person i’m the room.

  25. The only way you walk into that is if you know that you’re saying it to someone who is a dick to you. Maxie did not know that Michael could be a dick towards her but she just found out how much. That’s what A toxic guy really is all about

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