1. Michael was ceo and stepped down when he learned about Wiley - right? I don’t see why Ned expects to be reinstated as CEO now that Michael is able to do it.

  2. It's that last resort that Trina chose to keep to herself the trip at the cemetery, because she was lying to Jordan at the cemetery that same day she saw Spencer there

  3. Is Val having shares of ELQ that bad, I'd understand if ELQ was struggling but apparently he's handling a few businesses and is succeeding

  4. Honestly this whole entire thing is stupid. They’re completely devaluating the entire laws of a business for their own fake storyline. Simple fact put is that the board cannot agree on a merger without the majority shareholder approval and if the majority shareholder is also CEO he needs double approval to sign off that his company is being merged with another company which would result in dozens to 1000 layoffs.

  5. I don't know how much real life there is in the Port Charles Universe. But closely held corporations can be quite a bit like family corporations.

  6. Caught or not, Spencer needed to find those letters. Esme covered all tracks yet still chose to keep letters from her nanny

  7. So funny that Michael was with Nelle and they didn’t know she was Kiki’s sister until after she was dead. And now he is with Willow and didn’t know Nelle was her sister until after she was dead

  8. So Willow lived in a commune, ashram and a cult and still found a way to graduate from college without a real birth certificate.

  9. Yes, most schools do a back ground check ... with Willow Tate formerly Kali Miller ... no legal birth certificate ... and all of the other sorted things ... I am wondering why none of this came up. (Again, I know it is a soap.)

  10. You don't need to show your birth certificate to enroll in college. You don't even need a ssn because schools accept foreign students. She wouldn't have gotten any financial aid.

  11. Trina and Rory still need to make out or have intercourse, so that Esme can either record them or report it to Robert (or Jordan).

  12. I think Eden and Avery's big scenes were this year's. Someone posted an article that the youth category goes to a cap of 18 next year, so they may be screwed.

  13. I agreed too ; there’s no need to not tell him ; I mean what are they gonna say if he asks why hasn’t she come over or is she gonna be at my b-day party or whatever? They’ll make him think she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him.

  14. I agree with Nina but it’s something that has to be done delicately. Nina’s method for telling the truth is too often of the spill-the-beans nature and that will probably upset Wiley more than necessary.

  15. Carly cares about how Phyllis is doing after the robbery as much as I care about Marshall being without his clarinet.

  16. If there anything that makes Carly more hateable than what she does as a person it’s the fact that she pretends like she cares for Phyllis’ well being as to rather than just carrying for a a good ass person. how the fuck can you not care about that person. And Carly can’t show it because every time she says that she’s coming for concern about Phyllis, she’s actually just wanna get information for her

  17. That preview is just to tease us that Drew won't end up in Snarly's grasp. I didn't think I could like her less. But with this Willow/Nina/Harmony storyline I see I was wrong

  18. I love I was arguing with a couple people on Facebook that Phyllis was there when Nelle was born and she has to know she had twins. 🙄 I hope they were watching cause she just explained again she wasn’t there.

  19. Plus, Joss and Cam have only been intimate once. They are college freshmen, and while their first time did get eblasted to the whole campus...

  20. I really hope when Carly does her dna test somehow also proves Nelle is Nina’s other daughter-I can’t believe people are still arguing and saying Nelle isn’t her daughter. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  21. I find it odd that Willow is freaking out about Harmony “not being my real mother” when that is exactly true with her and Willie (though I guess she is biologically his aunt). Of course the news is shocking and she rightly would to know her origins, but to keep saying she wasn’t her real mother when she is not Wille’s real mother seems disingenuous.

  22. right. and now she keeps calling her harmony instead of “my mom” like she used to. she didn’t birth you but she raised you. she’s still your mom

  23. William Lipton is 18 ... bring back Brooklyn Silzer as Emma Drake (assuming the actress is interested.) She is 16 ... could pass for 18/college freshman. If not, recast.

  24. I am so tired of Nina’s poor me act. Between her and Carly there is no escape from this crap.

  25. And the echo is annoying too. And by echo I mean Mini Snarly. People at Charlie's & Kelly's right now are probably thinking "Please shut up, we're trying to eat!"

  26. This iff rom yesterday because I haven't seen today, so sorry. But Carly is getting absolutely nuts about Nina! I hope they don't put Carly and Val together, I want to keep him out of her clutches. (Like drew.)-I'm glad Val stood up for Nina, and Carly was off her rocker jealous. It's like she stalks Port Charles looking for people to crab about Nina. You've got a business, kids--get a life.

  27. This storyline it is completely justified. Esme did eblast Joss' first time having sex to the whole campus and set up her best friend to take the fall.

  28. Lol 😂; I’m thinking she’s there to talk to Phyllis-you know find out more stuff about Nina giving birth even though she doesn’t need anymore info. 🤷‍♀️

  29. Fuck you ABC. Why the fuck are you cutting in to show the Mario fucking Batali verdict???? Who the hell cares about that? Now I suppose I need to listen David Muir put context to this. Fuck

  30. Chef who used to be on the Chew that ran during the 1 o'clock hour. It was pulled off the air when he was accused of bad touches.

  31. That was single-handedly the most dumbest thing I’ve ever heard a Carly ever fucking say. Literally take her own words to heart, like what the fuck were you doing controlling Jason’s life and if loving someone doesn’t entitle you to be in their life then it certainly doesn’t entitled you to control it.

  32. Suddenly Valentine is defending Nina to Carly and I don't see where this is coming from. I don't have strong feelings for Nina one way or the other, but who asked for this ?? Valentine could be put to much better use on the show. Makes me wonder if the writers are trying to get Nina and Valentine back together?

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