1. Either they've got it or they don't. Holding onto blokes too long who don't got it just means you might miss out on some blokes who do. Would we have close or Myers etc if we didn't cut some blokes who weren't cutting it? Would de koning have gotten a spot if hendo played on? Etc. Cuts aint easy but fuck they're important. =(

  2. This is the harsh but correct take. For every Menagola there’s 10-15 other stories of blokes that never kick on at other clubs.

  3. Narkle had to happen for his own good IMO. Decent player but I don’t think he fits into our team. Hopefully he gets picked up by another club

  4. Can’t see how Stengle squeezed Narkle out - they don’t play in remotely similar positions. Stengle kicked more goals in the first 10 weeks of the season than Narkle has in his entire career. I’d say it’s guys like Max Holmes and Tom Atkins that pushed Narkle out.

  5. Stengle pushed out Evans tbh, just does everything better and Frank hasn’t really shown he can play elsewhere.

  6. I'm more sad about Nick, I thought he did well in the VFL and has potential to be good for our AFL side. Hope we rookie list him

  7. I thought Narkle was pretty decent for us when he showed up. Just no room for him in our squad. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t play a number of games in the future elsewhere.

  8. Pretty sure I read he will be, with trades and stuff there's a lot to work out with cap space this time of year.

  9. Evans and Stevens are really stiff IMO. Evans wasn't on the list very long and did well despite having a pretty significant syndesmosis injury; with Ollie Henry likely coming in, it potentially came down to Evans or Dempsey and the club decided the latter has more potential. Apparently Port are keen on him, hopefully he gets picked up and makes a go of it.

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