1. I have no idea what the budget was for this game, but 5 million copies in 4 years seems decent for a new IP; especially for a medium-sized company based in the Czech Republic. Although I'm sure Deep Silver could've spent a bit more on marketing the game, the developer had no track record yet so it's hard to blame them for being cautious. I wanted to compare these sales to other new IPs but couldn't think of anything comparable. The gaming audience is constantly growing so looking back at a game like the first Assassin's Creed which sold 8 million copies in 1.5 years seems insane to me. I wasn't even into gaming back then and I knew about that game; marketing really does a lot for exposure.

  2. Budget was between 15-20 million USD including the marketing. The game paid for itself multiple times, fortunately, and Warhorse is now under Embracer..the budget for a sequel is no doubt higher.

  3. Grounded historical games are usually not very big outside of the strategy or city builder genre. KC:D has some issues, but it's pretty unique as a well funded open world thing in a purely historical setting.

  4. Imo the problem with this game is the game, it launched with some issues which turned away a lot of people (my self included).

  5. Well Deep Silver invested very little in marketing this game and probably thought it would just be just another ambitious eurojank title that no one will care about.

  6. This game surprised me. I picked it up cheap and initially thought it was garbage. I went back to it, got the hang of it, and I ended up really enjoying it for what it did right. I think a more polished and expansive sequel could be a really good game. The jank was almost charming in a way but I do think less jank would be beneficial.

  7. Some of the jank I get the motivation behind, but yeah, a bit less would be great. Do I really need an animation for picking up each individual apple? Does it really need to be so involved to... well, do anything?

  8. this is exactly why i stopped. i think after the first town you grew up in gets raided, i stopped after that semi boss sort of fight. should i pick it back up?

  9. Absolutely love this game, I'm glad it's one of the rare Kickstarter projects that turned out well. Hell, I'd argue it was a lot better than people even expected.

  10. I remember following the development of the game thinking they were way in over their heads. It looked way too ambitious, almost like a AAA studio might even struggle with it. I'm still shocked they pulled it off (granted it was still rough around the edges on release), and it's a fantastic game.

  11. My only gripe with the game was how the blacksmithing activity didn't make into the final version because the devs said "it's an extremely time-consuming activity and wouldn't make sense to have it in the game".

  12. Mechanically they really nailed the Bethesda-type game better than any other studio. Writing was great too. I ended up bouncing off because the combat. I hope their next effort does something much different with the combat.

  13. I tried it , think it’s pretty cool but I don’t have fun playing it for some reason. One thing I was impressed with that maybe gets over looked is how realistic forests are , like if you are going down a dirt track and turn off it to go into the bush’s the transition into the forest and the actuall forest it’s self feels realistic

  14. Been playing through this recently and having a fun time with it. There's definitely a lot of room for improvement but it's a very respectable first entry.

  15. I'm hoping for a historically accurate Prague in the next one, and a story involving the Hussite revolt! Side note, aside from the accurate historical architecture, which was very well done, I've never seen a game that nails the feel of forests like Kingdom Come.

  16. This game is peak Eurojank, and I say that in a good way. I loved it, but can absolutely see how someone wouldn't.

  17. Yeah I used a guide for that part and as I was doing the quest with the guide I was wondering how the hell would this be possible without it.

  18. Welp, i take the eurojank over a certain developers letsgommoetablishedsingleplayerfranchise, microtransactionwartable, needpointsforquest, mediocregameplay, overhypednewbiowarebullshit every time.

  19. I liked the idea of the monastery, but on launch it was one of the buggiest missions. Had to follow a very specific route to get out which killed all fun for me at the time. Should do a second playthrough with most of the jank fixed.

  20. I really wish there were more history games. There are so many great stories to tell from the real world but they are never considered by developers.

  21. So awesome to hear, I love this game so much. Only RPG I've ever played that feels like a Bethesda game (aside from New Vegas of course).

  22. I've heard this game is great but a bit janky - is there any recommendations for mods or addons that either alleviate or otherwise improve the base experience?

  23. It's actually pretty good considering that this was just a startup game and didn't exactly launched at well state.

  24. Good. Even if it's not among my personal favourites, I still loved playing this game and plan to replay it again in future because it's just such a refreshingly original game.

  25. Kinda shocked how much I loved this game. I was expecting it to be good but I was absolutely immersed the entire time. Love the realistic setting, goofy but loveable protagonist and even the combat became fun once I got past the jankyness. I NEED a sequel yesterday.

  26. Tried playing it multiple times, got as far as meeting that spoiled prince fairly early in the game, but I just can't get into the combat system.

  27. Combat does seem to be the major sticking point for most people. I usually recommend when you get around that part to spend 30 minutes training in the combat arena to get the skills up, then it actually feels pretty rewarding. Then feels too easy late game, lol. It's something they could improve in a sequel for certain.

  28. It's curious because the combat works best when it's 1v1, but the game throws a lot of encounters with multiple enemies against you. Yeah, I know that in real life a 1v2+ combat is extremely deadly, but then why make it so that it is half of the game?

  29. I actually love that combat system. Having done HEMA in real life, I could relate to being absolutely crushed by everyone in the early game. It's janky, sure, but at least it felt like every combat was a deathmatch.

  30. I really enjoy the game overall, but the combat does feel janky, especially early on when your stats are low. It does feel a bit better later in the game as your character's skills go up and you get more effective weapons, but I still don't think the combat system quite manages to do what it set out to do.

  31. It's hard to stick with since it's so tough at the beginning when your skills are terrible in just about every way. I managed to stick with it until I was a Cuman killing badass who could also actually read.

  32. Combat was annoying I remember it taking too long to kill people then later on it was too easy and you'd hit people like once or twice and they'd immediately die which wasn't satisfying.

  33. If that's the case, then you barely scratched the surface on the combat system. As your character gets more experienced, it's night and day difference from the early game where everything is clunky by design.

  34. Set difficulty to Easy. It means you don't have to worry about the combat system as much but the rest is still exciting and fun.

  35. Given how silent Warhorse has been with the game recently I'm sure they're hard at work on a sequel. I can't wait for that because KCD was a breath of fresh air even if it was a bit janky and buggy at times.

  36. This game is proof that if more devs would step into the "Bethesda-style" open world genre, Bethesda would quickly be dethroned. Despite its jank, Kingdom Come had some genuinely good design principles and gameplay mechanics, even if they weren't always very well implemented. I can't wait to see what this studio will do with a sequel.

  37. I agree that more studios need to step into that Bethesda genre, but I don’t think anyone will be able to dethrone Bethesda. Just like there were a million GTA clones, some of them really good, but nobody could dethrone Rockstar.

  38. I doubt anyone is going to 'dethrone' Bethesda. 5 million is good, but that's a fraction of what Skyrim sold in the same amount of time, and KCD is more niche by nature, not to mention the market is a lot bigger. Bethesda's formula is also just really hard to copy without a particular design culture, and even KCD doesn't really scratch the same itch.

  39. I was getting into this game but I really wish they could give it an fps boost on Xbox. I just can't deal with 30fps anymore. But it was pretty cool, they really get into the history, which I appreciate.

  40. I don't think it's accurate to say that combat is a small part of the game. It clearly had the most work put into it of any of the game systems, and it's basically the only one that the game actively forces you into. You really can't outstat encounters until late game so you have to learn.

  41. loved everything about the game till i got to a mission i had to pick a lock on. playing on console. after 8 hours of trying and reloading saves, i deleted the game and never looked back. and that was after they had already apparently released an easier mode for lock picking on consoles.

  42. There is a menu option you have to enable for simplified lockpicking. It is lot easier on gamepad then. Still a bit hard, but obviously as you increase Henry's skill it gets easier.

  43. As they were an indie dev at the time, the director stood up for himself against the sociopolitical bullying the game press loves to do rather than kneetowing to their demands and they went hard for him and the product after that. It's kind of nice to see how well it sold regardless. I imagine we'll see similar scenes when the Harry Potter game launches later this year as they're already going at that.

  44. Unfortunately the game received a lot of attention as the site of a culture war battle over irrelevant things like historical accuracy and developer comments. Happy to see people can appreciate the game as a game.

  45. I've tried this game a few times but keep bouncing off of it. It's a real slow burn in the early game and I keep getting bored. Hopefully I muster up the energy to keep playing it because a lot of people talk about how good it is

  46. Deserved. Kingdom Come Deliverance is the game that has surprised me the most. The game appealed to a lot of the things I wanted from a Medieval Open-World RPG. The folks at WarHorse Studios did an excellent job. It is not perfect and has a lot of flaws and the first 10 hours might feel slow for some people but God was it an amazing and super immersive adventure like none other. Will definitely play it again and the sequel if they develop it.

  47. I absolutely loved this game until out of nowhere it started giving me motion-sickness. Nothing wrong with the game at all, I was just sad that it happened lol.

  48. I do like KCD, but I feel that the game was a little bit let down by how un-fun combat is, especially in large battle scenes. I'm curious how the Switch port will fare, and when we're gonna get a KCD2 announcement.

  49. Wasn't a fan of combat in this. I was under the impression it would be more like Mordhau or similar games. Instead, the combat feels incredibly unresponsive and cumbersome.

  50. I had fun with this game, just wish it had less of a main character syndrome and more you're just some schmuck knight.