1. Going Under had the unfortunate fate of being an indie action aoguelike releasing one week after Hades went 1.0, but I'm happy it's still well liked by those who played it. I enjoy it, even if I'm a bit over start-up jokes. This update came out at a great time; now that I've cleared Hades about 11 or 12 times, I'll move on to this.

  2. A shame I already beat the game, for what is worth the game was hilarious, hope they make something with the characters in the future

  3. this update was made for replayability, it adds an overtime mode that strings all dungeons together and add a new boss at the end + difficulty modifiers

  4. I implore everyone who like rogue-lites (especially Hades) to check this out. I could go on forever about it but it does the Hades-style talking to characters after dungeon runs thing and the dialogue is incredible. The whole game is stuffed with clever references and witty jokes. The environments are packed with fun items to use as makeshift weapons, resulting in a very scrappy and improv beat-em-up.

  5. I loved this game but it was way too short. Unfortunately, this DLC doesn't look like it adds enough to get me back into it.

  6. Unless you find the game really easy it's a good ~10 hours which is perfect. Its biggest issue is the dialogue unfortunately runs out before you've beaten the game, unless each dungeon only takes you a couple tries.

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