1. Just hope your gme win doesn't take as long as a bills win. !!!! Ove seen a lot of tags on Porsche, audi, Mercedes etc, but a beat up camry, now that's funny....guess they got theirs on the squeeze.

  2. I have bad days where i get unhinged and unstable and im like "man fuck all this" and for some, that's their only impression of me. (Rough last few days for me comment wise) Just wanted to put it out there I ain't going anywhere

  3. FL Bills Mafia GME DRS holder checking in! I’ve been saying this is the year since I was born, hyping myself that Buffalo would get back to the Super Bowl. 30 years later still hyped and now not only is this the year for the Bills but also added “tomorrow is the day” into my hype. They don’t realize who they are trying to out wait

  4. I got banned too. But I did not make a new account. I am making an NFT art collection and I will try to apply as a creator in the nft.gamestop.com marketplace

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