1. I just had a vivid image of me walking with VR headset in a virtual house , going into a virtual gaming room, sitting on a virtual sofa , starting my virtual gaming station and surrounded by virtual friend. All that siting on a wooden chair in a dirty empty apartment , alone.

  2. I'm afraid I'm a little less optimistic that Facebook will have any significant consequences. But I hope you're right

  3. He's also jealous of Apple and Google running their own hardware with full access to it. (And to a lesser degree Microsoft owning the OS of most desktops.)

  4. They also destroyed their product, which used to be a simple and clean website where college kids shared photos. Now it looks like a retail strip center where old people post fake Donald Trump articles.

  5. Oh ye also how they made their algorith make people depresed or happy as experiment people didnt sign up for. Good times.

  6. If you want to read an interesting book regarding Cambridge Analytica and Facebook's involvement, I recommend a book called Mindf*ck. It discusses the events that took place during the 2016 election and just how unbelievably complicit the parties involved were in collecting data to shape said election in favor of Trump.

  7. 100$ over a year or two? Guarantee you that most people spend more than that on other escapism media. Netflix, cellular bandwidth, any two new games. So many options to make examples from.

  8. The idea is to make the metaverse cheap enough that everyone can spend something when they can't afford to do anything else. Can't afford a vacation? Can't go outside due to the climate? Can't leave the house due to a pandemic? What about a $5-10 metaverse experience?

  9. There's always enough dumb people ready do get in debt for bullshit.... So many people living paycheck to paycheck who buy a new iPhone every year, a car they can't afford... And you know what people said when tv was invented: "nice but will never work, Americans are too busy to sit in front of a TV"... That said, I hope the whole metaverse ends un inba spectacular failure, And Zuck goes broke

  10. "We expect billions of people to spend hundreds on intangible pixels" are these dudes serious? Someone's just going to create a workaround so you don't have to pay shit

  11. It can mean something in the metaverse... seriously tho, surely the "metaverse" will be a global phenomenon at some point. I hope someone better than Facebook are running it though.

  12. This is so mind-blowingly dystopian that I have trouble wrapping my head around it. Purchasing a digital home (that you can’t actually live in) and digital decor (that you can’t physically touch) with money in a digital world where you have meetings with other humans (digitally) to earn real money to continue digitally spending. What! The! Fuck!

  13. Also he mentions buying tools and utilities to make being productive in the metaverse easier. Essentially selling necessary UI and QOL improvements. If you tried to sell someone this as an actual video game they would laugh at you.

  14. IMO people like Zuckerberg are so emotionally isolated from the world that they genuinely see this as a desirable thing. There are a lot of people that have this problem (which will be his core market) but I think he’s severely overestimating how many. Enough to fund his company? Probably. As much as he’s projecting? No fucking way.

  15. A guy who lives for decades with a fucked up creepy haircut and who creates a women sex rating App for horny guy on his campus as first social Media try is unironically as sociopath.

  16. Mark didn't invent Facebook. He's not a creator, an innovator, or anything else he portrays himself as. His skill is exploitation. He does it very well, but this type of person does very poorly with creative thinking. I know people love to bust his balls about being an android and all but that shit is real in a sense. Zuck is having a hard time imagining why average people aren't that interested in a make believe playland where everything costs money. Metaverse is like Manhattan in that it costs money to do just about anything there. Zuck is disconnected enough from day to day reality now that he really can't understand why the masses aren't ready to throw money at this. A man whose only skill is exploitation has created a virtual theme park whose only real point is to ruthlessly exploit all its users. He really doesn't understand that people are already tired of feeling like they're getting their pockets picked just to play their favorite games and aren't looking for more of that.

  17. Saying VR Chat will always be the most popular VR meet-up hub is like saying Myspace would always be the most popular social media network

  18. Yeah, amd MySpace was popular too. These billionares are just allowed to buy the competition so we are forced to pay them for what was once free.

  19. He's a piece of shit and Facebook is a threat to global political stability. Like other media, both social and mass, it thrives on controversy, but it was the most effective at actually helping create controversy.

  20. These billionaire sociopaths should be fought against with any measure available. The idea that someone would want to live their lives inside a digital bubble and finance this lunatic is absurd

  21. I don't think Zuckerberg understands that even if the future is in the Metaverse, it's not going to be HIS Metaverse. Maybe I speak for myself when I say there's no way in hell I'd feel comfortable using any future product Meta puts out. They don't exactly exude trustworthiness.

  22. I think that Zuckerberg understands very well that the "Metaverse" will not only be stuff that META owns, but will be a lot of stuff that is more connected/interoperable/transferable than the current internet landscape is. I don't think he envisions being "it," but rather being a part of "it."

  23. Now it would be handy if I could buy real furniture for my house without leaving my house and going into a vr simulation That involved the items and a measuring stick.

  24. The more I hear Mark Zuckerberg talk about people the more I understand he just sees everyone as cattle.

  25. All that's left on FB is the boomers and there's no way in hell they're getting VR and moving to this "metaverse".

  26. You're assuming that's who they're going to be targeting. Facebook didn't begin as something that was primarily filled with boomers. They were late to the party and made it 'uncool', every new big social network is just a younger generation escaping from the old. First it was Myspace, then it was Facebook and Bebo, then Twitter, then Instagram was 'hip' until it became what it is now, TikTok is the new thing, but that will lose it's shine at some point as well. If and when the 'Metaverse' comes out it'll be the younger generation at the time that popularises it and it'll be the older people who scratch their heads wondering why the hell they like it so much.

  27. People can't even afford food, but yeah, they'll be sure to buy some digital skin that let's them express themselves.

  28. I get "don't all of you have phones" vibes from a statment like that. Mr. Mark, a significant portion of the country barely lives paycheck to paycheck. Where the fuck are people struggling for food going to find hundreds of spare dollars not only for a vr headset but to spend money on your garbage?

  29. Hopefully there's virtual Big Macs that I can buy. I like the idea of McDonald's, but not all of the calories. That's the future that I dream of.

  30. Just watch McDonald’s unboxing videos on YouTube while you eat your rice and beans like the rest of us.

  31. I wonder if perfected digital taste would help satisfy people's cravings or make them worse. Could be a huge health benefit in there.

  32. Yeah that dude's never getting a dollar from me. I just pray that Meta crashes and burns so that VR can continue on without him gobbling up marketshare with his cheap headsets

  33. My comment was auto removed for being too short so here’s some useless text just as a preface to what I actually wanted to say….what a chode

  34. He's turning what's supposed to be an escape from real life into... uh, real life. They're missing the point of this shit spectacularly and I hope it blows up in their faces.

  35. Mark Zuckerberg can kiss my ass. I will not spend any time or money in a delusional society strapped into a headset to forget my real world struggles. I already do that enough as it is.

  36. Me either but the kids will do it, and we'll be out of touch boomers who had it better off when we could buy real clothes instead of virtual ones.

  37. People don't even do this in real life for the most part. The majority of people are closer to being homeless than they are being millionaires.

  38. Right, he needs to hire an art asset department first. The current graphical face of the Meta "metaverse" is like 15 years behind several of the old mainstays of the MMORPG genre (Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy 14, et cetera) and inspires negative amounts of confidence.

  39. Spending money on fucking what? The only people dumb enough to spend money in the meta verse have already lost all their money on NFTs and crypto.

  40. The capabilities of a standalone like they have is limited to a mobile phone level of experience. Unless they make something that can rival or even top PC or PSVR I’d say this is just another toy for kids.

  41. How is a guy envisioning something hypothetical worthy of a news story. Like that’s like me going “oh I can imagine me lifting this 10 ton Boulder” and then an article is made about it

  42. I mean, cynicism is great but if you told someone in 1996 that just the micro transactions in video games would be a $100b industry. They’d laugh at you

  43. I think he's probably right. People will spend that much in 10 years. But I doubt they'll only spend it in Facebook's metaverse.

  44. Am I the only person who doesn't want any part of Zuckerberg's dystopian VR Second Life/Zoom with wall to wall ads and micro transactions galore?

  45. I can't imagine a person who does want something to do with it. Second Life is already a thing and it's not popular. Why would anyone wanna play a way shittier version and pay tons of money for it is beyond me

  46. Every multiplayer game is a metaverse. Why on earth does zuck think people will want to spend time in FB version? Lol good luck with this zuck. If I'm going to hang out in a game lobby I'll do it somewhere fun. Not FB

  47. Lol , I can't g help but think how silly one has to be to buy virtual clothing and other virtual things that are completely useless.

  48. his plan isn't even for you to pay him money. his plan is for you to have free access to the metaverse and within it, you then interact with some other company maybe a company you already do business with, and those companies pay Zuck for certain priorities, options, etc. And there's ads. You aren't Zuck's customer, you're his product. His customers are advertisers and corrupt politicians.

  49. Activision has made over a billion dollars selling cosmetics - gun skins and operator skins in call of duty alone. That’s just one popular game. It’s a huge market.

  50. Unfortunately virtual swag is a billion dollar industry. Look at how much diablo has already grossed WITH all the hate.

  51. I wish we didn’t have to give billionaires our money but as a society we embrace the notion that IP is something that can be profited of for years. So many years patents and trademarks can last.

  52. What a waste of modern technology. How about instead of having me create a slightly better virtual versions of my mundane life, we use this stuff to simulate flying through space or strolling through history or exploring at a microscopic level the inner workings of the human body.

  53. Dear Christ, I hope I’m dead before that thing takes off. A terrifying commodification of human consciousness. But you just know morons will love it.

  54. Lol the metaverse shit is going to fail so badly. I don't know a single person that even has any interest in it, let alone trying it

  55. Zuck’s master plan: VR Lootbox World. God I hope FB stock goes to $1. He got lucky the first time around, but the house always wins, especially when you’re not really all that bright.

  56. That's ridiculous. People can't afford to buy a house, buy a car or even eat. He needs to pull his head out of his butt and get a good dose of reality.

  57. These people can't think of anything besides their business and profits interests. This is the typical example of crony capitalism where profits are everything and social responsibility be damned. This is the time governments do something about it like create institutions to audit practices of these tech companies just like any infrastructure project is audited for environmental impact.

  58. That trajectory was so two years ago, Mark. The world is an unforgiving place. Sometimes even for billionaires that invested a fuckton into their product…

  59. I'm really confused about this shit. Didn't people already have this called second life?? Like years ago, pretty sure thats been dead for a long time now.

  60. Second Life has been demonstrating the viability of a multi-million dollar annual economy for 19 years now, and still going strong. Zuck has some catching up to do. It's hilarious that he thinks he's inventing something.

  61. Meta has now been working on VR/the metaverse for 8 years, since the oculus acquisition. Traction just hasn’t happened. I don’t think that the metaverse will ever be more than niche, but I reckon that if anyone can make that prediction lie it’s Meta and Zuckerberg as they are putting tons of resources in it.

  62. If it happened organically maybe.. but this can't be forced otherwise its cringe. This is internet law

  63. I'm watching stranger things now and it offers yet another possible explanation for the Zuck. Its actually ridiculous that he is being spoken to as if he isn't an otherworldly creature that clearly doesn't have good intentions.

  64. Communism looks more and more appealing each day when there's still a 1% who are completely out of touch and will sail unscathed on their yachts while the rest of us drown in storms

  65. Most people are not into that shit. They just aren't. This Zuck asshole has been up to his eyeballs in code for so long he has no perspective.

  66. I wish anybody else but Mark Zuckerberg was developing this technology. We've all seen black mirror. I don't need my gf becoming a porn star because she can't sing.

  67. Mark, my boi, please. Don't be stupid. I can't afford a new oven, I can't afford a new car, I most certainly won't ever be interested in spending money on such a thing. Maybe some rich kids, but there aren't a billion of them out there. lmao.

  68. So. First we need one billion VR headsets right? With the current production, that alone will take 90 years to make.

  69. A man who had one good idea at the right time, convinces himself he has the Midas touch and ends up getting a severe dose of reality.

  70. Can someone explain to me WHY they think anyone would even wanna play Second Life under a different name, let alone spend so much money. Did Zuck start glitching out?

  71. Is their best idea for making money seriously “let’s charge people for clothes for their avatar.”?

  72. The only way I personnel end up is zucks metaverse is if some other awesome competition comes along and Zuckerberg gets pissed and buys it. No way in hell I'm buying anything that that fucking company tries to sell me

  73. I'm going to do everything in my power to not be a part of or support in anyway the Metaverse, Facebook or any venture Mark Zuckerberg takes part in. I don't like his vision for the future and he's a godamn weirdo

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