1. None of that! Writing and posting a fic alone is worth praise!!! But if you would like, you can send me a private message and I'll give you some much needed love.

  2. I don’t actually look at stats on my fics anymore but I do know the popularity of my fics directly correlates to how popular the fandom I wrote them for is.

  3. That's fair! I do look at numbers, I won't lie, but I don't let it affect my writing, besides the fact I always want to improve.

  4. My most popular fic, in a smallish and slowing fandom, has 503 hits, 31 kudos, 9 comment threads and 2 bookmarks (my most bookmarked fic has 6).

  5. Same fandom? And those are still great numbers! I know we are supposed to write for ourselves but congratulations!

  6. Oh wow good for you!!!! I find it interesting how being in the same Fandom doesn't always promise the readers. Which makes sense, considering the premise, characters, and ships can be different. But it's still cool to see!

  7. Was Moon Knight recently posted? I didn't consider to check out his fadom after the show, but congratulations on both!

  8. I wish you the best of luck with your wip! And yes I can see the difference lol but still, congrats on your numbers and I hope you continue to grow in popularity!

  9. Good for you! And same here! My least popular is in a huge Fandom and a rare pair, so I'm not all upset about the numbers. I'm just happy I got the damn idea out of my head and on paper!

  10. My most popular fics hits-wise are my two multichapter fics, for obvious reasons. Since all my other works are one-shots, I'll just compare those instead lol.

  11. Hey you posted so no matter what congrats! And it shows that us growing at writers helps our stats, my first fic is terrible and one of my lowest across the board. The only reason why the hits are "okay", is because it was a wip.

  12. My most popular work is actually a kink-smut work published on an alternative account because I do not want it associated with my serious stories; it just reached 80,000 hits and has 270 kudos. (05/2021)

  13. Hey fair enough! (And awesome job!) I never considered making two separate accounts for smut fics. Kinda wish I did but it's too late now! And I haven't heard of Dota, but that's pretty good for so newly posted!

  14. Those are great numbers especially for being so new to writing! My first fic was terrible, but it's also great to watch how the numbers get better as you improve. Good luck on all future works!!! 😊

  15. My most popular is 509 hits, published in February of this year (which is when I started writing fanfiction). Least popular is 143, published in April.

  16. Fellow One Piece buddy! I, too, go for horror/action and gen fics! They're such a hard sell sometimes in OP, huh? Audience-wise it seems to skew towards romance or fluff. Haha.

  17. So I've tried three different times to watch one piece in full. I love the anime, and everything I've watched so far, but damn there's just soooooo many episodes now! I always fall off and can't finish.

  18. I need to be better about leaving kudos, I tend to eat up smaller fics in one sitting then feel terrible afterwords. But good numbers😊 I hope your newest fic gets the attention it deserves!

  19. I really like this! I'm not good at poetry, but this is so cleaver yet bleak and horrific once you look at the source material. 😊

  20. My most popular is about to hit 18k and my least popular is sitting at a solid 328. Both are for the walking dead fandom, both published in 2020.

  21. Another thing I love but haven't considered the fanfiction, I did stop watching the show right before the final arc with Negan. But those are good numbers! I'm sure writing the horror and gore is fun.

  22. I have yet to write for a dead fandom, but still congrats! And good for you for being able to write for so many years, that just fantastic.

  23. Good job working on and finishing a long fic!! I almost dived into a smaller fandom last night but decided I need to focus on what I already have. I have two wips and a series I need to finish lol.

  24. I adore Zelda games and have dived into the Fandom a few times but have yet to really get sucked in. I think in general I have a hard time connecting with video game characters outside of their original media. But still awesome job! And I send you all the good vibes to finish that chapter!

  25. You can send me private message and I will give both fics some love! I'm actually on vacation and have a long drive tomorrow so I don't mind! Regardless, writing and posting something deserves praise! 😁

  26. In terms of hits, my most popular has 57 hits, while my least popular have 0 hits (granted, I just uploaded them within the last week, so no one's probably read them yet)

  27. I just found out there's a section of ao3 for original work so I don't think it's you! Plus it seems OCs are a mixed bag, some hate them some love them. But either way I wish you the best of luck!

  28. Well I only have two fics right now so there isn't much variation between my stats. Both for pretty tiny fandoms fan-fic wise so it's no surprise my most "popular" one is sitting at 233 hits (2/7/22), and my least popular one is at 108 (5/22/22).

  29. Eh I can't look up the details right now, but my least popular one is a Yu-Gi-Oh character study on my old FFN account. It's got ~ 600 hits and then croaked. My most popular one is a FNAF fluff piece that has ~ 80k hits. People are still asking for the sequel.... Which im totally going to write. Yes.

  30. Hm. The highest I still have stats on is about 10.5k hits, ffnet plus ao3, but a) I deleted a bunch of fics from ffnet and b) it was also on a fandom specific site where it got a whole bunch more hits back in the day.

  31. Any love is still love. If at least once person enjoys it, it's worth it. Even if that one person is you! But still awesome job. I'm glad I never posted on ffnet, mainly because switching over would be a pain!

  32. I dive into star wars occasionally, I don't think I'll ever write for it, but it's one I always love to read! Great numbers!

  33. My most popular fic has 2535 hits, and the least popular has 17 hits. Both are for Frozen, but the most popular one is a 34 chapter longfic, so it got on the top of the listings quite a few times over the year I was writing it. (Plus, I started posting while Frozen II was still in theaters).

  34. Good job! And I totally feel you on editing! Haha I try so hard but you always miss something no matter how hard you try!

  35. Haha what a difference! Still good job! I hope more love comes your way in the future in comments, kudos and hits!

  36. Those are still good numbers! Awesome job! Frozen really was popular there for a minute! I was shocked when it blew up, I was older (still enjoyed it) but my niece was obsessed.

  37. I’m going to preface this with saying I’ve never written for a big fandom so I’m probably not quite as awful as the stats would suggest (at least, i hope that’s what it is!!!)

  38. Most popular is just short of 15k hits, least is 1.4k. The less popular one is the only one of my fics in a different fandom, and one I fell behind on updating a few years ago. It's also a big fandom so probably extremely buried, although surprisingly I still get the odd comment here and there.

  39. Those are still good numbers! I think it took me over a year to have a story hit 15k. My writing was terrible in the beginning!

  40. Excellent job! I'm solely on ao3, though my most popular I put on wattpad because someone asked to translate it and post it on there, so I posted mine as well so the original is available.

  41. My most and least popular fic is the same. I have only one Fanfiction up on my account... but I'm pretty sure it will become my least liked one, if that number rises. It's shit.

  42. Hey, down the load you can always go back and give it a face-lift! I've been doing that (very slowly) with some of my older pieces. Good luck in your future endeavors!

  43. My most popular fic has 1792 hits and is a rated E fic(underage). In fact,all of my top 5 viewed fan fics in hits are all rated E for underage.

  44. Very interesting, I personally could never write rated E, I always get graphic and dark with my characters. So it's cool you're able to successfully. 😊

  45. My most popular long fic is an MCU fic with 800K+ hits at FFN. Least is my current long fic fic, in a different fandom, which, last I looked had about 3K hits on AO3 (and like, 1K on FFN).

  46. For just posting thats impressive, good for you! You're more than welcome to send me a link for the Mha/marvel. I post often in mha and read marvel all the time.

  47. Oh I agree, both of my current wips are both the result of me deciding to give my own spine on popular au's where I find the most popular to okay at best. Yet I'll probably never reach their numbers but that's okay! It's still worth it! 😊 and congrats on posting!

  48. my most popular is 200k hits and my least popular is 1530 hits! but to be fair that one is just a shitty little 300 word poem. my least popular narrative fic is 2658 hits. and they’re all from the same fandom

  49. my most popular fic has 2053 hits and my least popular only has 49 hits. to be fair my least popular fic is fairly new and the most popular one is my only mcu fic

  50. Most popular 10,000 hits for a rare pair, rated explicit Least popular 698 for a different rare pair but g rated lol

  51. I have the same thing with several of my fics in the same Fandom. It's funny how it can differ! But good numbers congrats!!

  52. Most popular is one of most recent at 28k hits. Least popular is also one of my most recent at 215 hits. Wildly different activity levels in the fandoms.

  53. Most popular: 53k hits 1.7k kudos but it has 35 chapters and was first posted more than 3 years ago. 2nd most popular is 38k hits 2.2k kudos with 8 chapters first posted a month ago.

  54. Yeah, wips get way more attention in the long run. It's also why I like to do lengthy one shots in a series. That seemes to do better.

  55. My most popular is also my least popular as I only have 1 story posted so far. It's a work in progress. It's from the TV show 9-1-1.

  56. Nice! For a first fic that's awesome. And that would be nice. I try to use bookmarks and subscriptions as a base.

  57. Sorry for such a delay, life lol. I didn't know people could make bookmarks like that! Makes me sad, it's so weird to do that. But awesome job!

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