1. Mine has been a picture of Dr. Strangelove since I made my account in 2016. I have no idea what my thought process was when I chose it, but I'm too lazy to change now. No one's ever commented on it. It's not a big deal.

  2. Mine is a photo of my dog (I believe it's the same one as my Reddit avatar). I feel like pet pictures are fairly common profile pics and they don't really say anything about the user.

  3. I use the same avatar across fanfiction platforms, as well as my main tumblr and Dreamwidth: a detail from Caravaggio's painting of Bacchus. I deliberately avoided something fandom-related.

  4. I have one…it’s just a pic of a peony bouquet. I’ve used the profile pic to showcase some of my inspirations for things like dresses and jewelry while I’m posting current chapters, since I haven’t bothered to figure out how to share photos in my actual story.

  5. If you do want to embed pictures in your story, you'll need to host them somewhere (I've found Imgur to be a good option), and then use AO3's tutorial (or one of several others posted on the internet) to link to that picture in the story. Alternatively, set up a blog, pinterest board, etc., and link to that in the author's notes.

  6. I used to have a pic of Audrey Hepburn all gothed up as my profile picture. It was a fun project a friend and I did and I thought it captured my sense of humor well. I eventually found out that some people couldn't make out it was Audrey Hepburn. They thought it was me, and some assumed I wrote "edgy" emo fics as a result. My pfp now is a version of me in the style of a Daria character. I have no idea what people's perceptions are of it, but I like it since I have always loved the show. :)

  7. Mine is a slightly color corrected image of a Roman woman holding a stylus to her lips (taken from a fresco at Pompeii; the image is sometimes mistaken as the poet Sappho). I am neither Roman nor named Sappho, and it bears no relationship to what I write, but I like the image.

  8. I had a character from huniepop (match-3 porn game I unironically play for the puzzle mechanic, it's fire actually) for the longest time but just today I changed it to Jason Todd because my red hood obsession has suddenly returned

  9. My profile picture on almost everything is the face of one of the cats I've had to let go, so he's still always close to me.

  10. I mean, to be fair, the We Bare Bears pic would make sense if they mainly write WBB fics, I personally don't have one because I can't make up my mind, I might pick one eventually.

  11. I have a Hokage with a Magikarp head. Looks dumb and wise at the Same time and I drew it myself. So I am pretty proud of it. 😂

  12. Yeah, mine’s a panel from Doctor Strange 1 (2015) by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo where Strange is saying to his disciple, Zelma, “If you ask me, it’d be an awfully boring life if nothing was ever weird. It’s the weird ones who change the world.”

  13. My username is a kind of apple, and my profile picture is an image of said apple, complete with a big supermarket sticker. This is of no relevance to the fandoms I write for at all.

  14. It’s just Sailor Saturn which I think I will keep forever tbh. I’m also going to change my Ao3 theme to purple so it can match and be ~aesthetic~

  15. My Ao3 pfp is a character from the video game I regularly write for (despite the fact that I haven’t posted anything yet lol—but soon I will.) I feel like if I have a pfp of a fandom I don’t write for, some people will click on my profile and get disappointed. But I’m an over-thinker so, really, profile pictures (especially non-fandom-related ones like picrew) don’t matter that much.

  16. I did an art trade with an artist back in 2016 where we drew each other's OCs. I used it as my avatar on tumblr for years. Been using it as my ao3 avatar since 2020 and have no plans on changing it.

  17. I like them! It makes the writer more approachable, imo. On my main ao3, it's a picture of Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service, though on my side ao3 it's a picture that goes along with my story, kinda reminiscent of FFN style.

  18. Yep! I'm pretty sure it's the same one as my reddit profile pic. It's something that I made myself and are proud of

  19. i have the same colored mangacap of bakugou on ao3, twitter, two tumblr accounts, and here. i've had it for a couple of years i think.

  20. Mine is a dragon from the cover of the book that is my main fandom, with an ace flag background. No clue if this makes people think of me differently, I just like the image.

  21. I do! It's some art of one of my OCs that I had commissioned. I don't think it affects how the readers view me tbh. I think my work and author's notes have have control over that

  22. I have a digital rendition of an OC I've had for years that I drew myself. But now that I've taken a few Photoshop classes, I'm hoping to redo it and update it sometime

  23. My profile pic on AO3 is an illustration of a nekomata I drew for an art contest several years ago. I like it because it's personal (it's my art), no one else has it (again, my art), and it's generic enough that it's not tied to a specific fandom, so I don't feel I need to swap it for each story I would write about. Also, not that I've got a huge social media presence at the moment, it's used on my Tumblr layout as well, so there's that connection.

  24. Mine is a bunny from a webcomic related to the first fandom I wrote fic for. I often use bunny-related usernames (in Finnish) online, including on AO3, so the picture works with my username. I also think it's cute and non-threatening. Not sure what impression it gives to others, but I like that it's distinctive without revealing anything about my IRL identity.

  25. Mine is a manga panel of Getou and Satoru thinking lol. I’ve changed it a lot but in the end I always come back to that one haha, not sure why

  26. I have one, and it's the same as I use here. But you're definitely overthinking this - while I do take note of a person's userpic if they have one, I don't think less of an author who doesn't or speculate on why. I doubt anyone would.

  27. I feel like in the year in which I have been writing on ao3 my one (1) long fic, my profile pic grew up with me as my story progressed.

  28. I have one. But I am lazy. So it is exactly the same one I use on basically any other form of social network or forum. An alpaca avatar in front of a rainbow flag. Because alpaca's are kinda sorta my thing.

  29. mine is a manga screencap of the character i write most often. i haven't really thought about people's perceptions of it, tbh. all they'd really be able to tell is that i love that character and, well, i do!

  30. I have one! It's a random cartoon drawing of a girl's head shot with shoulder length hair I found in google search. I liked it because the colors are only in black and white, with a hint of pink for cheeks.

  31. I have one. It's Max from A Goofy Movie giving a cool guy pointing gesture, kinda my way of saying "Heyyyy" when I comment on fics.

  32. Mine is the same as on here, and Tumblr,and FFN. It's a bunny asking for a hug. I love bunnies, and I love hugs. The people that do look at my pic tend to gather about that much about me xD

  33. Go for it! Mine is actually one from pic crew, and it looks nothing like me, just a bunch of features I thought would look nice on a character. I think my earlier one was what I imagined one of my main characters to look like

  34. Mine is a screencap of Elsie from The World God Only Knows. Granted, I chose her because she's my favorite character and I have my moments at times when I relate to her, and the specific moment is her looking for reading material, but no one has ever commented on or questioned it. I don't even have any fics for the fandom written or bookmarked.

  35. I have a picture of a couple from Battle Spirits. Even though I barely write fics for the fandom. I just like the characters. People might be disappointed if that’s what they’re expecting.

  36. Mine is a girl looking at lights. What’s cool about this picture is I used an app called dream, taking one picture, putting in a prompt, and turning it into another.

  37. Yes, mine is a picture of Yotsuba in a rain coat that comes from volume nine. It works because it goes hand-in-hand with my AO3 username.

  38. I’m located in the PNW and my avatar is a pic I took of Mount Rainier with an airplane flying across in a clear blue sky.

  39. Yeah, it’s a picture of a maple leaf I first used for a school presentation when I was 13. It was the first pic I saw while making an ffn profile, so I used it out of convenience. Then I just kept reusing it for pretty much every profile pic on every website for years afterwards. I’m too lazy to change it at this point.

  40. Mine is a pic of LED lights in the dark. Honestly, I don't pay much attention to people's profile pic, so I just assume it's the same for other people. I doubt anyone will pay much attention to yours.

  41. Velociraptor (from Jurassic Park, not scientifically accurate one) - because I love dinos and JP. Despite this, I haven't written a single fanfiction with dinosaurs or Jurassic Park yet (I mostly write SGA smut), but some of my readers already told me "we know you like dinosaurs, just look at your profile pic". :D

  42. Mine is a picture of Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl and Stinky Pete the prospector from Toy Story. I kinda merged their names when I made my username over a decade ago, and I haven’t changed the name or profile pic since.

  43. Mine is a picture of Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl and Stinky Pete the prospector from Toy Story. I kinda merged their names when I made my username over a decade ago, and I haven’t changed the name or profile pic since even though I no longer read or write in the Toy Story fandom.

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