1. Unrequited love is super common and can happen very fast. You can make it physical (as in the character is so beautiful your main instantly wants to get close to them) or make it a gradual thing borne out of something else, like kindness or a shared interest. Now, having the other person reciprocate, that should take some time..

  2. Victoria-era makes this much easier honestly you should be fine if it a woman falling for a man just make him dashing and courteous even exciting if it’s a man falling for a woman make her worldly, talented and charming.

  3. You can have them invite their love interest to their country estate after the London season is over. Inviting guests over for a week or two was very common in Victorian England. Hunting pheasant, fencing, strolls among the gardens, horseback riding, dinner parties, picnics lunches, bumping into each other in the library…all situations you can use.

  4. Yes that's what I thought too! But they won't see each other a lot during Victorian era, right? Like at most during balls and social events?

  5. I've had crushes develop over a few hours IRL, so a month is certainly possible. Especially in a repressive era like the Victorian one I'd imagine people would latch onto anything at all that could spice up their lives outside of the rigid routines they're used to.

  6. Yes. With 100,000,000,000+ humans over 150,000 years, more than a few are bound to have fallen in love that quickly.

  7. As much as I despise the "love at first sight" it is a very real thing people can experience. It's usually more of a youth thing, but I've had to deal with co-workers who still deal with that stuff.

  8. It definitely is... And more so during victorian era. I world have believed it. Look at bridgerton series...

  9. If they're aristocrats or come from an aristocratic family, they can have become infatuated with each other at a social event and fall in love from messages they exchange via messenger boys, carrier pigeons, and/or letters. Having those messages intercepted or discovered can also serve as a source of conflict.

  10. I say yes, as i know it's not the Victorian era, but in the early 1980s... my parents got married 6 days after they met, had me 1 1/2 years later, then they divorced when I was in 2nd grade and got remarried back to each other, and still married to this day. So yes it can happen

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