1. Bro I just did the sbc and got rivaldo, it was weird though the post didn’t show that a squad of bronze rares and silver rares were required

  2. Still a bad price, the 3 options combined still won't make the price of the SBC unless you get one of the top pulls.

  3. Why are they so out of touch with pim cards it should be one 87 rated team like the prem bag one you can pack 99 Ronaldo that’s worth more than all icons I just don’t get it

  4. These are for if your stacked on fodder and enjoy using icons. I was hoping for the 94+ tho but I’ll be doing one of these.

  5. I’ve a lot of fodder, and basically no chance of getting a useable upgrade to my team unless I get something massive from a lottery pack like this. So….

  6. For all you guys complaining its because of balance why its so expensive. I bet your the same guys who cry about chiellini in every team how ironic.

  7. 92+ gave me Rivaldo. The next day, the Rivaldo Sbc was released. Needless to say, I won’t be doing any icon picks for a while

  8. 2 keepers and puyol. And it's not even the worst thing. If this was repeatable 3 times, i know that i'd do it all over again.

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