1. See depends, you pre order a game when it announced then I would agree with you, pre order It about a week before it's out then I say go for it lol

  2. Next up: if you don't activate it, they will take the game away from you, no refund. So you have to buy it again for x2 the price because of the convenience

  3. The wheel issue for most of us was if you have the pedals plugged through USB the wheel isn't properly recognized. If you can plug the pedals into the wheel base it should work for you.

  4. If you were in career mode check if you had any mediums available. Happened to me only to find out that I actually had no mediums to put on, and actually pitted for hards…

  5. For the fly tire strategy, 2021 had the same problem sometime. Lost an online race because they give me old hard tire when I specifically selected the new soft ones.

  6. Earlier my game changed my tire strategy on its own, had it set to hards, get into the pits and they give me softs on my first stop

  7. Funniest part is, I played a bit on the 28th and had to leave for an emergency business trip later that evening. I won't be back until the 2nd July. If the deadline is the 30th, I won't see any of that.

  8. It still released the same day. There’s more pressing issues in the world. They messed yes. It’s typical of EA. If it was not fixed then yea sure have a fit. But they got on top of it and fixed it.

  9. I see no issue with this? I mean, the compensation is fine (3 tiers roughly) and only for early access players who would have played the game before July 1st anyways. Sure, the release was a disaster, but the compensation is absolutely valid. If you were expecting something more, that is a you problem chief!

  10. Lmao the game out 6 hours late what do you expect? 1000 pitcoins? Thats littearly a loss of revenue for the game and would destroy the economy of the game.

  11. Oh no, the games economy would be ruined, ea would completely collapse. What would the small indie company do. This is exactly what I would expect when paying £80 for a game that releases yearly with minimal changes

  12. In a way ea works cos its code masters who's the developer ea is just the publisher who takes all the flack so the devs can fail.

  13. If I sent you an email in German, my name and email will still show in English. That's the sender of the mail.

  14. How come I posted this before you and got less upvotes. Not being mad at you just a sad rant in general. :(

  15. You buy a game Day 1 then you get whatever you get. No idea why people don’t wait to see if it’s actually playable or worth it first.

  16. I mean yes it was late but it was only a few hours late. What would've counted as acceptable compensation? I feel like people wouldn't stop short of a full refund and a pat on the head.

  17. The only annoying thing is I stopped playing yesterday before it was given and wasn’t able to play til 6pm today so I missed it completely didn’t even know about it til this morning. Seems ridiculously short time to give the bonus could have at least been til midnight

  18. Und der Multiplayer funktioniert bei vielen nicht, weil das Passwort "abgelaufen" ist und man das zurücksetzen muss, das aber nicht geht und die Nachricht wieder kommt.

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