1. Yes... And considering that is a EA game now .. I'll buy the game during winter sale...it should be stable by then.. No point of paying extra for getting the privilege to play a buggy beta build of the game .

  2. Maybe if you wait for the game to actually launch? How people think it’s a good idea to buy games before they release is astonishing.

  3. Bad programming By Codemasters is more like it. They should have let this version cook a bit more before serving.

  4. If you used quick practice then unfortunately that's probably why. Far better off to just do the practices yourself. Saves alot of trouble.

  5. I’ve done all but 1 practice and I’m on the 4th race. Most of my parts are at 12% except for control electronics but that’s at 23%

  6. My engine literally blew up in Jeddah and I've noticed this has happened to a number of people now, surely can't be a coincidence.

  7. After one race in driver career I had 77% wear in a Alpine. Drove my practices and only did a few laps to complete the practice programs as well...

  8. Im at great Britain and on my fifth ICE, even if your my team car is quick enough to get into q2/q3 it doesn't matter because you need a new engine every race. Is pretty frustrating

  9. Do your own test on this to see if you're revving too high when you shift. If it doesn't make a difference, I'd say bad coding, if it does, probably still bad coding but also it's making the degradation based off what rpm you shift up at.

  10. First, stop max reving. Second, there is a mechanical failure option in f22 and f21. Make sure you disable it if you want a top notch car. At the cost of realism.

  11. I just wanted to post that I started an Alpine driver career last night and did first practice manually and did all the programs, skipped the other 2 practices, have one shot quali, and 50% races and this wear didn't happen to me. This was after the first race at Bahrain.

  12. I had 60% wear going into the gp, ended up retiring half way with 90% wear after experiencing a significant drop in power. Wasn’t to bad tho since I wouldn’t have finished in the points anyway. But my teammate was P9 when I retired and was simulated to stay P9

  13. mate mine is the exact same i’ve had to use 6 by france it’s terrible but the rest of the engine is absolutely fine

  14. If you have shorter season the component wear is scaled. So if you have only 10 races in a season the wear is nearly 2,5x faster

  15. It looks like you need to be careful with ERS usage. I was at Australia and my ICE was at 65%. When I used ERS when needed and didnt use much, the percentage didnt go up. With that I still won on 75 AI (rain in quali = free p1 to me)

  16. Shift up earlier, shift down later. Many people push to the limit, or downshift really too fast. Causing revs to go pretty high, specially on downshifts. That increase ICE wear drastically.

  17. Is the problem still there. They put out patch 1.0.5 saying they fixed it but they say they made the wear less punishing for over revving or aggressively downshifting which is not what’s causing the increased wear. I am away so I can’t test it out and I am just wondering if it’s fixed or not.

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