1. I have seen some dumb tik tok videos where peole randomly throw the ball which is used in pool at their dogs hoping that they might catch it with their paws.

  2. Not my dog, he’s never caught a single thing in his life, just gets hit in the face with it then grabs it off the ground.

  3. To get your feet in the exact position you want. Most serious-ish golfers have a pre-shot routine.

  4. To get your feet in the right position and angle for the shot. If your feet are angled too much or too little it can have impact on how much your hips rotate and can throw your entire swing off.

  5. Yeah so it might be faked, but then again I would think that this involves less skill than the ChrisMD clip.

  6. “hi it’s me your downstairs neighbor! what is all that weird noise iv been hearing every night?”

  7. It’s interesting that the cat knows the exact moment that the ball will be moving. Lowers it’s head when the club is pulled back

  8. I’d like this cat to start over our current GK Kenneth Vermeer please. Also wouldn’t waste an international spot

  9. My cat catches like that!! He will lea into the air and catch them with both paws and then transfer to his mouth. I always say he would be the best goalie.

  10. Is it just me or do the balls look like they aren't going to come close to the net? Cat's wasting energy on balls that wouldn't be a goal anywah.

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