1. The baker would bake himself an extra one because/incase he is/gets hungry. You'll learn to do this when you start to work in fast-food.

  2. It is one of the few things we know for certain about the Celts. "Bak" was their word for 6, and "hierz" was their word for seven. Thirteen was amusingly enough pronounced "dough zen". Which caused confusion when they went to order a dozen of something. Hence when you wanted thirteen of something you would order a "bak heirz Dough Zen".

  3. Medieval bakers were infamous for their bad counting skills. People who were not very kind would take advantage of them by buying a dozen small breads and then telling the baker he forgot one. It became so common at one point that it earned the name a bakers dozen.

  4. You're right (it was to do with weight rather than quantity iirc), but also wrong given the sub the question's been asked in!

  5. Bakers are very busy in the mornings. They can't just stop and count out for everyone, especially larger orders. So if you ask for 10 or 12 of something, they'll just point at a pile and tell you to "take those then" , which colloquially is shortened to "take dozen."

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