1. I think I was too shocked to even process that I should have asked for a refund at that point. I almost burst out laughing in front of the cashier when they presented it lol

  2. It looks like a very poorly made take and bake that also isn’t Chicago-style. I’ve never been to a Pizza Express, no need to ever.

  3. Pizza Hut in my country has a "schnitzza" which is a pizza but with a chicken schnitzel used instead of pizza dough. They then cover it in unappetizing blue sauce because of a football game.

  4. I'm from Chicago and this is a crime. It's so bad even the party cut posse wants to arrest this establishment for their pizza crimes.

  5. was this made by someone who only had a vague description of a Chicago deep dish pizza but had never seen or tasted one? because excepting that, there is no excuse for whatever THAT was.

  6. This is the first Expectation Vs reality that just made me sad. I've laughed, I've felt the OPs frustration before. But this. This is just sad.

  7. Things like this make me incapable of understanding how someone could possibly be placing that pepperoni and think "this is fine"

  8. I love Chicago deep dish. Especially Uno’s! But this picture is NOT Chicago style anything 🫣. It’s straight up nasty looking uncooked taco shell looking dough, with bizarre colored gelatinous goop for cheese. Pitiful excuses for meat slices lol. I mean. Wth?

  9. I’m from Chicago and no pizza establishment would ever sell something like this. My last one I had was better looking then the advertisement photo let alone there version of the final product. Is this place in Chicago?

  10. The top photo looks like a shitty excuse for deep dish. The bottom is an atrocity. Deep dish is dogshit "pizza" but that is an abomination.

  11. I got tired of pizza delivery disappointment. I finally found a great deep dish pizza to make myself. I use the Ree Drummond pizza dough recipe and I double it. I grease my big cast iron skillet and warm it in the oven on 200, then shut off the oven. Place 3/4 of the dough into the skillet and spread it out and up the side’s of the skillet. Return it to the still warm oven to rise, then I add my sauce and toppings in layers and bake it at 425. Then I let it cool down for 10 minutes and slide the pizza out onto a big cutting board. Gawd I miss gluten!!

  12. Seeing the actual advertisement should have already lowered your expectations...not even close to deep dish

  13. Bruh I only trust like one local pizzeria and only make my own pies. Wtf even is this shit tho. I would be as sad as I'd be angry.

  14. I can't figure out how that would even happen. Maybe somebody ordered it that way so they could finish preparing it later and you got their pizza by mistake.

  15. That’s disgusting …. Also cramming a normal crust into a dish too small for the crust to fit so it’s folded up on the edge is NOT DEEP DISH PIZZA. I cannot stand companies who do this …

  16. Malaysia. To be fair, Malaysia doesn't have great standards for pizza, but even so this was on a whole different level of bad. Like, there are places here which serve top tier pizzas which wouldn't even cost as much as this... thing.

  17. Pizza professionals who send you home with something edible, and with any peculiarities you prefer, must be cherished and homaged. Until the day they retire.

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