1. Hello, I have been sticking to the 8x a day (get 3 20 minute breaks at work now to do it which feels pointless) the longest stretch I have is between my 1am pump and 6am one. I have a Medela in style pump for home but a single electric pump for work (and a manual pump in case I ever forget to charge it). At home I've been playing with my pumping time thinking I wasn't doing it long enough so I was doing 40 minutes each time but since I'm getting discouraged I've just been doing 20-30 and at work I only get 20 minutes anyways so with my single electric pump I'm only doing 10 minutes per breast when I'm there. At least at home I can pump longer if I want to but a few weeks ago when everything was normal I could get everything I needed in a 20 minute timeframe, so pumping for a long time (I.e for an hour) seems pointless because all I'll end up with is sore nipples and no milk. What's even more annoying is that first week all I needed was low suction and it'd spray out beautifully when the milk let down...now it doesn't matter what I set it at the milk won't do that, not sure how to explain it but it just bubbles at the nipples and eventually will turn into a drop that falls into my flange but never actually comes out. I know there's milk in there, I haven't dried up or anything...it's just a matter of getting it to come out of there

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