1. Starting your own business with little risk and next to no money is an over embellished trope of entrepreneurship. Since your just scraping by you don’t have the resources to own a business with employees. You thought of trying to do engineering work on the side, aka working for yourself would be the path I would take and the one most likely to succeed.

  2. I am certain that I can bring value to organisations/customers. Getting that initial step in the door with little formal experience/time under my belt is hard. I do need to learn to sell/market myself, you are right.

  3. Can you recommend some got sources to study business though? Good books, podcasts and successful no b*llshit entreprenuers? Cause most of them seem like fake gurus preaching positive mindset?

  4. I love how people believe that the 9-5 you have now will be the same for the next 20yrs and being an entrepreneur is the only way to make money. The math is quite the opposite. Entrepreneurship is high risk high reward - corporate work is low risk with good reward but a ceiling most likely.

  5. Yeah, I agree with everything that you have said. I have developed more and more confidence in my ability the longer I have been in my current role. The thing that worries me is that ceiling. I see senior engineers living very modest lives and not having much more than that. I'm not saying I want to be Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos or anything, I'd just like the freedom to take a week off every now and then to zone out or go on holiday and hang with friends or family members. The idea of doing that once or twice a year as an employee sucks. Anyway, I'm blabbing. Thank you for your perspective, I totally agree with you.

  6. Thank you for your kind words. People can be really cruel about these situations. What's your current situation? Are you in a 9-5 or doing your own thing at the moment?

  7. You have high earning potential in the career you have chosen, money does not need to be an issue for a long time if you keep job hopping

  8. To add up, putting a lot of effort and times into registering a domain and setting up a website especially for newbie website owners are just a waste of time.

  9. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone. This couldn't have come at a better time. I just recently got depressed that I felt stuck and didn't like working for people even though I like people very much. I am in the finance and accounting sector and prayed to God to give me clarity. I spoke with my brother this morning and developing a plan if I get fired, imposter syndrome, and how to mitigate certain feelings. I was thinking of how being a business owner would be better and I had a scare that my current employment was in jeapordy. This made me re-evaluate what I need to do, what is purposeful to me, and how I can put that into actionable items. I was very depressed the last couple days and believe what you will, I believe this was God answering me.

  10. You are welcome Titan-33. I am proud of you for standing up on your own two feet again, well done :) the rest is the journey to enjoy

  11. I wasn't stuck in a 9-5. I enjoyed my job. If you feel stuck in a 9-5, you're in the wrong job. Get a career that you love.

  12. I should have phrased that better. I don't feel stuck with regards to my work. I love my job. I feel like I'm not going to be able to afford to buy a house, go on vacation etc comfortably. Houses are extremely expensive in Sydney.

  13. Paycheque to paycheque is a vicious cycle. No matter how much you make you will always need more. Cost of living is constantly increasing. If you are like most people the more you make the more you spend on yourself. There are a few different solutions to your problem.

  14. What kind of engineering do you do? Is probably the key to giving that answer. Moving somewhere else is always an option.

  15. I do engineering design (mechanical). I come up with concepts or ideas - create prototypes and conduct testing to implement the technology into our products.

  16. Do you think the problem is you are not getting paid as much as you could potentially? You'd be surprised how a modified resume, and a modified presentation about yourself (to better sell yourself) can make potential employers pay you more. Like 30% more than your current salary easy.

  17. Yeah I have thought about this. The thing is, I really enjoy working where I work. Also, a lot of my friends have nightmare stories of working 10/12 hour days daily. I'm also recently graduated - about a year.

  18. I am a mechanical engineer working in product development. Been working for 3 years but only one as an officially graduated engineer.

  19. I figured out how to do 1 hour of work a day. This requires a lot of luck, but if you do everything they ask and cause zero problems it can be pulled off.

  20. I'm from the US, so I don't know what it's like in Sydney. Over here you can save a lot and build wealth if you are willing to learn the tax and retirement systems. Personally, I max out all my retirement and deductions so I barely pay any taxes. I live frugally and everything goes into savings/retirement.

  21. Personally I found the solution in the company itself: I’m in a weird position in which I came back to the USA recently after a long time in Europe…ya know, where reasonable work/life balance is encouraged and PTO is guaranteed by law at least 20 days a year in every country.—some countries closer to 40 days.

  22. Ah, you felt the a scratch Think about it as an engineering/math problem. The answer depends on the required costs to start a business. If its rather low, you could save enough, start on the side and then go full on when you are ready (you will know it, when it's time, trust me). If medium, it would just take longer. If high, maybe you are better of sticking to the engineering career path, on which there are a lot of money to be made for sure and ample room for growth, certainly more than what a lot of entrepreneurs get.

  23. I’d say start the business as a side hustle while working your job tho tbh also start doing the research and networking tho honestly because that’s how you get connections tho also you could ask your boss or head of your department if their nice for tips, advice and answers to your questions tho tbh also once it’s going good you can either quit or keep doing it as well as the business tho honestly also your starting a business off of your skills and knowledge also the clients you find and secure are yours and you shouldn’t feel imposter syndrome unless you don’t know how to do what your offering tho tbh tho you seem to be able to do that tho honestly you are fine and it is not your job to find them new clients also they’re there because of what you can do and if he fires you than you can take over his client list tho ngl

  24. Lol 9-5!!! It's 24/7 365. Yes, it is a job but it's the end goal you keep your eye on. If its 20 million buyout or more time with fam, whatever it is that's the prize at the end. Shine and grind but make no mistake you don't start a company and think you lock yourself into a 9-5

  25. It's true when they say that the hardest part in starting a business is starting (or for anything really, this doesn't just apply to business). The biggest obstacle I see in people who want to start something new is fear- fear of failure. They are, by a mile, more than qualified to do the task but they sit idle on the idea because the fear is too great. You have to truly understand that extremely successful people are the ones who use failure as they're building blocks. As grim as it may sound, you are more likely to fail than you are to succeed. What helps is a shift in mindset (this might be your first step)- understand that you are going to fail but what you do after that determines whether or not you get closer to success. Many business owners I know run successful businesses and still have impostor syndrome. A lot of us are just winging it, really. Sure, there are key fundamentals to ensure you're running it in a proper manner but that doesn't account personal feelings, personal circumstances, lack of experience, etc. and sometimes that might be the biggest hindrance. So what I found works best is to just start- start getting used to rejection, start getting used to negative comments (everyone has opinions), start being bad at something and one day you will see that the things that used to hurt your feelings, won't hurt as much anymore, and the things that you thought were so unattainable aren't so ridiculous after all. I know it's easier said than done but if you read enough books, seek out people that are more successful than you are, and create an environment for yourself that will help you make that first step, you will soon find yourself looking for clients to take on. Best of luck and I hope that you do find the courage to pull the trigger and just start! :)

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