1. How much coding knowledge is required? What language are most of the scripts going to use that can’t be easily be done with integromat and zapier?

  2. This is line for line from a book. I read them regularly at books a million. I HIGHLY doubt your the author. Shameless plug but not shameless plagiarism.

  3. Where does one look for automation tools? Where are these "scripts" and how would I implement them and apply them to my business?

  4. Automation is great. I previously ran a business where I coded up automation solutions for clients and applications are both close to limitless and at the same time, somehow nobody knows.

  5. That's possible. The webhook processor will receive a payment complete event and orchestrate the door API and send email to user.

  6. Is there an app/automation that can pick content based on criteria from a content pool and generate a digest/email? Or how complicated is it to build one?

  7. Great post. I've saved my clients significant $$$ on automation. Btw, I'm looking for side projects (GAS and web dev). Please reach out if you're looking to outsource some of your work. Thank you!

  8. The non profit i rescue with hired a dev to create a google apps script automation with workspace, when a volunteer completes the agreement, it sends the data to a sheet and then the manager checks a few boxes to create the user, invite them to groups, calendar events, and then sends a welcome email

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