1. The dragon greatclaw, and dragon claw shield. Why the fuck does it have ENDURE?!?!?!? The shield would be awesome if it had an AoW similar to thunderbolt. Also a faith scaling would be nice.

  2. Yeah, I remember on my first playthrough facing the dragonic tree sentinel, I thought the shield looked (and still does) freaking awesome. I was really hyped when he dropped the shield, however using the thing felt kinda disappointing. Aesthetically probably the coolest looking shield I have ever seen playing any RPG or fantasy game, shame it kinda sucks however.

  3. Absolutely agree with the ash of war issue. I was mad disappointed when that shit dropped and it had endure and couldn't even be changed. Especially because I was on a strength build back then and thought I might actually get to use it.

  4. Just give the greatclaw the actual AoW that the Draconic Sentinal uses with the phase transition and thatll make it that much better.

  5. An AoW that buffs the weapon and gives attacks a red-lightning AoE for the greatclaw would be great Then a three-hit lightning strike AoW for the shield would’ve sick too

  6. Weaker damage than hammers,much longer charge time for R2, fun ash of war that you can never replicate so you have to remove it for other scaling.

  7. it's mainly held back by the colossal weapon moveset and the quality scaling. Considering the absolute man-mountain that is godfrey, it should be an S-strength greatxe, with maybe a D in dex. Make godfrey's the GUGS of greataxes

  8. Legendary spells and incants too. I’m mostly INT based and fairly happy with the legendary sorceries as situational boss melters but I feel bad for the FTH players. The player versions of Elden Stars and Flame of the Fell God look laughably bad.

  9. Underrated comment. "Legendary Weapon" is in the description. Should automatically have "S" scaling at +7 for type specific attribute.

  10. Nox Flowing Sword. There’s no reason the move set can’t use the flowing blade properly and it turns into a meh sword with a whip trigger.

  11. Same with the flowing hammer. I was disappointed that they're both functionally normal weapons outside of their skills which are niche and potentially outdone by whip weapon skills.

  12. As a strictly PvE player my opinions on weapon balance don't matter much, but I have a special fondness for Caestus and by extension, unarmed. I absolutely love fist weapons that gives you a martial arts kind of moveset with punching flurries and flying kicks.

  13. I've been spoiled by Team Ninja after experiencing the fist weapons in Nioh 2. The fists in ER are fun but the combos just hit so different. Fist weapons are just so satisfying, Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden, Nioh, Nier and I can't forget the punch girl queen herself Tifa in FF7:Remake.

  14. Should watch Bushy's thorn run that I think is streaming every day right now. If he didn't finish it yesterday. He only uses briar armor, staff of the guilty and the two thorn sorceries. He's also very funny

  15. I love Briars of Sin in PvP, as it’s pretty much a guaranteed win if you poise through someone trying to cancel the animation. But Briars of Punishment…I just don’t get what it’s use is. Average bleed buildup, slow casting, mediocre damage, and ridiculously easy to dodge. Bloody thorns are too cool to only have two spells, one of which is complete garbage. The Briar Prince demands repentance!

  16. Should have a stance style ash. One that does 2 of the 4 variations of the cleanrot knights spear attack. Instead of a drastically lessened version of 1 of them...

  17. I was in love with it ever since it showed up in the very first trailer, but man it just could be better or cooler :(

  18. The stormhawk axe does not need a buff. All axes need a buff. The stormhawk axe has an amazing ash of war that can one shot in pvp. It’s mainly the move set that is bad.

  19. My latest build I decided I was gonna try my hand at a "frost witch" build after finding out about the frozen needle.

  20. Bows are best used as a support weapon. Something to either pull enemies or to sneak a few hits in while waiting for opportunities to get back into melee. You probably won't kill much with a bow unless it's a greatbow at sniper range.

  21. Yeah I mean dual wielding radahns great bow deal good damage but great bows are sniper weapons and really hard to use against bosses or most enemies.

  22. I feel like it's common in souls games that boss weapons are underwhelming. It's like by the time the boss is done using it we get a weak ass leftover

  23. Carian Regal Scepter, Starscourge Greatsword, Morgott's Cursed Sword, Blasphemous Blade, Maliketh's Black Blade, Lion Greatbow, Mohgwyn's Sacred Spear, Giant's Red Braid, Dragon King's Cragblade, Marika's Hammer, Sacred Relic Sword, and Hand of Malenia are all good to great. Bastard's Stars I haven't tried but it looks solid.

  24. Bolt of gransax is really good tbh. I feel like people's core issue with it is that dragon weapon and lightning infusions now scale with dex.

  25. The Halberd is pretty fantastic and Bolt of Gransax is probably the highest dps quality build spear by far. Craigblade is good too, and the shield is fine. The rest could use a bit of a buff though, the katana and ice hatchet in particular could use a bit of an upgrade to their base damage, and the Greatclaw could use a unique weapon skill.

  26. Morningstar. I’ve been using it since the very beginning and it’s now +21. But man I wish it did a little more damage

  27. Most hammer are hard to balance because of their insane poise dmg. Start hitting some charged attack and it become a crit fest quickly!

  28. Crystal spear. It would be awesome if it’s ash of war could be swapped out. Not a lot of int spears, other than clayman.

  29. Varre Bouqette is the worst weapon in the game but has a real chance to be unique. Varre Bouquet does the lowest damage in the game with no scaling. It's one of the few buffable weapons that scale with Arc. It is the only striking arc option.

  30. Katar is lit and IMO the best of the weapon class thanks to it’s superior dashing attack and synergy with spear talisman. But I wouldn’t complain if it got a buff.

  31. Prosthetic especially. It's just so lame compared to any other option. And why does the ash of war barely get any altitude . My man hits me like an orbital cannon with it in the fight but you can't even jump over a fence with it once you've got it

  32. every carian weapon miqelan knights sword, onyx and alabaster swords and most of the regular curved swords, the colossal swords that don't have a unique heavy and aren't the greatsword and maybe the partisan given its basically a worse version of the spiked spear

  33. I agreed with most of this except miquellan's knight sword tbh, True it could use a bit longer buff duration but of all the swords, this one have a very fun heavy moveset and a pretty good stats.

  34. I wish bows and xbows did a little more damage. I'd like to do a ranged build without relying on status effects so much.

  35. Maliketh's black blade, and all the black gargoyle weapons (these in particular need new ashes of war with destinned death on it.

  36. Dragonscale Blade and Devourer’s Scepter. They already got buffs awhile ago, but they’re still very flawed. Ice Lightning Blade should be quicker and the buff should last longer, same with the buff that the Dragon Halberd gets. Devourer of Worlds will never be good for doing damage, but it should at least have super-armor to be able to clear out groups of enemies.

  37. The fucking Cleanrot spear. It's so damn disappointing. Saw a video where someone modded the actual enemy moveset and uuuuuuuuugh

  38. It's too slow sadly since it's collosal weapon, had it been more like it is in Bloodborne would be way better.

  39. The swords that you get for beating grafted scion. They are dogshit since the only good thing about them is the charged heavy after the ability is popped. I used it during a couple of playthroughs and it was only good when I was summoned for a boss because of the host or another summon taking agro and letting me use the single saving grace of the dam thing

  40. Ornamental straight swords? They’re hardly op but powerstance them with the holy damage buff aow and then do pretty solid damage. Mid tier weapon but hardly bad.

  41. Ornamental Straight Swords have a pretty diverse moveset though, and that's on top of the already super good ps ss moveset, i don't see why they need a buff.

  42. I just think there's some weapons that seem like you should be able to change the ash/affinity for (they come with a non-unique AoW), but you can't, and they should update them to allow it

  43. Godfrey's Axe doesn't need a buff, it needs a total rework. Along with the entire great axe class of weapons. Why do they all just have "vertical chop" and "slow vertical chop"?

  44. Despite how useful it is against Deathbirds, the Staff of the Avatar has one major problem. Namely, it could use a new Ash of War because the current one is really underwhelming.

  45. All bows ... please and thank you. I don't think any have above C scaling and farming for arrow materials is a drag. DS3 was better in that regard.

  46. Like pretty much every shortbow and regular bow in the game. Even with everything you can equip to increase bow damage, their damage output is pitiful.

  47. St Trina Torch! Its an amazing fun weapon to play and fight with but man is it really jank most of thr tjme to actively fight with. 10/10 would still lvl10 is again

  48. I actually think faith is a in a good spot generally speaking. The fire stuff, including flame of frenzy incants are really powerful in PvP and PvE. They all deal appropriate damage for their cost and their casting times aren't too long.

  49. The god damned Serpent curved sword it’s such a cool looking weapon and and they should have done more with it if they could give it some scaling or even just a unique ash of war I would have loved it even more if you haven’t tried this sword out do it

  50. Man I feel awful for this weapon. Wielded by one of the most badass characters in the game, and I was rocking a strength build on my first run. So I was PUMPED to say the least. Yet when it’s fully upgraded, all I get is a C scaling in strength and a boring moveset. Disappointing to say the least

  51. Godfrey's Axe's buffed moveset should have been it's base movset. It's weapon art should have been splitting the earth in half like Godfrey does with it

  52. Vykes war spear (he literally buffs it in the evergaol fight with the buff he drops but the buff can't buff the spear he buffs)

  53. spiked caestus, the hitbox is terrible, I used it in one of my playthroughs and I lost count of how many times I was hugging the boss/enemies and not hitting it because of the shit hitbox

  54. every single weapon with a magic/lightning/fire Ash of War but doesnt have faith/int scaling. serioualy, why doesn't the Lightning Katana and Gransaxx's bolt have faith scaling?!

  55. All maces and flails need a big buff, greathammers, greataxes, curved greatswords and greatswords need a small buff

  56. You forgot colosal weapons NOT colosal swords those are diferent but I dont blame you, fromsoftware forgot about them too.

  57. Queen Marika's Hammer. It looks cool but the unique move is lacking a little. It's not quite as flashy as I think it ought to be

  58. Either improve the scaling since it’s a quality weapon or make it a great axe instead to get a faster strike set.

  59. Wouldn't say it needs buffs but is kinda missed potential is Morgotts Cursed Sword. Like I guess the blood fire thing is kinda cool but when both bosses revolve around using their golden summoned weapons I would expect it to atleast be an incantation if not a weapon art

  60. Hammers need more poise damage to be worth using over straight swords. They’re HAMMERS. Axes need some sort of buff maybe speed or more poise damage as well? Every Golden Order incantation could use like 1.2x more damage.

  61. The dragonkin weapons. As I said in a previous post, they are my favorite weapon. They get damage buff for facing off againts dragons but they have a relatively high slash damge negation so its not that good. They're still my favorite weapons. I use them with every build I make.

  62. I just wish Meteoric Ore Blade had something besides Gravitas. It’s an alright ability, but it’s so boring on such an otherwise cool weapon.

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