1. Not magus and congregation???? Not royal rat authority?????? Not bed of chaos?????????? I guess you're entitled your opinion but I feel like there have been many more trash fire boss designs. They just weren't as hard.

  2. Bro, ancient dragon exists. Bed of chaos exists. Gank squad exists. Lud and fucking zallen exist. Even from just elden ring. Elden beast exists, crystaline trio exists, godskin duo exists. She has some unfair shit goin for her, but there is far worse

  3. Not done Elden Beast yet but the Trio and Duo I did in like 3 or 4 tries each. The rest of game is fine, she 100% stands out as way too OP

  4. Most soul bosses you’re able to learn their patterns in about 5-10 go arounds. Elden ring made that 50-100+ with bosses like Melenia if you don’t use summons or a weapon known to make her fight easier. Literally get comfortable dying to her, actually observe her instead of trying to beat her magically and you will see very sparingly she has “a rhythm”. She attacks basically only when we attack her, so that’s what makes learning her fight the biggest pain in the ass.

  5. It's such a common mistake, I think they should give her a line of dialogue that serves as a reminder of what her name actually is...

  6. I find her pretty fun to fight tbh. I enjoyed fighting an uphill nigh impossible fight. I'm not saying she's good or bad just that I enjoyed the extreme challenge

  7. Yeah, it's not unenjoyable, it's just for me at least, the least fun by far because the deaths feel cheap.

  8. I've beaten her four times myself, helped multiple others, and I still think she's an awful boss.

  9. She's not unbalanced. She's easily staggered and you can dodge all of her attacks except Waterfowl with ease. You can't just walk into her Bossroom with nothing going on in your head, she's a test of patience and skill

  10. I mean it's a video game, so the whole thing is optional. When she is literally the last boss I have left to beat before I do the endings I'm not just gonna leave it.

  11. By your logic I should be arguing that Maria is the worst designed souls boss because she gave me more trouble than anything else up to that point.

  12. "just get good, she's supposed to be like that" clear just read the title and jumped straight into defending her.

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