1. Remove the spaces between the ! and the first word and between the last word and the !. It's not working as a spoiler right now.

  2. Also, maybe don't go to the island. Losing all your armor and weapons isn't worth it. Tis a silly place.

  3. Can you imagine Elden ring with the paraglider and environmental manipulation powers??? (BTW. Why can the player not destroy anything in the environment but enemies can?)

  4. Is there a fucking talking tree? I didn't see anything like this when i was playing but i have found the cave that goes to this island.

  5. You had me confused for a minute with "talking tree". In all fairness, you can get there without it, did that on my first playthrough, was just exploring the coastline

  6. You need to find the Church of Lobster Communion. Once there, purchase the spell "Lobster Form". This allows you to swim and also makes you a walking railgun.

  7. I do find it interesting that the Tarnished can't swim. If you step off the ledge on the beach you just plummet straight down. No buoyancy or anything. And for those saying it's because you're wearing heavy armor, then just take off your armor. Problem solved.

  8. Vaati actually said that that's how you reach the island in his Network Test video. I wonder how many people he killed with that.

  9. Looking through the comments I can't tell if you got a real answer, but there is a cave down on the beach near a hidden merchant that will eventually take you there after you beat the boss.

  10. Oh, and don’t fall for this trap: after beating the boss of the cave a blue “exit teleport” grace appears. Ignore this and find the tunnel out of the room on the opposite of where you entered the boss chamber.

  11. There's a mini dungeon down the cliffs that leads to a boss fight. After the boss fight there's a path that goes down there to the dragon chapel.

  12. Ya gonna wanna looka for cave. You gonna beat the boss of that cave. You gonna continue past the boss rooma. There you go my friend you're at your island paradise. Enjoy the scenery.

  13. Sigh... Seeing posts like this reminds me of the bright-eyed bushy-tailed Tarnished I was on my first playthrough. The wonder of seeing an island off in the distance and wondering how to get to it and what secrets it holds.

  14. I thought I saw it all on my first playthrough but I’ve never seen this island or the talking tree someone else stated in the comments so I think I should play again lol

  15. Lots of gatekeeping lil bitches lately. Ignore those people OP they suck in real life anyway and probably can’t be around 100 ft of any school.

  16. Go to the coastal cave. It is on the shore with a lot of demi humans. There will be a boss fight and also a tunnel that will lead to that place. The island you are looking at houses the Dragon Communion Church (prolly not the exact name). You can buy some basic dragon communion spells there. The main one is in Caelid though: Dragon Communion Cathedral

  17. If I remember correctly there’s a beast mans cave on the beach below you and it just keeps going once you beat the bosses and leads to that island. It’s a dragon church if I’m not mistaken.

  18. When you level Endurance to 50, Melina will appear at the next grace you sit at and will ask if you'd like to come to the Roundtable Pool for Elden Swimming lessons. This will begin the tutorials on the swimming mechanic which will really open up the world once you learn it.

  19. Go the the beach below. There's a cave entrance nearish the group of demihumans. Keep going through the cave till you come out on the island

  20. First you must reach castle lothric, then sneak past a bunch of heavily armored Jesus freaks and fight a man-dragon clutching and crying over an invisible baby, hit a secret wall, learn a special gesture from a dead knight and make your way through a prison full of torture maidens until you find a massive rat, get past or kill, look for a dragon man statue and use gesture that Dead knight taught you. You should wake up on dragon Island.

  21. i remember discovering the way to this island by accident, didn't even consider that i could end up there, but it's got such a cool fucking reward on it if you don't know yet lol

  22. Right below you there is a cave. Get in, boss is super easy even if youre a noob you can handle it. Continue through the cave and bam! Youre on the island

  23. Below you is going to be a cave. Go through that cave, you'll fight a bunch of demi-humans, with two demi-humqn chiefs. Fights not hard, per se, but early levels, it'll be kind of annoying. Fight one, then the other. Spirit ashes will help.

  24. There's a seaside cave on the beach. Just be aware that there are creatures inside it and a mini boss battle. I plan on going back to it when I'm strong enough!

  25. You got to line up your jump just right with your house. I line my horses head up with the top of the castle. And then press the sprint button while on the horse and don't forget to double jump.

  26. there’s a dungeon in the cliff face below you. go in, fight the boss, and once you kill them find the tunnel in the boss room and it will take you to the dragon communion church

  27. Is that the other dragon communion place? I think the Costal Cave tunnel has another trail that leads to that place or am I wrong?

  28. Story Time. Within my first 20 minutes of gameplay I found out the hard way that you can't swim. Saw the Tree Sentinal, knew it was a souls game. Promptly yeeted myself off the cliff and into the water for safety. Didn't work like I planned 🤷‍♂️

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