1. That's probably his whole plan going in tbh. Like he bumps into Jim and within 10 seconds he instantly remembers the exact moment he was dreading about. I just ran into a buddy who we used to be on a base ball team for a couple of years on the weekends as a kid, it took like 3 minutes before we even recognized each other. Just no way that would have happened if he wasn't waiting and prepared with that shit to say

  2. Probably why he came, he just wanted to try and win the “fight” probably what my old friend would do since I dropped her because she was toxic as fuck

  3. I picked up on Revoultion and Retension didn't look right to me but I couldn't think of the correct spelling. Good job!

  4. It should read: The Nard Dog, Tuna, Phyllis Vance (Vance Refrigeration), and I don’t know if Dwight would put his name and picture out to the public like that.

  5. For a sec I thought you were lying about the typo and instead replaced Andy’s face with Ben Affleck’s face to see if anyone would notice.

  6. Customer retension is important. But you must first start by creating customer tension with increased smudge and arrogance. Once the initial tension wears off, you must double down on the smudgeness in order to achieve retension.

  7. Michael changed it using a search and replace. But it doesn't work on misspelled words leaving one 'dwigt'.

  8. This is sublime. There are two typos: retention and revolution. But it's even funnier that they're touting the power of internet search engines.

  9. Is it that Phyllis should be classified as large-but-still-fits-in-a-row-boat business expert?

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