1. At the age of 14 I started using meth, and at 17 I had already been in a youth detention center, living alone bc my mother kicked me out of my house and stealing to survive and get more meth, so hold on to that decision of not to use that shit, its only thing i can say

  2. Agreed. Psychs and dissociatives are ok in moderation. Dont mess with coke, meth, heroin, cathinones, amphetamines, if u have addictive tendencies.

  3. Trying shrooms for the first time in 2 weeks. Coke? Didn’t even know I had been up till I was coming down. Waste of money.

  4. Weed is so sneaky. It’s considered a super harmless addiction, but I’ve seen countless friends who were very happy people sink into despair smoking multiple times everyday, unable to quit. I think because of the societal understanding that weed “isn’t a big deal” it can be even easier to compartmentalize and rationalize your problem. Of all the drugs I’ve had problems with, including prescription opiates, I seriously felt like I was the biggest slave to weed. My point in saying this isn’t that you shouldn’t try weed, or even do it recreationally, but just that it is just like any other drug in that it’s not to be fucked with.

  5. I was actually administered 300 mg of ketamine after I took Xyrem, which is GHB, and I had the trippiest most detailed dream that went on forever. And I did it all legally. Smug face.

  6. Ketamine can definitely lead to addiction, I’m an addict in recovery from ketamine addiction amongst others. Damaging to the liver, to the brain too

  7. not 2cb, my brother did it, forgot entirely who he was and where everything was and has had psychotic episodes and psychosis’ since

  8. Definitely ketamine, if you don't have the money and connections to get addicted. I still love it though.

  9. Ketamine is definitely worth trying. Shrooms also (a high dose preferably). Shrooms changed my life fr, I don’t like them as much as lsd but my god are they insightful and incredible.

  10. Keta is the worst thing i’ve ever done and all my friends agree that this drug is shitty af. But different for everybody ofcourse.

  11. I second the note about kratom being addictive. While it’s not cocaine, you might be surprised how quickly tolerance builds up. Just as there’s a kratom subreddit, there’s a quitting kratom subreddit. I think people hear it’s natural and plant-based and assumed it’s totally safe. Safer? Yes. Still addictive? Yup.

  12. DMT, ketamine, and 2cb are my suggestions. Note ketamine can be addictive for certain persons, but it’s not too bad for most. I’d also recommend smoking dmt while on ketamine, it’s my favorite experience.

  13. Local man realizes the majority of drug users are experimenting teenagers. I personally don’t know more than two adults (my dealer and my homie) that do more than smoke weed and drink

  14. Learned that lesson the hard way with xans. The first time a doctor prescribed Xanax for my anxiety I thought "huh, how bad can it be, I wonder why people get addicted to this" and took the whole weeks worth of prescription all at once. I did remember feeling kinda goofy and euphoric before blacking out - woke up in the hospital next morning after a whole night of bartard antics. On the bright side, that scared me off doing xans for fun

  15. See id have to disagree, my friends only wanted to drink or do adderall or coke. I on the other hand had to research and seek out psychedelics and dissos

  16. If I waited for a friend to introduce me to a drug I’d never have been introduced to any drugs. I’ve sought every drug on my own and some have actually led to friends.

  17. Imo don’t try meth. I hated it when i first tried it but it was cheap and i was addicted to it before i knew it lol. Mostly addicted to staying on it to keep from the comedown, which is terrible and basically makes you want to die. Last time i did it i had terrible delusions for what felt like days straight and i vowed to never touch it again after that lol. I also broke out in ugly sores and thought Maury was talking to me subliminally through the TV so there’s that. Some people can do it once or every once in awhile and not get addicted but it’s not worth the risk because it’ll absolutely ruin your life if you do

  18. Dude that seems like a really common thing to happen to people experiencing psychosis. Whether drug induced or not. (People thinking that someone is talking to them through the TV.) That makes no sense at all haha. The brain can influence you in crazy ways lol

  19. Ketamine. I have had profound moments of clarity, enlightenment and/or introspection whilst entering, during or leaving a K hole. However it does seem K holes are not for everyone so if you've never tried it then it would be wise to increase dose slowly. 2C-B and 2C-I (one of my all time favourites) and AL-LAD are also a noteable mention but I would expect most psychedelics to have something to offer.

  20. Dxm is, in my humble opinion, pretty great as long as ur careful with it, I never had a lot of euphoria with it but had some pretty cool visuals and experiences on it before my stash was stolen

  21. dxm was extremely euphoric the first time i did it (felt like a perfect combination of stimulants, depressants and a little psychedelic) and hit first plat on delsym but i never got it to work again and gave up after 4 times, not worth trying to chase highs, just makes me feel drunkish now

  22. If you have testing kits (get a fucking testing kit) ketamine is worth it. It does have some addictive potential but not nearly as much as a drug like coke, it's pretty safe as long as it's pure and not combined with other drugs, and (for me at least) it's a miracle drug for the mind. My favorite part about ketamine isn't even the high, it's the sobriety following it. The high is wonderful though. Just make sure you start small so you don't overwhelm yourself.

  23. I like psychedelics, mdma and ketamine, they are drugs I consider 'fun' and having a good time with.

  24. Non-regular use of ketamine is fairly safe, and can have positive effects on mental health. And propably by far my favourite drug. Only when used too often it will have negative effects. But not everybody likes it.

  25. TLDR: Stay away from anything that sounds bad, and anything that sounds too good. Use websites and this sub to discover resources to heavily research any substance, and always test anything before taking it, otherwise you never know what you're actually taking. My DM's are always open to anyone who has any questions regarding safety :)

  26. leave be coke/meth/heroin/- trust us. unless yo happen to be around it and just really feel like you need to try it. but don’t buy your own. slippery slope babe. ❤️

  27. I would definitely recommend changa/DMT although I prefer changa. Mushrooms also is a great experience, maybe 2CB or 2CE. I would say check out psychedelics since they aren't very harmful or toxic to your body but always keep in mind that set and setting is the most important thing when using psychedelics. So if something feels off or you get a bad vibe don't use it since you can get some bad experiences.

  28. I used kratom to help with pain. I took the recommended dose. No biggy. Helped with the pain. Ketamine my friend had an infusion. It helped her a lot. I would love to do that or microdose rooms

  29. 5-MAPB, 2C-B, Benzofury, Deoxymethoxetamine, N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, Diphenidine, Ephenidine, Eticyclidone, Fluorexetamine, Ketamine, Methallylescaline, Methoxisopropamine, Methoxphenidine, Methoxpropamine, 3,4-Methylenedioxyamphetamine, Metocin, Moxy, Nitrous Oxide, Psilocybin Mushrooms :)

  30. It definitely depends on what you want out of it. I just wanted to experience everything. So what was worth it for me was everything. Which ones make your life worse? Honestly, besides deliriants (datura or DPH) all drugs seem to have a good effect. The only problem is that you can't go back. Once you've seen the other side, there's always the danger that normal life will seem boring.

  31. hands down you have to try mushrooms more than a few times. start low and work your way up. you will have a blast. it is like a more gentle acid (i guess?) although in higher doses it can get pretty challenging. the most common mushroom that you can find on the street is psilocybin cubensis... but! there are around 199 other varities outside psilocybin cubensis that still contain psilocybin and other tryptamines. check out

  32. Marijuana, shrooms, mdma would be my suggestions.. all amazing drugs worth experiencing at least once if done safely

  33. Oh boy , an interesting topic ok let’s get to it .. I GOT TIME TODAY :) ! Coke : one hell of a drug almost destroyed my life from how psychologically addicting it is .. the down of the high is depression and your broke with a stuffy nose , ONLY DO IT. If your shitfaced drunk and need to wake up

  34. I suggest if you’re trying cocaine then do it in NYC or Miami. If you’re trying Heroin then go to Pakistan. If you want meth then go to Cali. Also another thing, please do not consume any drugs more than once a week. Marijuana and alcohol are the only substances in my opinion you can use for an entire weekend then clock into work on Monday. But then again alcohol is the only drug who’s withdrawals can kill you. Please don’t have fun times during the week unless it’s weed. I love y’all

  35. Oxy could be a pretty terrible idea if you're not already experienced with opioids. Maybe codeine if you realllly wanted to try an opioid.

  36. Don’t do, crack or heroin. Those are the most addicting drugs known to man. And obviously don’t do fentanyl.

  37. I recommend DMT I'll tell you about it when I breakthrough for the first time, just still have some anxiety so I'm around 1-2 hits still

  38. It depends on the person, the biggest risk with most drugs is addiction, and which drugs are addictive is different for everyone. For instance I've used kratom, meth and tried cocaine. I didn't really like the cocaine, and I also never got addicted to meth. I've used meth on and off, like I would use it for 2 or 3 days and then not touch it for weeks. I used it orally, snorted it and also smoked it, the high was nice, but it wasn't really my thing and with the paranoia racing heart and comedown it wasn't worth it for me.

  39. My rule is recreational drugs are ones that don’t have medicinal value. Heroin and benzos are medicine for emergency situations and doing it for fun is asking for trouble.

  40. Unpopular opinion perhaps, but: poppers. By themselves it is just a hot head rush. But with weed or MDMA they are pretty magical.

  41. If you liked mdma and lsd, you Need to try them Together. It is really intense but in a very good way. It’s amazing.

  42. They’re all worth trying once for the most part. I wouldn’t do Benadryl because that sounds like a horrible time. But if you’re someone with a lot of trauma I would be hesitant because that is a big risk factor for addiction

  43. Kava is one I haven't seen mentioned that I can recommend. Thought to be very safe, plus it's a great "chill" drug that isn't very intense, doesn't impair you, and isn't particularly addictive.

  44. well i like to speed, so meth, is always a good one to try but i'd suggest having someone who has a level head to get you all to stop after a few lines. it also helps if you have bills to pay and a full time job that you make an amount you can't easily replace, as that will also make you stop after a few lines so you can be sober and pass a drug test if you happen to get tested. also i wouldn't smoke it as i feel that the reason why people become addicted is the smoking, as with cigs, a lot of it gets stored in your lungs and it actually creates a need and want for more. i can't verify as i've never smoked meth, but i have snorted it.

  45. Stick to natural hallucinogenics (and lsd is a good synthetic one). They do improve your life for the most part if you don’t start abusing your relationship with them. See what they have to offer and let it change your life in a positive way.

  46. things i think everyone should try at least once if you have been blessed with the gift of consciousness and do not have any physical of mental conditions that would worsen from taking them: weed, mdma, lsd, dmt/ayahuasca, salvia, ketamine.

  47. Man all drugs are for human Coke is great meth too, but you can get dependent on it, with is hard because you will have greatest time of your life, but you have to be strong mentally, I enjoy come and meth, but it's in control,

  48. All substances, whether net positive or net negative, have an ideal dosage and use-case. This is important to remember. When discussing good or bad I’m assuming they’re being used under these optimal circumstances.

  49. Nitrous, weed, lsd, mushrooms, 2CB, 4-ACO DMT, MDMA and phenibut are probably the main drugs I’ve done that have been of positive benefit and not really caused any kind of problems for me.

  50. I have major anxiety, mdma is a great drug I’ve found, if your paranoid/anxious never try speed or coke, number of times I’ve though I couldn’t breathe or was gonna have a heart attack! Stay safe!

  51. ketamine, mdma, dmt if necessary for spiritual health, hopefully infrequently and kratom maybe nitrous for fun times the safer ones can even be mixed i would kill to have all at once

  52. You "know when you want to try a drug" when you've researched it well and are interested by the effects enough that it balances out the potential side effects.

  53. ehhhhh....it's kind of a crapshoot, how vulnerable to addiction you are determining the relative dangers. I can say that it's only really with classical psychedelics, entactogens, and dissociatives that I've been left with something valuable I can retain after the high wears off. And with the latter two, there is some danger of addiction (though relatively mild).

  54. Stay away from amphetamines and benzos. Stay away from alcohol too. Ketamine is a great drug. But everything in moderation.

  55. CBD, it doesn't really get you high but it's not addictive and pretty much risk free and can improve your health and life.

  56. Meth really isn't that bad (orally) as long as you have self control. But if you have trouble with addictions meth isn't gonna do you any good.

  57. My rule always has been, if it alters your physical appearance, it ain’t worth it. I usually ask myself what do i want out of this drug? Will it take me there? What are peoples experiences with it? If it all sounds like something I want, then I try it.

  58. Stay away from opioids. That's basically about it. Oh, and benzos too. I wouldn't say don't try coke, it's a good time, as long as you don't go after more when the bag is empty and continue that cycle. If you have just a tiny bit of will-power, you should be good on that front. Other than that, I guess drugs like psyches, Molly and ket are a fun time, especially w some homies, for a beginner.

  59. I would highly recommend 2CB!!! Or the analog 2CB-FLY. These are by far my favourite psychedelic drugs. Amazing in any setting. Rave, forest, at home. For me I am totally functional at a high dose and still have the most beautiful hallucinations. Also smoking DMT is really the most intense experience of my life. And ofcourse mushrooms, they will take you way deep inside of yourself and you will experience some amazing introspection.

  60. Also! 2CB-fly is legal in alot of countries because they simply don't know about it so they never banned it. The maker of this chemical Alexander shulgin said in his book that this was his favourite drug to be intimate with his wife. Alexander is the chemist that basically synthesised all the drugs we are taking today and he tested it all on himself.

  61. Mushrooms, lsd, mdma, marijuana are all worth trying to me. You’ll actually get a meaningful experience from these substances 99% of the time as long as you prepare and are smart with your use. Have fun

  62. Kratom and Adderall is a great synergistic combination but theyre very functionally addictive because it makes you wanna get things done. Coke is meh, i dont think the benefits outweigh the consequences, i washed some once to purify it and put it in a nasal sprayer, thats the only time where I felt it was worth it. Xanax is a very slippery slope bc its very easy black out and do stupid shit but very fun if ur just chillin in ur house with a couple friends. Mushrooms are awesome, don't take too much and have a few drinks its a great time. I've sworn off of opiates since high school because I like the feeling too much and it's easy to od, also very expensive and there's a lot of fent out there.

  63. I was in a similar situation starting out. How I went about it is not finding a dealer, so if I’m ever offer something possibly addictive, I wouldn’t have access to it again. Outside of that I would use or make my own drugs at home.

  64. One of the BEST and much less lethal than others….get yourself a 6-pack and 3-4 10mg Percocet! Personally, I don’t really get what all the hype about cocaine is, the 2-3 times I’ve done GOOD quality coke, I really was never impressed. Stay away from H and Meth! Seriously, don’t try either, because those are pretty HARD drugs, and you DONT want either of those to become your “favorite” substance! Id say try X or MDMA, but NEVER DO X for days or weeks in a row! You can REALLY fuck up your brains serotonin happiness receptors PREMARITALLY!!!

  65. Whatever you take TEST THEM FIRST. It’s really simple and don’t cost a lot. The ones I use are fentanyl strips when i take any pill or powder substances.

  66. Yes! Stay away from any hard drugs. Any pleasant effects you may get from them will come back to bite you in the ass and it’s not worth it. I’m a big enthusiast for psychedelics. That’s great that you liked the MDMA and LSD, although both are pretty heavy. Have you tried marijuana or shrooms (mescaline)? Since you liked the LSD, I’d think that you’d get a lot out of these two herbs. Shrooms are very similar to LSD but grow from the earth. I love the effects I get from them more than the effects from LSD. I’ve known people to have bad trips on LSD and it’s not pretty to see…I’ve never had or seen anyone have bad trips on shrooms but I believe it may be possible (but not likely). Also, I’ve had a spiritual experience every time I do them. And I use marijuana regularly because I love it and always will. Good luck to you!✌️

  67. Do shoot anything up. It ruined my life. Dont do morphine, H, downers if you're depressed and have anixety and want to chill out.

  68. Everybody has a diferent cup of tea when it comes to trying drugs, I would suggest avoiding the hard ones because its hit or miss whether what your getting is legit or not, as for a suggestion shrooms are pretty good. You’ll know if you actually want to try a drug if you find yourself looking more into it.

  69. Psychedelics are worth trying in my opinion. I don't regret all the other things I did, but I also don't really care that I did them, opioids and benzos aren't necessarily a needed experience, but no regrets for me there. But I know the story on that one can be different for a lot of people.

  70. Weed psydelics caffine Kratom. Probably a couple fun but safer ones out that but al I can think of off the top of my head.

  71. This is a very important question and also one that's quite personal. When I started taking my kids about drug use, I told them that we all need a "Never Try List" and a "Might Try List." What we each put in those lists depends on a wide range of factors, including how well educated we are about the substances, our experience with them (directly or indirectly through others), our risk tolerance, and our individual life situations. For example, if I was the only source of revenue for my family and my employer did random drug tests and would auto-terminate if anything came back positive, then I'd weigh the risk very differently than I would as someone single working for a company with no drug policy/testing.

  72. If you see people ruining their lives from it,fighting in the street on it, doing terrible things to get it etc, don't do it. I've done a lot of drugs, wanted to do everything at one point. I was more into psychedelics and stimulants. Cocaine was the one that fucked my life up. I thought I was stronger than it, big mistake. You can do it for a night and be fine. But that's the problem, it's misleading. It's got some deep hooks and next thing you know you're doing it at work and hiding it from your friends etc and spending all your money.

  73. Caffeine if you are sleepy. Antibiotics or other cold medicines when you are sick. Tylenol for headaches. And Life if you can call that a drug. Otherwise just go with Jesus.

  74. Mushrooms, LSD, and all the other traditional psychedelics are all worth it. I think weed is worth it for most people, but some can become dependent on it and it also harms the developing and non-developing brain; not to mention how it's not good for your lungs.

  75. I don't think doing coke just once can fuck up most people. I would try just to try once and know what it does but it's extremely overrated

  76. Mushrooms are good, and I would even go and say helpful. Maybe doing mushrooms every few weeks is therapeutic.

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