1. I’d bet on next week tbh, maybe they were actually delayed for some reason because I do believe Anon 16 has a connection of some sort.

  2. The queens don’t know when the reveal is, or at least they didn’t last week. Maybe now they do. I think it has to be this week though. That’s what they hypothesized

  3. Here's a thought: I believe they're won't be any S15 promos this week. Other Drag Race shows tend to be announced on the second to last episode. They would announce the finale for the upcoming week and the new series. Example: DRPH announced the finale coming, then DRIT2 was announced. So next week, they might start to announce S15 (or the finale week of CAvsTW).

  4. Other than Ru’s album release date - do we have any T or info that for sure indicates the premiere is on Jan 6?

  5. no idea, ive seen people claim someone said here that the promo wouldn't drop tomorrow but i haven't seen anything

  6. That same night (Friday) that she performed the tweet she also performed Sweetest Pie - I remember hearing that’s a lip sync song, was that the one vs Jax and her? Jax also has made allusions to it

  7. Yesterday she tweeted, “2” and “8” and today she tweeted both “1” and “6”. If she knew it were delayed she wouldnt be tweeting 1 after 8 I don’t think. But we’ll see!

  8. all of those queens did terrible in the episode they were eliminated in so i think we’d need to find some other examples

  9. I think in Ep4 it’s gonna be Rita/Victoria top two and Rita eliminating Icesis since she made an alliance with Silky and she’s also not gonna eliminate her sisters for sure,and Ep5 Rajah/Silky eliminate Vanity because of the track records.

  10. I mean the only info about wins we have correct is the LS winner, which should be Rita next week and Victoria afterwards, so it's entirely possible for Silky/Ra'Jah to win those 2 challenges but just not the LS (which now doesn't seem plausible because how in tf is Rita gonna beat Silky or Ra'Jah)

  11. i’m not sure if silky is getting the winner edit since the pacing of vs the world is so quick and hard to tell. It makes the most sense for them to give her a positive edit on the episode she wins on. I just hope the tea of about the top 2 of the season is true. I would love for rajah or silky to win

  12. I feel like with the 2 remaining challenges it's unlikely any queen wins both of them. So my guess would be a top 4 with 2 wins each.

  13. I would honestly be gagged if Hoso didn't get another win, with her only win being a double win with Vicky (that was slightly unpopular) it doesn't really feel like we've had an episode that was Hoso's to lose.

  14. So rumored f3 is VEB, hoSo and Koco, are we expecting VEB to win at this point? She’s been in a league of her own most of the competition.

  15. Side note/ question: do we still think next week is a double elimination or do we think Astrud or Evah possibly make the finale as well

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