1. Where are the twitch vods for the last couple days. Absolute joke that this useless company has been given the rights to host such a big event. Hope this is the last time Valve uses them for an event.

  2. I had some predictions for yesterday's matches in mind since I couldn't watch them. Except for 3 matches, all my predictions were spot on. The only exceptions were actually very weird. OG drawing with QC when they should have won. OG winning against RNG when they should have drawn. And Liquid losing against Fnatic when they should have drawn.

  3. what is up with the vods???? you don't have day 2 or 3 vods available for some reason, and some of the youtube uploads are terrible quality, what is happening

  4. YouTube quality is mostly terrible because YouTube takes a bit of a time to render the video after being uploaded so if you go and watch a vod soon after it's released you might get 360p. Keep in mind they're providing 4k for every match so it takes time, not a lot of time but still some. Hope this helped :D


  6. Boom vs NAVI game 2, Outsiders vs TA game 1, LGD vs Liquid game 1. RNG vs OG game 2 was my highlight match due to next level shellacking.

  7. Can’t be more annoyed by the results of EU teams right now as a Nigma fan. Teams who are most likely directly qualified for TI like Tundra and Gaimin, suddenly playing like trash. Team liquid who we hope that they qualify so that the qualifiers become easier, suddenly got 0-4’d in a day??? And Entity who’s definitely going to play the qualifiers, are having the best results? Can’t ever live peacefully as a Nigma fan

  8. In a denial?. TI qualifier is online so Nigma has almost 0 chance to TI. Tundra with several pauses in-game stream sniping(if they failed to qualify to TI directly), Liquid with ex-Alliance experience(good at online), Alliance with 6 men dota, Team Secret with a burden Crystallis and Entity with 0 blackhole offlaner, these are the teams that have higher chances to TI. ITB the division 2 team might put an upset to TI as they beat Gaimin Gladiator recently. Nigma has the good DPC point on 2018 and 2019 because there was no online DPC tournament. Online TI=Alliance with Nikobaby might win please Gaben make it online TI!

  9. Does anyone know a spoiler free site to catch some of the games from today? All the YouTube videos are horrible quality

  10. Best bet is to watch the Youtube stream replays for proper quality, and use the list above to see what games are in which stream. (

  11. I take back all my flame. EG is actually good now. So is RNG, all that was needed is removing trashes ghost/godking.

  12. Would be a bold move. A roster change takes them from 1212 to 1030 points, which doesn't sound like a lot but given the current standings is likely to be the difference between an invite and not.

  13. Tundra made hay on "cheese" strats early on in the patch which are all now a combination of figured out by other teams or else stolen by other teams (KOTL mid).

  14. Tundra doesn't want to show their cheese strats like alchemist offlane so those heroes don't get nerfed. They don't care about this major.

  15. Check out the highlight videos on youtube, honestly a great way to catch up on comp dota on your own time. I find that sitting through even a BO2 series end-to-end can feel a bit long sometimes

  16. The last scenario looks very likely. Tundra vs BC will probably be 1-1 or 0-2 (can't believe I'm saying this, but Tundra played abysmally so far). Aster is playing insanely well so could easily 2-0 Boom. Spirit vs Navi 2-0 is the most likely outcome among the 3. As you can tell I'm on EG Copium but also realistic.

  17. Fnatic vs QC and Talon vs Liquid is probably the main decider for TI invites and probably the most important series this Major so far.

  18. I’m screaming every time they play it. I’m not sure if it’s execution or the field is dealing with it better than expected or what, but please god stop.

  19. It always has been 33 doing all the work. If he can't carry then Skiter is 100% useless and Nine is either godly or trash depending on the matchup. 33 needs a better team.

  20. VP and Navi have recently played well against Spirit in DPC. Wouldn't be surprised if Navi win tomorrow

  21. That was a very weird last game from Boom. Did they exert all their energy in the previous 3 games and were like, meh, lets just focus on tomorrow vs Aster?

  22. Boom just completely outdrafted, there's no answer for enigma and they also have dazzle problem. TS dominated all the way

  23. I don't think you can call that domination. Like I could literally feel no energy from Boom that game. They already lost from 0 mins.

  24. Here were the best games of the day in my opinion. I always try to pick either longer games with back and forth, or ones that were entertaining all around.

  25. The thing is, LGD vs RNG will play after all Group B games being played. That means LGD and RNG will have total control on where RNG will land and who their opponents are. Bet they will try to dodge Spirit.

  26. Just last tournament I remember a faithbian interview that said he wanted to play secret because secret won them in the groups. Lgd won't be dodging anyone.

  27. Well, at this point, I doubt LGD will dodge anyone. They are in TI already, they are most likely going to winner bracket in Arlington (for some reason they are not 100% guaranteed to winner bracket yet), they lose nearly nothing even if they lose their first mainstage match; but dodging someone will make them weak mentally. They will probably just pick a team with a coin toss or something. At this point, non of the teams make any difference to them.

  28. So sad for Boom they have no answer for enigma, I think if there's no enigma problem the game would have been pretty close.

  29. This is a draft loss. They drafted to win and finish early game, but its not gonna work late game. They have nothing against bkb and nothing against a late game TB. 1-1

  30. I've waited since day 1 of Aster for this moment. Finally upper bracket at a major. I have complete confidence they will win the whole thing now and I won't have to say "maybe next time" anymore!

  31. BC and BOOM are still playing, they can both secure themselves into 2nd round with a win in their last game. In that case there would be no tiebreaker.

  32. EU eliminated in groups, im sure there will be slot number discussions about that like when any other region gets punted lol

  33. Europe is literally divided into 2 regions and it has the same surface as the USA. So yeah, keep your little Trump in your pants.

  34. NA should get 6 slots as they are the best region, China 4 slots, SA 3 slots, WEU 1 slot, EEU 2 slots and SEA 4 slots. 20 teams for major.

  35. They just aren’t that good their pos1 is super weak and people learned to just ban 33 heroes and it’s gg. They aren’t going to be winning anything in this iteration, need a major rework or 33 and nine need to go elsewhere

  36. Chinese teams are looking much more cohesive with their team-fights from what I have seen so far, hoping for more close games, less puck and less razor. Great to see international DOTA back in action though!

  37. Technically this major doesn't matter much for the best team from each region that hasn't yet qualified to TI based on DPC points. All of bc, Soniqs, Liquid/Secret, Betboom and RNG will qualify via the regional qualifier even if they bomb out this major I guess.

  38. Looking at the pick order, I wonder if Void was supposed to be the carry but then they saw Storm and decided to "counterpick" with AM (eventhough it completely fucked their composition)? It's the only actual reason I can find for this Navi draft, and it's not a great one.

  39. People salty over the void pick are missing the fact that Abed storm and Crit ES turned that mid Kotl into a ranged creep. Complete outplay by EG.

  40. It takes too long to come online, and enemy just run you over since you won't have many spells to contribute to a teamfight.

  41. From 0-4 Day 1, looking like they were imploding to 6-6 and playing some good dota, I couldn't ask for more. Good job for them for putting their shit together and being able to bounce back unlike the last major. Anyways, it's not done yet, hoping for them to be in the Upper bracket. One more series left, LET'S GO EG

  42. I don’t think Boom should be considered a weak opponent, they’re on the same level as EG and are just as inconsistent

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