1. In the morning of your visit, are you able to book both of the individual lightning pass reservations? For example, could I book Avatar and the 7 dwarves ride, or do I have to wait to use one, to get to book the second?

  2. I was looking through my upcoming reservation (late September), which was 5 nights at Allstar Music with 4 days of Park Hopper tickets. We originally were not going to do a park on the day we fly home, but our flight doesn't leave until 9:30pm. So I looked and to switch the reservation to Pop Century, we could do 5 night and 5 days of non-park hopper tickets for $50 more total. So I made the switch so we can spend the day we leave at a park too.

  3. Going all those days without a day of rest, don't get a park hopper. Do what you can at HS and AK. Most people would say epcot or magic Kingdom as a second day. I personally suggest 2 days at epcot.

  4. i’ve never stayed on disney property before but would love to for my next trip. i’m considering renting DVC points, is it worth it/a better value than booking straight with disney? i’ve never done either so any advice would be great!

  5. Between renting DVC points or booking a DVC resort from Disney? You’ll save a lot of money y renting. Of course, that means all of it is paid up front and modifying or canceling the trip is pretty much nonexistent. So you take that risk in exchange for significant savings. I’ve rented before and saved about 40% from what Disney was charging for the room. You just have to weigh the risk.

  6. It’s refusing to link my tickets and hotel to MDE… won’t recognize my confirmation number. Starting to lose my mind here. It’s like they’re pretending I didn’t actually just book what I have a confirmation for booking.

  7. If you're staying at a good neighbor hotel, the confirmation number you receive can't be linked. It usually just takes a couple days for the two systems to connect or you can call. Tickets also get linked weird for those hotels because you won't physically get your tickets until you check in, but they give you a virtual card that can be used to take advantage of Genie+ at 7am.

  8. Here is a tentative Disney plan for our first day- could anyone let me know how realistic it is? Purples are already reserved. Reds are my “must rides”. It will be my only day in HS- so any tips or things I’m missing or might not know for it are much appreciated. I will be buying a Lightning lane for GOG. We’re 2 adults no kids so hopefully that helps.

  9. What time of day do the dining reservations open up online? Like when can you book on your 60 days out is it midnight?

  10. To go or not to go?? Impromptu trip next week Aug 11-14. Husband, me, 9 month old. Stupid idea in the heat of August with a baby? We want to do Food and Wine and maybe Magic Kingdom. Pop century so we can take the gondola? Is it worth spending 2k for a quick 2 day trip with baby? We’ve been as a couple many times, so we know Disney fairly well. Help!

  11. International visitors have to show a passport along with an ID issued by your country. Pretty sure they have to be physical copies, but I would chat CS on their website if you want a straight answer from disney.

  12. Does anyone know if the Drawn to Life show in Disney springs will have performances in January or February? We were hoping to see them but there isn’t anything on the schedule yet.

  13. Hello! I was hoping there was a kind traveler that would help me out! I have 5 map obsessed kids that are dying to study Disney World maps before our trip in October. I can’t figure out how to order them online and was wondering if there was someone headed there soon that might be willing to send some my direction. I will gladly pay shipping!!

  14. I was able to buy the park maps for a few dollars total on eBay! They came in a couple days. I'm a visual person so it helped my planning a lot.

  15. Truthfully there aren't many--Disney Springs has the most. There, I love the Boathouse for the waterfront dining, seafood and great drinks. But I also enjoy Spice Road Table at Epcot--no reservations, also waterfront. A small plate style menu

  16. Hello, we’re planning to go disneyworld in a few weeks. We’re planning on taking Uber from the airport to our Disney hotel spot but I just checked the price and it’s about $60-70 for the ride. Is there any cheaper methods anyone can suggest?

  17. Depending on how many people you have, taking Mears connect can be cheaper (it’s $32 round trip per adult; $27 per child). You just have to do the math.

  18. First time at WDW. Animal kingdom for 5yo and 3yo girls. What do you recommend they’d love? We will be going back in a couple months to magic kingdom, so this trip is just animal kingdom! Thank you!

  19. The safari, lion king show, Dinoland, feathered friends show, finding nemo show, jungle trek, discovery trails and the rest of walking around the tree.

  20. Hi there! So quick question, what is a better time to go to WDW? We are planning for next year and are looking at either May or September. Any input is greatly appreciated.

  21. Highly recommend May. Flower festival at Epcot, hot but not miserable weather, manageable crowds. May and November are the two times of year we go, when we go.

  22. Really depends on the exact time of month for both. I might recommend late September, post Labor Day travels and once schools are in sessions. Early May sees a large cheerleading competition that often takes over many of the value resorts, and the later in the month you get, the more school districts are out for the summer. Both months are still very warm, but you might get lucky with a few cooler evenings in later September.

  23. Taking my sister to Disney world for the first time for a 4 day/ 3 night. The best day for us to do Magic Kingdom happens to be a Mickey not so scary Halloween party day. Would you recommend this for a first timer? Our other option is to go the next day but we miss out on extended Magic hours at Epcot (guardians of the galaxy- fingers crossed).

  24. Are you going to either get evening time at MK another day or don’t mind missing the fireworks? If so, it’s probably not a huge deal then. There will start to be an influx of people in costumes late afternoon, but you could just bail on the park and have dinner at Disney springs or your resort that night. Perfect evening to try some swimming in too! The party won’t affect the morning hours and early afternoon that much.

  25. We leave on Sunday for our trip, Monday through Friday and doing the Halloween party on our last day. I've done a lot of research on genie+, what to book first etc., now I hear on the 7th they are going back to 3 individual lightning lanes per park which kinda throws my strategy out the window. Does anyone know if Disney has confirmed this happening, and if it does what's the best way to maximize our use. I have watch a lot of YouTube and tips and tricks on what to do but this news kinda bums me out since we are so close to our trip. Thanks everyone!

  26. November is a wonderful time to go. I think one day only might leave you sad you couldn’t see more, but you can do a lot in one day at Magic Kingdom, so I’d say go for it!

  27. I did that last year. Tacked Hollywood Studios onto a day of my vacation. Between like 12 PM-6 PM, the lines are an absolute nightmare, and as a non-resort guest, you are stuck in an overcrowded park with nowhere to sit unless you want to pay for a drink.

  28. It’s a big resort but even the farthest rooms in Magnolia bend are only 10 minutes. You can cut across Old Man Island pretty quickly. Have a great stay! That’s one of my favorite resorts!

  29. Going on a 2 day solo trip to MK one day and Epcot the next. Any tips and tricks for how I can fit the most in each day! What should I do in line to keep myself occupied? I haven’t been to Disney World since 2014 and Disney Land since 2018. Thank you for the help!

  30. As a frequent solo traveler, I always enjoy striking up conversations with others in line. It's fun learning where people are from, why they love Disney, etc. Otherwise, I might just play on my phone (I love Pokemon Go!)

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