1. She’s twenty years old so yeah…. she’s very young…. Don’t know if you’ve been around any young people but this is what they sound like

  2. “She talks like a teenage girl who thinks she’s cooler than everyone else” She literally is 😭 that’s why this relationship is so nasty she’s essentially a teenager and he’s a fucking 30 year old man

  3. She has always been like that tbh but recently i think she has been more and more annoying. The Halloween costume thing was flat out disgusting

  4. I watched the video and it’s not that cringey as the text. The way she spoke about him it’s like very sweet and charming ngl… which is obv scary because of the potential grooming and all that.

  5. I find it hilarious when celebrities swear a lot for some reason. Idk it’s like they’re trying to come off as cool and hard or something 😂

  6. It’s weird to blame her for anything when this quote just goes to show the power imbalance in the relationship. She’s a twenty year old girl who’s dating a guy from a band she’s liked since she was a teenager, like of course she’s saying things like this. it’s an obvious manipulation tactic and the only person who should be blamed and clowned is Jesse Rutherford the grown man responsible for said manipulation tactic.

  7. This is literally the exact thought I had when I got to this part of the interview. I heard her say this and I remembered she said in a different interview that The Neighborhood is her favorite live show she's ever seen and that she tries to make her shows feel like that show, and my heart just, like, sank. Of course she thinks this. She is any 20 year old kid who just got noticed by an artist she likes. Of course she thinks she scored big. She probably had a fantasy kinda like this as a teenager. Literally all of the power and responsibility in this relationship lies on Jesse Rutherford's shoulders.

  8. Yeah an 11 year age difference isn’t super creepy to me IF both parties met as adults in similar life stages and without a power imbalance. My friend is 33 and she just started dating a guy who is 44, but they met at the gym, they both have good jobs, both have never been married don’t ever want and don’t have kids and are really focused on their careers and just meeting someone to spend time with. It’s really no big deal and they don’t even seem different ages to me. My mom is 63 and her boyfriend is 53 they are really similar both divorced and have decided to live together and split finances and if I didn’t know he was younger k would actually think he was older. I’m not fully against age differences-the issue here is when they met and where they were at in their lives and careers. He allegedly has known her since she was 15 and up and coming. That’s gross and I’m sick of men offering “mentorship” and then turning it into sexual relationships.

  9. i agree. i’m not going to drag her for this because i was the exact same way when i was her age. im sure when she gets older she’ll reflect on that relationship and know it wasn’t right.

  10. i think the blame should go on her parents and her brother, mainly her parents, because she was homeschooled so it was their active responsibility to teach her what fucked up power dynamics are but they definitely didn't because her last boyfriend was also like 10 years older than her and started dating her before she was 18 allegedly, so it is definitely their responsibility that she doesn't even know that she is getting groomed(for the second time).

  11. Completely agree with this. The comments here mocking her just reinforce what everyone is claiming to care about: putting the blame for male behavior on the woman. He's the one at fault here, she's the one with stars in her eyes. When I was 20 I would have jumped at the chance to date a 30-something I admired - because I didn't yet have the life experience to understand how that can be problematic. People calling her cringey or being mean about her comments are showing their ass tbh - you can't claim to care about power imbalances while you shit on the person in the relationship who's vulnerable to that manipulation.

  12. wait, i'm 20, there is MORE unresolved trauma?? goddamn bruh, i'm unpacking sm of my childhood trauma rn so ig if i'm not dead by 30 i have more work to do

  13. I wonder why she always takes pictures with her eyes half closed. It is easier to see when your eyes are open. Someone needs to tell her!!

  14. yes but also it does seem forced and awkward. there were like 3 different points in the interview (she does the same interview on youtube for vanity fair every year and watches back the old ones to see how she’s grown/changed/what she thinks now) where she tried to say that she was fine and her relationship is good and she’s happy and in control with varying levels of seriousness and forced goofiness. she describes what she values in a relationship at one point and there’s a lip/chin tremble when she says, “freedom, you know, i don’t want to be controlled” that made me think she’s going to be watching it back next year and going, oh god, was it that obvious?

  15. I feel so sad for her that she thinks SHE bagged HIM… girl it’s the other way around. He is in his 30s dating a 20 year old, he is definitely the one who has pulled something off here.

  16. That's what I'm saying lol, she didn't "bag" him, he's been creeping around her since she was a literal teenager. HE was waiting for HER. Nasty man.

  17. Yes! That was my first thought too, like Billie you’re gorgeous and talented, aim higher! Or just enjoy your youth lol whatever but no no this ain’t it.

  18. Not to mention the neighbourhood fell off into obscurity years and years ago... 😬 Homie ain't even relevant anymore

  19. As hot shit as he was literally 10 years ago, she’s the hot shit now and he’s leeching off her value. Oh how the turntables…

  20. I agree. She’s more loud about it so I see why people keep directing the criticism towards her, but she’s acting like a young, naive, and inexperienced person would on a relationship with an older person they’ve had a crush on. All the public bashing and mockery of their relationship is just making her more defensive and bringing her closer to him to “prove everyone wrong.” She’s eventually going to figure it out but there’s nothing anyone can do to change her mind until then.

  21. For me it's the way she talks about him like a trophy she has been waiting since she was a minor probably, its really creepy imo

  22. My taste may be questionable but there is no way that man is the "hottest f-ing f-er alive". Billie "pulled his ass" cause she's young and relevant, and he's a major creep. "Locking that motherf-er down" is not an accomplishment.

  23. Ikr. The only reason she pulled his ass, as she so succinctly put it, is because being mentioned in the same sentence as her and seen with her is the most relevant he's been in 10 years and he knows it.

  24. yeah dude is having a crisis because he was the coolest thing in 2014 and now he's getting old and irrelevant and probably mostly subconsciously trying to prove to himself he's still got it

  25. IDK. The maturation that comes with age includes developing understanding and grace for the person you were when you were young and inexperienced. Also you become far less worried about being cringy. It's very freeing!

  26. Let's be real. If he were a good man, he wouldn't be 31 dating a 20 year old. Especially not a 20 year old who has very openly fangirled over him and his band. Either he knows exactly how much power he has over her and he's okay with this situation, or he's literally too stupid to see it. One way or the other, it's not looking great for him.

  27. He’s literally a self-aware creep + a decade her senior but let’s blame the girl that met him when she was a teenager for being “cringe”. Priorities need sorting.

  28. On one hand yes about the songs but on the other hand it's just depressing that this shit just happens with generation after generation of young women. It's just rinse and repeat.

  29. When I was a senior in college, I remember thinking how I literally have nothing in common with the freshmen. So I can't really understand what a grown, thirtysomething man has in common with someone who's barely an adult.

  30. Maybe the response to this is why she said she's gonna wait a couple years between releasing them, so she can weed out the stuff like this 😅

  31. ik people wanna make jokes cause he’s not good looking or call her out but this is just very sad to me. This was obviously someone she looked up to and sounds like every young girl who thinks their “lucky” cause an older and “cooler” man choose them. Not to repeat myself but this is just sad and I think unfortunately a lot of women probably know what that feeling feels like from when they were younger.

  32. To me it’s crazy how no one is immune from this. Billie is so successful and rich and even she’s not immune to it. She’s way cooler and better than him but she doesn’t think so herself. I guess being young is just not realising your self worth and not being self assured like that. I think it takes a while for girls/women to be self assured. I wouldn’t go back to being a young adult, I feel waaay better now like way way better.

  33. inb4 the psychotic side of this sub comes in screeching about how she’s an adult and this is legal and what about madonna and cher

  34. “It’s legal” okay sure but how would anyone be able to date someone when the younger person 15 year old when they first met them and you were in your late 20s? Anyway you cut it….it’s weird.

  35. Spoken by a true clueless 20 year old. I was 19 dating a 29 year old and let me tell you (I’m 25 now) I wouldn’t even look at a 19 year old now let alone date them. There’s a reason women their own age don’t want them!

  36. If I was famous & surrounded by a bunch of sycophants at 20, I would have probably been full of myself too. There’s a reason these child celebs grow up to be fucked up so often. It’s extremely unhealthy.

  37. I honestly don't understand how you guys don't understand why victims of grooming don't listen when this is how you guys talk about them. You guys believe this girl was preyed upon and you're calling her "dumb," "arrogant," "full of herself," "cringy," and "embarassing."

  38. It’s insane how quick people are to place blame on her. Like I can’t believe people are actually trying to drag her. How can people seemingly understand she’s probably been manipulated, but make fun of her for in the same breath.

  39. wish I could upvote this so many more times, like if your instinct is to attack a young woman's intelligence/personality for using some slang then of course she's going to become defensive and suspicious when those same people tell her that her relationship with her boyfriend -- who, whatever his faults, probably doesn't call her those things -- is wrong, then of course she's not going to listen to you. But despite all the fake concern I don't think many people on this sub actually care or want to get through to her...I said this in another comment but there's a weird glee that people on here are expressing at watching someone famous in a bad situation and delighting in the idea of their future misery and being able to say 'i told you so'. I wouldn't be so annoyed about it if i hadn't noticed that it's a pattern on this sub at this point

  40. It's so uncomfortable the way people on this sub talk about this despite recognizing that this relationship is a result of her being groomed... like you acknowledge that she's being taken advantage of because of her age and then mock how immature she is when she talks about her relationship? Of course she thinks he's perfect and that she pulled a hot older guy that's like the textbook mindset of someone who was groomed. Idk how anyone can in good conscience recognize the power dynamics here and then just call her cringe

  41. Completely agree. People are defending her from him and then in the same breath expect her to have the behaviour and critical thinking skills of a 30 year old.

  42. so well stated. this is exactly why i take issue with all these comments. they’re concern trolling. if they were actually concerned they wouldn’t be mocking and shaming her.

  43. Yeah agreed, the comments are taking on this tone of faux-concern/faux-sympathy yet barely concealing a kind of....glee? Like 'wow she sounds so stupid, she's going to be so embarrassed in ten years, she's so cringe, she should shut up but don't worry we're actually looking out for her!' I don't doubt that there's a level of actual concern somewhere in these comments but mostly I think people are using this age-gap and this quote to feel superior to a celebrity. internet strangers pretending to care are mocking her for being manipulated

  44. Exactly, I wouldn’t be surprised if comments like these were the reason why she isn’t gonna take any criticism of her relationship seriously, cause it just seems all so mean-spirited anyways. Like would you listen to people insulting you in the same breath?

  45. We have to remember that Billie is still very young. Although she has definitely matured over the last 6 years, there are some things that she doesn't see yet.

  46. Oh… she thinks she won a prize😯🙃 she’s completely blind to the power imbalance. This one will hurt😭

  47. She thinks “wow I’ve pulled off the crime of the century getting my super-cool celeb crush to date me, I win!” Because when you’re that young he’s still the guy on the posters on your bedroom wall that you are lucky to even be near! Tattooed Prince Charming, I’m so blessed you are even looking my direction! You don’t (or refuse to) see he’s just some scummy weirdo who shouldn’t be anywhere near you.

  48. Locked him down implied he married you. Girl he's gonna leave you as soon as the next hot 22 year old crosses his path. I feel so bad for her

  49. It’s so odd to be that she has a great relationship with her family and a brother who is 25 who she is best friends with and yet she still is publicly flaunting being in a relationship with someone in their 30s. I hope they can support her and keep her safe.

  50. Unpopular opinion, any family that helped thrust their child into the spotlight is not healthy. Kids shouldn’t be movie/pop stars. Very few get out unscathed.

  51. I go back and forth on how much of her dating history can be blamed on her family. Right now, having just listened to this interview, I'd say, not very much. She's a kid who thinks she got the coolest guy in the world to pay attention to her. Whatever they say, she wouldn't listen.

  52. this is probably an unpopular opinion, but when women- actually, i'll say girls- who are like 20 and manipulated by some older man, it really usually isn't because they have "daddy issues" or some shit. it's because at that age, you're ridiculously impressionable because your brain straight up hasn't finished developing, and these older guys know how to be charismatic and tell you what you want to hear and make you feel amazing a lot better than boys 10 years younger do. I've seen this happen many times in the opposite direction as well, with older women showing up and sweeping some naive young guy off his feet. it happens less often because women just typically aren't as interested in young boys as the other way around, but when you do get some 32 year old woman willing to manipulate a 21 year old guy, they're usually very successful.

  53. Forgive her for what she does not yet know. All of us older than 20 have had her confidence and gotten knocked on our ass for it.

  54. this is so sad, i remember thinking i was doing something empowering too when i was 17-21 “bagging” older men

  55. To me a part that was very telling was how she said “i pulled his ass, I pulled that ass, that was all me” and then the VF people(and her mom) literally clapped for her. Like girl! You cannot honestly believe you were the one who chose the relationship with the 31 y/o and her mom should not be clapping for it. She’s going to think back to this and cringe so hard but also I think ive never perceived her as young as i do now. She’s all “you dont get it,world! We’re DIFFERENT!” And her family condones it. Someone help her.

  56. All this quote made me think is what the hell do her and a 31 year old talk about she’s talking like a high school girl (which is fine she’s only a couple years past high school age)

  57. Girl please 😭 I know you’re 20 but have higher self esteem. This dude ain’t shit. He’s lucky to lock you down, not the other way round!

  58. I loved the neighbourhood's music! Doesn't sound the same anymore knowing the main singer is practically a nonce (he knew her as a young teen) and the drummer got kicked out for being a creep.

  59. I said this in another sub, but as someone who was also in what I thought was a Very Grown Up relationship with a man too old for me when I was still a young teenager, this makes me so sad to see her saying. All of the women I know who were preyed on by grown men in our childhood seem to have one thing in common: it made us think we were so much more mature and special and Not Like Other Girls Our Age. The fact that this is her attitude about it lets me know a lot about how she views him, and I really hate that in 20 years we'll probably be reading her memoir where she recounts the massive power imbalances, the moving goalposts, the confidence that quickly turns into kind of confused desperation to keep up... I don't know, I get that I'm probably projecting, but the fact that so many of us have such incredibly similar stories about just this kind of relationship makes me really hate this for her. She seems to think she is the lucky one who actually lives out an Ao3 y/n situation, which I can't imagine the pressure of. She was a fan and now she's his girlfriend, that's got to be so much to process at such a young age.

  60. Showing her maturity level quite nicely there. No shade, she is 20 years old...it's just one more thing that makes me question people 10 years older going after people in their late teens/early 20s. I don't get the appeal of somebody being immature.

  61. This dynamic is so weird too because you can tell Billie is so enamored by him…she’ll probably let a lot of stuff slide because of the rose colored glasses she has for him. Hopefully this relationship isn’t extremely toxic….but the age and the fact Billie is a fangirl for him isn’t really a good start.

  62. Billie has that arrogance of the young. I have noticed it before in many statements she has made about shit he has no idea about. But that is fairly common at her age.

  63. This makes me sad for her. She sounds like she thinks she's so cool and won the quarterback and she's the head cheerleader. Poor girl.

  64. This man’s biggest contribution to society has been a song called “Sweater Weather”. Not sure he’s the pull Billie thinks he is 🤨

  65. Man, the billie being just 20 was already uncomfy for me but her saying this? Kinda nailed the fact that she isnt living in the reality of the situation but an idealized part of it. I get the guy was someone she idolized back then, reality is gonna hit her hard when it does.

  66. Her brother dates her lookalike and she’s dating someone who resembles her brother plz tell me I’m not the only one who sees this

  67. Hahaha it’s funny when a young man or woman thinks they “pulled” and “locked” someone down when really they’re just a creep who can’t get with someone their own age, likely because it’s been spread around that they’re not a good partner in their own age bracket. She’ll be writing songs about how he fucked her up and ruined her life after they break up.

  68. This just brought me back to 2013/2014 when 19 year old me thought that Jesse Rutherford was the hottest guy in the world lol. Also reminds me of being 18-19 and dating 30 somethings and thinking I was so mature when I really was the complete opposite.

  69. this gives me kylie jenner and tyga vibes or demi lovato and wilmer valderrama. it's disturbing the amount of child stars that end up being enmeshed with these nasty men that knew them or of them while they were still minors.

  70. This reminds me of when I was 16, “dating” a 21 year old and thinking I was so mature. It’s uncomfortable/predatory AF to think about now.

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