1. anya can go. i don't dislike her, but a lot of her decisions made me question her values & character, while lots of other characters on the list had strong personalities & redemption plots.

  2. If you figure that out get back to me please because I don’t know why folks are saving her. I don’t dislike Anya but I don’t think her character should still be here over some that have been voted off.

  3. Going for Eli’s manipulative ass now. Although I did like him and times and he had funny moments, he was waaaayyyy more toxic to Clare than she was to him

  4. Anya, she was better after her and Sav broke up and before the stupid Owen thing. She wasn't terrible but she has my vote this round.

  5. Idc, I’m still voting for Spinner. He never regained points with me after being a dumb bully in S1, bullying Toby for having a crush on his sister in S2, stealing Jimmy’s MP3 player, being a total homophobe in S3, emotionally cheating on Paige, the whole Rick and Jimmy thing, and being a shit friend pretty much his entire time on the show. He gets way more likable during S5 but it’s still nowhere near enough for me to not dislike his character more than anyone else that’s left.

  6. Anya coasted, I think, because no one really cared whether she was here or not, so I guess her. She just didn’t stand out in the cast and her character was wrecked by dating Owen and getting addicted to coke randomly. I just felt like the writers didn’t know what to do with her at a certain point.

  7. Since no one else will, I'll be the one to say it: Sav. Everyone kept coming at Anya for being irrelevant, bland, and not making any significant contributions when Sav has been here this entire time. What exactly did he do aside from be a stock nice guy and unrealistically pull so many women (Yes, he was very handsome, but he was corny and lacked charisma 😭)?

  8. Okay even if ppl disagree w my not liking Anya, she simply doesn’t fit in in this list. Not notable enough, not likable enough, not enough personality, not enough storyline. Like she is no one’s FAVORITE compared to the other people. I just don’t think she should still be in the list

  9. I think she should have been long gone. She shouldn’t have outlasted Bianca, Maya and Craig. She’s not as interesting of a character as them and not as important to the show.

  10. Whilst they both did terrible things at times what Alex did to Paige and Rick/Jimmy was unforgettable

  11. [Round 33] Bianca DeSousa eliminated! Thanks to everyone voting and participating! There were 583 votes this round.

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