1. Best variety of enemies, places, weapons, and armours, while also having the best rendition of the open world out of all the souls. I still love DS3 the best, 2 is a close second.

  2. Also best lore hands down, the stories of all the kings and the lesser characters like velstadt and Raime made the lore amazing. Fume Knight best boss IMO

  3. I love 3s gameplay the most, it’s just flows the best bu ds2 is my favourite because I just love the story and the setting. So much diversity in the areas. Ds1 is cool and I get that it’s the OG, but I just don’t think it does anything better than the other two. People say it’s more interconnected but I don’t see how that’s a selling point. Without that the game would be nearly unplayable where as the other two don’t really need to be as interconnected. And the setting is just too same’y and dull in comparison

  4. I like to put it this way when it comes to Dark Souls 2: while it's not necessarily my favorite out of all the souls entries, it does have my favorite mechanics that I wish they had carried forward through to the future entries (e.g. bonfire ascetics, NG+ new enemy placements, etc.) and for that alone it actually rates very highly on my overall list.

  5. 3 also wrecked greatshields. They do not want you to be anything but aggressive. Combine that with low enemy Poise and it's just a rush to see who hits who first and stunlocks. That's it.

  6. It's got it's own flavor. I like the style and play better than DS1, but I like DS1s format better. DS3 will always be my favorite though.

  7. Nah diehard Souls fans love 3 because of how excessively yet elegantly they sprinkled nostalgia throughout the game + perfected many boss fight motifs they had toyed with since Demon’s Souls.

  8. Really? Most of the “DS3 best” fans I’ve met haven’t beaten/haven’t played any other fromsoft games except maybe BB/ER. Either that or they didn’t like the earlier games because they were too slow in comparison.

  9. Over time and playing it more having completed at least all the way up to and including NG+7 on all soulsborne games (not Elden Ring) I can say 100% without a doubt that DS1 is the worst out of all of them. DS3 is probably the best just barely, followed closely by BB and then DS2 in 3rd.

  10. I feel like DS1 is way too simple and easy in this day and age for Souls fans, the series has evolved so much and added SO MANY quality of life improvements that for some going back to DS1 can feel like a huge chore

  11. I respect someone who isn't afraid to call out Ds1 for how terribly it aged. Too many people are jacking Ds1 despite the fact most of the other souls games are just better in many other things, that Ds1 majorly failed in.

  12. I love them all for different reasons. Each is worth their weight in gold. Although the speed and graphics of the new games is just hard to beat sometimes. A remaster of ds1 abd 2 on the scale of Demon souls would probably make then better to me

  13. The thing is, ds2 is popular. Ignore what you see on line. It's mostly just people talking shit. It might not be as popular as the others, true. People just like to bandwagon.

  14. I like 2 the most in a general sense. 3 was just too reliant on callbacks to me, in hindsight. I love it anyway, but I would have liked more of it to focus on the world as it was in Lothric’s age than on bringing back Anor Londo and such.

  15. Its a great game but some of the bosses(like the giant acid rat) and the dlcs can oftentimes be friggen miserable to revisit and or do for the first time. As well as some bs ng+ adds like the annoying amount of red phantoms, in any other game this would be fine but in this game it just gets annoying. Dont get me wrong, i love this game and it has the best hub area imo but man does it have its low points for sure

  16. It’s not a bad game. Every few months or so, I hear “DS2 is a Bad Game or DS2: Scholar of the First Sin is horrible”🤬😤🙄 haters very often make new videos hating on the game

  17. DS3 is the best, sure. It's definitely my favorite Souls game. But there's still something about DS1 that I don't think another FromSoft title ever will ever live up to again. And fuck DS2.

  18. I like it a lot, especially since it feels a lot different. Ds1 and ds3 is practically the same scenery compared ds2, but i wouldnt really say its the best despite my enjoyment.

  19. I imagine the majority of those 3's are because it was the first one they played. Now if it was the 4th of 5th one you played you'd probably rank it quite a bit lower.

  20. Dark souls 2 is probably my favorite just because of the massive variety of weapons and armor. I eat that shit up. Also the animations in that game go hard

  21. Really, all of that Ds1 praise is most likely nostalgia speaking. Ds2 and Ds3 have so many more things over Ds1. The only things in Ds1 that surpass the other two is the World Design, and maybe the lighting. It has a really relaxing color palette.

  22. I played it after DS2, BB, and 3 and I think I respect it more than the others. It's not my favourite, but I have some intense appreciation for it after initially hating it from way back

  23. Eh disagree. I played all the souls games for the first time during COVID lockdown, starting with 3 and working my way back, and DS2 is by far and away my favorite - followed by 1 and then 3.

  24. Idk, probably because DS3 is a way more refined and enjoyable game to play these days, DS1 has aged a bit, even though it's still probably has the best world and level design, DS3 does gameplay and boss fights better and I think that's what people care about more.

  25. im honestly more surprised that more people voted for ds3. isn't the common sentiment in gaming circles that ds1 is like, a perfect game?

  26. Hard agree, Ds2 did pvp better and Ds1 had a better story and world map. Ds3 is bland in comparison. only thing going for it is the bosses.

  27. Ds2 is the hardest game, if you ask me. Its not mye favortite, but id understand why it would be someone else's 👍

  28. DS3 was a game that I was breezing through right up until I beat the twin princes. Then I realized I was bored, and so I stopped playing.

  29. I think 6% is pretty high, given that a lot of people just skipped 2 altogether (cause they dumb). Also, voting 3 as the best is another proof of that.

  30. finished ds1 recently and went on to play ds2. at first i was extremely frustrated by some things and was on the verge of quiting it but after i gave it some more time it actually became quite good, i really liked the middle part of the game. both though had a disappointing final fight

  31. From what I've seen a lot of people have come around to DS2, and think it's a good addition to the series, but I doubt they'd prefer it over DS1 or 3. Those two are still more popular

  32. The entire environment of DS2 actually plays like an RPG. The whole style with the enemies and the mini bosses. This is someone who started with the PS3 Demon's Souls, I couldn't believe what I was seeing with 2. In Dark Souls 3, there's nothing from 2 brought into 3 to update what the previous team created. I surely would have thought that with something like Sekiro and Bloodborne, FromSoft will finally create something with everything mixed together. .... Instead we got Elden Ring 😑💀😑

  33. I believe dark souls 3 is the best outta the souls games, however if I was forced to start a new run of any of the dark souls games tomorrow id choose ds2, its just so fun and enjoyable!

  34. Ds1 > ds2 > ds3. They’re all great, but ds3 is the least exciting or original. Ds1 is obviously the tone-setter, and ds2 is so imaginative and different and exciting. Ds3 feels like fan service. Still love them all tho.

  35. While I don’t hate DS2, it is definitely my least favorite of the three. I personally love DS3 but DS1 is a very close second place.

  36. Personally - Dark souls 3 Friend 1 - Bloodborne Friend 2 - Dark Souls 2 Friend 3 - Demons souls Remastered Friend 4 - Dark Souls Friend 5/6 - Never played any

  37. Yeah ds2 is my favourite I'm doing my third play of the series and I always say dark souls 2 for last because it's my favourite.

  38. Ds3 didn’t have enough creature bosses, too many fallen knights/humanoids imo. I always enjoyed the creature fights more, the humanoid ones just bore me

  39. For me it’s DS2, DS1, then DS3. I’m not sure exactly why I don’t like DS3, but it just feels off to me. I think it’s something in the movement.

  40. The movement feels so smooth and nice though, of all the reason to not like it that is such an odd one. Why do some people prefer Souls to stay clunky and janky forever I do not understand

  41. I played elden ring, DS3, DS1, and DS2 in that order and I really enjoyed DS2 the most and thought it was way more challenging than 1 and 3.

  42. Dark souls 2 isn’t for everyone. The genre of the games are too different. Dark souls 1 and 3 are much more focused on the action prospect, while dark souls 2 is focused on exploration and adventure. It really just comes down to preference.

  43. I have beaten ds1, ds2 and ds3, and ds2 is simply the worst of them 3. I have played through ds1 and ds3 multiple times and enjoying each and every playthrough a lot. But i cant feel the same when it comes to ds2. I only beat ds2 once and kind of forced myself to finish it for the sake of beating them all. Recently i tried to give ds2 a second chance and had to stop playing after beating pursuer cuz i was just not having fun with the game. Not hating on ds2, cuz i think its definitely a great game, it just cant compete with ds1 and ds3, they are on another level.

  44. Was my introduction into the souls series, and I’ll have to say. While I was originally a hater. SOTFS has grown to be probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite installment

  45. As a fan that came into the series at ER, then beat DS1, and now about half way through DS2…I’m convinced DS2 is better then DS1 in everywayapart from the first half of DS1s level design. I just got so frustrated with the sparse bonfires, the insane boss runs, and the lack of fast travel in the first half of DS1. Don’t see the hate of 2!

  46. i play souls since demon's souls ps3 and i don't get what is special about ds3, worst replayability from them all, worst maps worst invasions, ds2 has better builds and ng+ actually add something... am i so wrong thinking this?

  47. I mean, you don't have to read these. It's just interesting to see what other people in the thread think of these things, you don't have to pay attention to these posts. Just scroll past and ignore them.

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