1. Oh wow! You're so talented! Great job! These are absolutely amazing! I especially love the contrast between the colours in the first one.

  2. nah dude listen, comparison is the thief of joy. everyone is at a different place in their art journey, be proud of your skills now and be proud of what they’ll become with even more practice too :)

  3. nah don’t sweat it, all it takes is practice, seriously. It’s taken me a long time to get here and even then, I’m always striving to get better. Keep at it and I know you’ll get to a place where you wanna be! And if you ever want to know techniques or tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to ask, I don’t believe artists should gate keep, we all gotta help each other improve and grow!

  4. Oh wow! And unrelated, but I know where that photo reference in the 2nd picture, bottom right was from! I have the exact same screencap and was planning on drawing him as well! It was the Minecraft let's play on Twitch, yeah? Lol.

  5. someone else mentioned this, but it wasn’t deliberate, I just used a similar color scheme. please let me know if it’s a bad thing, I will take it down

  6. thanks! discovering him has been the high point of my month, watching the channel has been cathartic so I appreciate the work he put in; had to draw him!

  7. I rarely see someone draw someone else this accurately. You really have to have put in so much work to get to this skill level. Excellent job

  8. thanks so much! I’ve been trying to push myself lately to go into freelance full time, so I’m trying to develop my style and get more creative with color and lines

  9. your art style is so cute! I really wanna be able to do stylised semi realism but figuring out an art style is so hard :"""

  10. thanks! it’s taken me a long while to kinda find a style but I think I found a happy medium between 90’s manga and realism haha

  11. Not to be dramatic but this is literally the best fan art I have ever seen in my entire life and is likely superior to all art ever created since the dawn of man

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