1. 100% had a great experience tripping to this song and Dave’s voice at the end was really calming after the intense beginning

  2. This was my first thought. And this one is a little on the head but..Tripping Billies. Although I believe that’s specifically about an acid trip.

  3. I was on shrooms at the gorge and their visuals during madman's eyes were pretty wild. they definitely stepped it up from last year. I think you basically can go two directions - either light / happy / good vibes or powerful / intense / introspective. here's some examples of what I mean ~

  4. I want to trip to Dave, normally just settle to getting drunk to Dave! We have two kinds of drunk at our house, regular drunk and DMB drunk. Watch out on DMB drunk nights! 😂😂

  5. If I’m not mistaken, Dave specifically said that he had used shrooms more often during the pandemic and that’s what led to Walk Around the Moon.

  6. “Walk Around the Shroom” I mean “moon”😂 I think that’s what the song’s about though

  7. The Gorge '02 highlights album. You Never Know, more specifically. I put that on for my last trip and watched the sunset on top of a big hill in a park... amazing.

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