1. Yes, 100%. Right now I have 2K worth of MSG holds and there's virtually no way I'm getting all of that. The final charge is the one that matters. I've never been reduced to nothing at all, personally. But I have definitely had the final charge differ from the temp.

  2. My recollection is that I have only had pending for what I get; but it’s possible that this post prompted me to look well in advance of when I normally would. The reply to my other post I. This thread mentions that the pending is always the max requested to confirm it can handle the charge (which is a very reasonable conclusion of these charges).

  3. I’m just over here dreaming of being selected as the winner of their ticket-giveaway for msg 😂 prob better odds of being struck by lightening but a gal can dream!

  4. I put in my request yesterday and haven’t seen a pending charge with my credit card. Does that mean I’m SOL? It just shows as processing on the warehouse website

  5. How are you seeing you're confirmed? We requested pit in Omaha too but I believe we just have the charge on the CC and Warehouse shows pending still.

  6. I have figured out I have confirmation in advance of posting on Warehouse by checking my credit card transactions - I’ve found out I got approved for one show and not another based on the pending charge amounts. But I’m not sure how early those hit - and it’s not final/official until just before public sales starts, I think.

  7. Pending means nothing. They always make sure the card can handle the full charges. They'll reverse then. Don't get hopes up over that

  8. I checked back to earlier this year. I was notified for warehouse confirmation feb 21 (Monday), regular sale started the following Friday. So if that window holds true, thinking we should know by this coming Monday.

  9. So I made a new account under my wife's name. That one for floor n1 and uppers n2. My 15 year account got 2 uppers n1 and denied n2. Lol. The warehouse is so fucking stupid. Seniority means shit

  10. I feel like they stopped seniority a long time ago. I was a WH member from ‘04 to ‘14 went to 45 shows…and I noticed a less likelihood to seniority after ‘10. Got my tickets elsewhere or through friends after ‘14. Haven’t been to many shows in the past 5 years though…life got in the way. Just recently re-joined the WH the same night requests were closing (after learning they would be in my neighborhood). Only requested for Minneapolis. Got Pit. So…I wasn’t a member for eight years… And got Pit. It truly is a lottery. Luck of the draw.

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