1. There is the spell point variant in the dmg. Spells/slots become points equal to the level*1.5 so a level 1 slot is equal to 2 points and a level 1 spell costs 2 points to cast. A level 3 spell costs 5 points to cast, and a level 3 slot gives 5 points. There is some nuance to the balance rounding up and down and not everything is exactly 1.5points of value. I think there are rules against giving you the exact rule. But it is on Pg288-289 in the DMG.

  2. Other people are posting good alternatives, but I can try to explain lore-wise what's going on with spell slots:

  3. If youre looking to avoid useing the mechanical system, look into the sorcerer's option 'Spell Points' rule set. Its exactly what youre describing about using essentially the same magic reserve to cast few high level or many low level spells.

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