1. I mean - if he did this properly so that it didn't sound horrible I'd definitely follow him 😅

  2. Follow your fav DJ accounts, take notes on what they do that gets views and interaction, then do your version of that.

  3. I'd do this but focusing on mid-size, rising DJs and skip headliner size DJs. Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto are large enough global megabrands with industry machines behind them that what works for them is not necessarily what works for someone grinding their way to the top.

  4. There are plenty of content ideas for DJs. I scouted TikTok and Instagram a while ago. I’ll write you some ideas down:

  5. Thanks so much! Yeah my Reddit account predated anything I do in music, so my music name is DNL-K. I use Reddit for more than music so idk if I should change the username here, but thanks, I’m trying not to give up I just feel like I don’t know what to post that will be received well. I think I just need to say fuck it and post as much as I want as often as I want (I try not to post too often and then end up not posting for weeks lol)

  6. Just make a fire edit in ableton, then make a video of it playing with your gear as a backdrop, maybe twist some knobs and hit some pads for show. You'll get all the pussy, easy.

  7. You could buy targeted Instagram ads it’s not great but def better than buying bots hopefully you’d get better engagement if a wider audience saw

  8. One thing with ANY social presence is to keep an eye on your target metric and focus on impacting those exclusively. Targeting ticket sales is different than targeting engagement which is different than trying to get peoples emails captured for a mailing list

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