1. Hosts can and do change over time. We’ve had alters host for years then rarely be seen/heard again for years after. Right now we don’t even have a host because therapy and big life stressors are causing such chaotic instability that our system’s emotional needs are changing too often to make a primary fronter ideal.

  2. Yes this seems normal, the old host could just want to be In the system now they have found it, that is what happened to our old host before they integrated, if you have a inner world it could be very interesting to the host and they could feel safe there but that just from our experience

  3. Hi, host of an undiagnosed system (suspecting OSDD-1b), so take my response with a grain of salt. Also take it with an extra grain since I've only started suspecting since May.

  4. I can’t say much to help, but I know when we first started looking into being a system, a couple months before we got diagnosed, we started to realize we were switching anywhere from two to maybe fifteen times a day; At first, we assumed “maybe because we’re looking into things, we’re causing it to happen more?” but the more our ‘observer,’ as it calls itself, and protector, thought about it, we realized we’ve always switched that much. We just didn’t know that’s what it was, before. We tended to blame mood swings, really.

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