1. I mean, with the amount of super suits Batman has plus the amount of vehicles and weapons Batman gets I wouldn’t be surprised if this is how it looks occasioanlly

  2. Alway love these sorta picture the various Easter eggs from the justice buster armor, t rex, og robin suit and even some of his villains gear just laying around

  3. Wow, the level of detail here is insane. Not to mention the level of creativity it must take to be able to bring so many unorthodox items into one piece and still achieve a cohesive look. W artist.

  4. That damn dinosaur and that huge ass penny always seem to make it. The items around them will change but they stay the same. No matter what universe he’s in, these two travel together.

  5. Honestly get more of a Keith Giffen - Trencher vibe from this. Although I'm pretty sure Giffen was heavily influenced by Moebius except his has sort of a more sloppy (but good) feel like this.

  6. Wow, I wasn't familiar with Filya Bratukhin's art. I saw the cover and went "wow, is Tetsumo Nihei doing DC cover art now?". I can't say I know how to give higher praise than this.

  7. this screams what drew me into comics in the first place. when i was younger, id see comics with a similar washed out, yet still colorful color palette, and enjoyed it so much.

  8. "Master Wayne, how do you intend to get the giant mech out of the cave? The entrance is only big enough for a car. And if you force your way out, you'll destroy the Bat cave and Wayne Manor in the process."

  9. I love the details. I don't even know where to begin with an artwork like that let alone color it and not make it look like an incomprehensible mess.

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