1. My initial thoughts had been that Darkseid was an aspect of the Great Darkness (let’s say he represented evil) while the others would be other aspects (let’s say doomsday represents destruction) which is something I still believe as true form Darkseid is pretty clearly a different entity from TGD. That being said, your comment makes a ton of sense and I hope the story plays out in a similar way with Darkseid rebelling and taking the power of TGD for himself as not only is it a great way of tying things together while still having Darkseid be the definitive “big bad” of the DC universe after Dark Crisis ends, but it was also his initial plan in the first place before finding out his “true” origins.

  2. Cool post and dark crisis seems interesting but I think that the Empty Hand should prolly be a bigger part of this than he feels like he is atm. It’s just gonna be weird seeing him in the same league as the other villains here when it feels like he should be in a completely different one

  3. Oh I get what you mean for sure. He's by far the most powerful member of the army, which is something Justice League Incarnate does emphasize. He literally stomps the ultimate form of Darkseid there too. Hopefully we see the JLI take him on in the finale.

  4. The Empty Hand shouldn't be in a discussion of power or a story like this one- the whole point of it was to be a villain that couldn't just be punched.

  5. According to some obscure lore from the 90s, Eclipso knows what the Anti-Life Equation actually is, but doesn't know how to utilize it. Since Darkseid is also on the team, I can perhaps see that detail being explored.

  6. Thanks! Yeah the Spectre has a long history of going on a rampage and being out-of-control. It’ll be interesting to see how he’ll turn out by the end of this. As the Presence’s Spirit of Justice and Vengeance, he was a huge part in the first time the Great Darkness came out and in all the Crises and other events.

  7. Today's Justice League #75 implies that the Spectre and the rest of the Quintessence are all in the Dark Army as well- curious with the choice and Black Adam being the sole survivor of the battle but doubt his connection to Shazam will be explored to in-depth.

  8. Great read, thank you for all the hard work. Helps me make a bit more sense of things before all the craziness starts with Dark Crisis. How do you think “Infinite Multiverses” fits in with all this (from the second to last page you posted, from the end of Death Metal, I think)? Knowing there’s a multiverse with infinite earths is one thing, but infinite multiverses? That’s been a hard one to wrap one’s head around.

  9. Happy to help! The Infinite Multiverses thing is basically the Omniverse and is what Infinite Frontier is named after. I’m definitely looking forward to them exploring more of it. We’ve only seen a few examples of worlds beyond the main 52 so far.

  10. I read that part of Moore's Swamp Thing way back, and reread it again when Tynion referenced it (specifically Zatara's death) in his JLD around Rebirth, so I understand and respect your view completely. That being said, I strongly disagree overall that this is badly written as a constructive pay off to works Moore, Morrison and all the other Crises, and argue that this is more than an excellent path so far.

  11. Thanks! Yeah it’s super cool to see all of this end up working together and I’m glad more people are noticing and getting hyped for Dark Crisis because of it.

  12. I see a Omni crisis coming. Involving all incarnations of the multiverse. Everything from metaverse to the dark multiverse. Along with all timelines and dimensions. Including microverses. With darkseid and the empty hand operating as the hands of the great darkness. The Omni war was already hinted at by The darkest knight. I see Barbatos,necron, darkseid, the empty hand, Perpetua, darkest knight.

  13. Agreed. We could see it as early as the end of Dark Crisis too. They probably could have named this “Omni Crisis” but then the initials wouldn’t have been “DC” lol. Whatever the case I hope after this that they really explore the Omniverse in other books and whatever Joshua Williamson does next.

  14. Great post, though I have to say I don't think neither Williamson nor DC have made this sound half as interesting as you've made it sound here, which is a shame.

  15. Okay I've been out of the loop from DC since the end of Death Metal, because of how they mistreated Doomsday Clock and how cheapy Death Metal was, for me.

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