1. Funny how it's the second time the edit i made got posted here (that i saw at least), but i never thought about posting myself.

  2. I love this edit! I definitely prefer this or the original Rebirth suit over his current one. I think it is a natural evolution for Wally, and the silver is a distinguishing feature.

  3. Editorial: "Looks too much like THE Flash. We're afraid people will think Barry is not the main Flash anymore. Change it!" /s

  4. I think Wally should wear his classic uniform, but with the gold changed to silver. No other changes needed. The silver is actually a really good look, I just don't care for the rest of the Booth redesign.

  5. It’s a great look for Wally and I definitely love the added cowl to make it more “Flash” and less “Kid Flash”. I just it’s a little too reminiscent of the Walter West variant at that point.

  6. I'm pretty sure it's a rule of cool thing. He has white accent lines so his lightning is white. Just like Reverse-Flash and Wallace West have red lightning because of their red accents

  7. Also, the color spectrum that one of the flash writers talked about once, red is the slowest and purple is the fastest, Wally’s lightning is blue while kid flash’s lightning is red and Barry’s is yellow, it’s all about speed

  8. They were trying to give the speedsters different lightning colors. Also I think the white lightning was meant to indicate that Wally was the fastest

  9. So what color light takes is dependent upon how much energy it has, with red having less energy and a longer wavelength, and as you approach blue and even white, there is more energy, corresponding to a shorter wavelength. The white lightning on Wally is both reflective of all rhe time he spent in the speed force, and a way to visually tell the readers that he is the fastest man alive. Barry runs at a snail's pace in comparison.

  10. This is cool and all but the outfit works great without it. Makes Wally look more distinct as well as calls back to his roots as Kid Flash.

  11. This is amazing, but I think I like the open cowl more. Either way, I’d prefer it if they kept him in that amazing Rebirth suit over the Flash suit he does have (I know seeing Wally back in his Flash suit is a big deal for 90s Flash readers)

  12. I love this! This is what I wanted for his solo Flash run. I like the suit he's in now, harking back to his 90s/00s run, but it looks too similar to Barry's.

  13. Wally spent more time with a secret identity than without. As a matter of fact, he turned his hair brown while as Kid Flash so people couldn't recognize him as Kid Flash and has returned to having a secret identity.

  14. This looks amazing. I also really like it without the cowl. Wish one of these would be the norm moving forward. That silver is just soooo good!

  15. I just wish they kept the actual 90s suit he he got back at the beginning of this current run. He had it for 2 issues then back to the Flash Rebirth suit. Which isn't terrible, but the main artist makes the nose piece look too skin-tight sometimes.

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