1. Ar first i first i thought someone posted your art without credit but i’m so shocked and glad you’re on Reddit. :D I really like your art Keep going! :D

  2. Same, I wish he was utilized more. I feel like he's kind of Red-Hood-meets-Catwoman (even though he actually appeared before Todd did as Hood).

  3. I just assumed that someone was posting your pics from Instagram and didn't realize you were actually Gabe Picolo. Your work is beyond awesome man, for the sake of everyone hurry up and convince someone over at DC to let you draw for a series already

  4. Your stuff is awesome. I'd love to see other Titans in your rendition. Donna Troy, Wally West, Roy Harper, Garth and some other oldies.

  5. Your work is fantastic. Love your style as it's become a distinct style I've learned to distinguish over the years. Do you draw inspiration from any particular artist?

  6. Sort of. Remember, someone new started wearing the costume after Dick went back to being Robin. This is presumably the new guy.

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