1. Windies aren’t good enough for a series like this unfortunately. Test cricket which was a staple when i was growing up , seems to only garner interest when it’s Aus, India and England

  2. It was ridiculous how the commentators were blaming Green for that. He said “no mate”, then Head took off.

  3. Agreed, and even if he didn't, I'm disappointed that a fairly experienced bloke like Head would carry on like he did. Clearly affected the confidence of a young player. I can understand being filthy in the moment but he kept having digs in interviews after. I hope Cummins tells him to pull his head in.

  4. This series bloody pointless just watching west indies fall to another invetiable defeat, this is why i hate test cricket when it's so one sided we have to watch this for 3-4 days at least with odi and t:20 its over quick like football.

  5. Test cricket in Australia is an absolute snooze fest. You can talk about touring teams need to bat properly for the conditions etc etc but these series are so pointless when it’s this one sided

  6. Local Boy Head put on 3rd Biggest Partnership for the 4th wicket for Adelaide Ground. Windies seems to me Tooth less attack except Debutant Devon Thomas

  7. I'm just happy that Tagenarine appears to actually be something, not just another body chucked out there to open with Kraigg.

  8. He's just a young man, and it's one game. He fucked up, give him a break. Head can be pissed but he will get over it, He carried it on the field , not a good look,

  9. Its a mixture of everything you said, he was just decent for awhile but in the recent FC season he was one of the best batters

  10. Had an excellent 12-18 months which got him elevated into the side. He was averaging around 25 in FC cricket for nearly 10 years up to that point.

  11. IMO this current iteration of the test squad is the best we’ve had since 2007/8. Great bowling depth, couple of elite batsmen and a couple of very very good batsmen. Just need Cam Green to get that big score and we’re laughing.

  12. I agree, but. Their biggest problem is not rising to the challenge in the clutch moments. That's why Cummins is no McGrath and Lyon is no Warned. When the game is on the line too often they'll give the ball to Starke and he'll spray the new ball down the leg side. They need to go to the next level to become more than paper champions.

  13. Agree. It’s easily the most well-rounded team we’ve had in that time. My biggest concern currently is Warner, but he’ll either come good again or retire soon so all good

  14. Also given the fact that aside from Kraigg no one else is playing good enough to ease off the pressure and give him the debutant sent directly in Australia a breather.

  15. Why does Kath Loughnan's mouth look like she's holding back a massive spit bomb that she's about to launch at whoever she's talking to?

  16. I think Smiffy has actually had a good day with the field placements and bowling changes today

  17. FYI to all Telstra customers, you can get discounted Kayo with your Telstra Plus membership. $17.50/month for Silver and $12.50 for Gold tier.

  18. Not bad mate. Speaking of discounted Kayo, earlier this year Maximus (the sports drink company) were running a competition, one of the prizes was a 12 month subscription to Kayo. Some of the winners were selling their subscription on ebay. I picked one up for $170. So roughly $14 a month.

  19. remember when bancroft would field close and wouldnt even flinch when the ball was smashed at him

  20. Remember when Bancroft got caught shoving 60 grit down his dacks. Remember when Bancroft still got recalled to achieve an English batting average. I don't exactly reminisce about the good ol' days of Bancroft, even if he could cop one to the face without flinching.

  21. Well they've always said the quickest way to get short leg out is to belt one right at him and he'll be begging to move

  22. I'd honestly rather be bowling Starc against Phillip right now. Phillip isn't really moving his feet and is just planting his bat in front of him. Neser is bowling 130kph so he's not really troubling Phillip for pace but Starc could genuinely trouble him with 150kph stuff.

  23. My missus saw Neser bowl 1 ball and then said she had to go to bed but not before taking the batteries out of the TV remote with her.

  24. She just doesn’t want you to accidentally hit the remote and change the channel or turn the tv off bro

  25. Save the environment, buy your missus a rechargeable one so she doesn't keep putting single-use batteries into landfill.

  26. I'm picturing you happily watching the cricket unable to turn it off like Milhouse bobbing his head in that tent his dad buys him when he drinks Grampa's sex tonic

  27. The best catch I’ve ever seen live, and it’s not even close, was by JP Duminy at the Gabba in a t20 in, I wanna say, 2010.

  28. There was also a fucking awesome Duminy catch where he dove out of bounds threw it back in for himself and caught it

  29. Bowling side has the entire field setup to hook and a spamming short balls, may I suggest duck it out and get to stumps ... You have selected WILD HOOK SHOT

  30. Might also have something to do with the 75 FC games he played with nearly 5000 runs at an average of 42.

  31. It’s so funny to remember that he’s a former First Class cricketer and actually way more qualified to call the cricket than the footy

  32. I only have the chromecast for kayo in the bedroom, but my partner prefers to watch in the loungeroom where i can only get 7 and im always conflicted between spending time with them or getting to hear Lara and Skull.

  33. Hardie's the closest like for like replacement but I'm unconvinced his bowling is effective outside of helpful conditions

  34. Just chuck in a batsman at 6 if greeny is down. We've managed with 4 bowlers and labs/heady can part time if needed.

  35. Ringing home to tell my parents that I have 3 of the top 4 comments in todays match thread so far and I can hear the sound of them writing me out of the will in the background.

  36. Chanderpaul Jr seems to be a batter who doesn’t like the bowlers dictating terms. I’ve been very impressed by his composure as well as ability to counterattack

  37. Everyone suggesting we drop Warner for the ashes is being too reactive based on his performance here.

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