1. Yep feel bad for the guy, but the selectors are idiots. This guy was going at almost 4 an over in first class itself. Even if you discount bazball and pitch he would still struggle in normal circumstances

  2. Pakistan should just drop test cricket and odi to be fair since they're pretty long and boring already and barely has viewers in Pakistan. T20 imo is much more exciting and fast paced and should be the main focus.

  3. Well deserved. Had no business playing test cricket after averaging 38 in domestic with an economy rate of almost 4. Saqlain Mushtaq gave the most characteristically Pakistani reason for selecting him over the vastly superior Abrar that “he was more senior and had been waiting longer”.

  4. We also chose to not play a backup spinner, so ya.... Not to mention no Faheem Ashraf for god knows what reason.

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