1. Um. Not really. 70 runs in the last 59 balls is not great shakes given the opposition/ground.

  2. Gaikwad has been storming Vijay Hazare for 2 seasons now. I think he might be given a long rope in ODIs soon enough. Hands down his best format.

  3. He is extremely talented but he seems to get bogged down when he has to play for India. Someone needs to calm him down before the match during the next match in which he plays for India.

  4. I dont know why our selectors insist of picking players for wrong formats. Gaikwad and Gill are suitable for ODIs. Prithwi Shah needs to be given a chance in T20s .. Md Siraj is not a good T20 bowler and needs to be given chances in ODIs.

  5. You are forgetting his first ODI outing, and how totally out of place and clueless he looked against pace bowling. You may fail, but, when your confidence is like that, and there is a plethora of talents to replace you immediately, you won't get immediate chance.

  6. I don't mind bowling a spinner at the death. Provided that spinner is like Rashid Khan or Adam Zampa not an inexperienced 23 year old

  7. On the 28th day of the 11th month of the year 2022 Anno Domino, a mighty warrior named after the King of the seasons would smite how many runs in a batch of 6 deliveries bowled by a soldier named after the God of Destruction?

  8. Spinner bowling the 49th over is always going to give you 30 runs if there’s a set batsman. Gaikwad is too good to miss out on this opportunity

  9. now he's ahead of juvraj pollard and and herschelle with little chance of being dethroned considering how unique this over was lol

  10. More than Rutu, it is Shiva Singh's achievement. Hard to bowl 7 deliveries in the slot to get cunted over the boundary in an over.

  11. What is that C represent at 48.5th Over? I have never seen that symbol before. Is that a No Ball or a catch outside the boundary?

  12. Hope he learns to overcome his nerves and play effortlessly for india too just like Gill. He a great batsman, but something just ain't ticking when he's batting for india. Hope that'll change soon

  13. Your comment had words in it that were not in English and were wrongly translated. This breaks the rules of this subreddit and the comment has been removed.

  14. The thing with Rituraj is that he had poor ipl 2022 and in the odi matches ,he had bad form. But he has potential and can be considered for odi squad

  15. Literally played 3 ODIs last month, it's a 15 member squad, not a 200 member squad. No matter what happens, there'll always be someone who gets left out.

  16. Awesome great For those replying other scored 110/141balls is a shame, pls note that a player who is in beast mode was allowed to play like beast or the record can never be made!!!!

  17. Your comment had words in it that were not in English and weren't translated. This breaks the rules of this subreddit and the comment has been removed.

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