1. Not sure how he will perform in Australia. But he seems like can be put first choice spinner. And we can go with three pacers or one more batsman easily.

  2. We will get similar pitches in Australia. Axar doesn't fool the batsmen with his turn, he beats them with his line, lenght and pace variations.

  3. He has a good height and has high release point from side on. He'd enjoy the bouncy wickets of Australia.

  4. will cause a dilemma once Jadeja returns as Jadeja simply doesn’t offer the same quality with the ball but is a much better batsman and fielder.

  5. Jadeja gets in coz of his batting alone.. and he can be considered as the 6th bowler... Jaddus batting has been too good the past 3 years to drop him....

  6. Jadeja has hit 12 sixes in 34 t20I innings. He's not exactly as good of a t20i batter as people make him out to be. Only once in his long t20Is career has he hit 2 sixes in an inning.

  7. Can someone explain to me how he is doing so well (genuine question, little new to the game here)? He seems like he doesn't turn the ball, doesn't get drift, has no flight, and no weird bounce. I get that line and length are important, but wouldn't a professional player be able to score if that is ALL a bowler has? How can a spinner that does not have any classical spinner traits play (and play so well) at the international level?

  8. As far as I can tell, it’s not only his insane consistency, but also his ability to have a variety of deliveries (different pace, angles, turn) while still pitching the ball in roughly the same spot

  9. If Axar can improve his batting we'll be looking at a quality third all rounder after Hardik and Jaddu. All Rounders are a great asset for any team. Heard some of the commentators confessing that.

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