1. I think the Citi CustomCash looks pretty good. Wish Citi and others would move to metal over plastic.

  2. How funny, I just received my Citi Premier in the mail and my first thought was "boy thats ugly." For reference my main driver before was the C1 Venture, the citi premier feels like a mere childs toy.

  3. I actually think citi is a good model to follow for plastic cards. Non-embossed, info on back, reasonably modern in details such as fonts used for the name/number info. I’d be happy if chase took note for any of their plastic cards.

  4. I had the vanilla platinum card and never really received any notice. I got the Mehretu collab card and I’ve received compliments on it pretty regularly. Most people ask if it’s custom. My wife has the Wiley card and I think it’s the nicer of the two.

  5. The Capital One logo is as bad as Credit One’s and Credit One’s logo accurately reflects Credit One’s business.

  6. My c1 platinum card was "upgraded" to the quicksilver, and yes it is better on paper (CB) but the QS is one ugly mf card. And the worst part is the chip is on the right instead of left!

  7. I guess I’m the only person who preferred the clear card over this new style that looks and feels like a fake card Credit One would send in the mail with a pre qualification .

  8. The color and shimmer is nice. The design itself isn't bad. I do wish the name print style didn't look like an afterthough though.

  9. The $450 Hilton Aspire card is absolutely horrendous for any card. Looks bad for a no annual fee card, let alone a top tier status card. Absolutely ridiculous that you spend $450 to get the exact same card as their free one just in purple.

  10. It's also possibly the dumbest credit card. Gives cash back for mobile wallet purchases but Kroger stores don't support mobile wallet purchases.

  11. Thought venmo credit card looked cool but after having it for a while, it reminds me of an oily teenager's face that hasn't been washed for a month

  12. Same—the transparent one was what got me to get an AMEX. Cashiers give me compliments ol for it also. I much prefer it over the redesign with true centurion.

  13. All the chase freedom cards. The blandness and the nothingness that I have to focus on in order to not pull the wrong one out. I have three that all look the same, have to read the name every time.

  14. Hot take, but I really don’t appreciate how US Bank Altitude Reserve has become. Literally a waste of materials on the hideous design. The “RESERVE” engraved on the front makes me cringe every time.

  15. The basic ones look meh but the design options are nice. I have the cassette and my partner has the vinyl record one, which even has grooves on the record part.

  16. I liked the slate color but I lost it and had to get a new one sent to me. They sent the chrome and it looks metal but it feels so plasticy, it causes like. Shitty cognitive dissonance. I want the slate color back 😭

  17. I think it funny how all this big banks like NFCU, Chase, and other have flat cards but there debit cards are still embossed. Makes no sense.

  18. Of the cards I actually have, my Affinity Cash Rewards card is the ugliest. Love the card and the rewards and looks won’t stop me from using it, but the card itself looks cheap and off center.

  19. Almost any AMEX credit card design is ugly. Their logo of the helmeted man (idk what it is) just does not look right. It’s one of the reasons I avoid AMEX 😂😂😂

  20. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The Dubai First Royale Mastercard design is hideous. I'm not a fan of gold to begin with, the border on the top and left of the card is a little too thick, and it should go all the way around the card, top and bottom only, or be done away with entirely. Whose idea was it to have a top and left border only?

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