1. I’ll be using Discover for Mobile Wallets, CF for Walmart, and CFF for PayPal and they all get front seat in my car for this quarter.

  2. Chase has all the advantages for me. It has UR points that I can transfer to CSP. It has Dining and Drug Store 3X categories. It has a better welcome bonus. It has travel insurance and cell phone protection. Amazon is a rotating category for Chase as well, but I'd rather have something else because I have the Amazon Prime card. BTW I'm getting 9X on gas because of the welcome bonus stacking!

  3. PayPal is like most online stores and there's Walmart. Discover and Chase both sitting in the front seat Q4.

  4. I’m not trying to be contrarian here, but Amazon is just flat out more expensive. PayPal > Amazon since you can use it at Walmart mart, Best Buy, car insurance, etc.

  5. I'm doing both. Nice to get discover for PayPal q3, then for apple/Google pay for q4. Freedom for PayPal Prime Visa for Amazon

  6. Is it actually totally gone now? I only use it with the CFF for this quarterly category for online shopping for the holidays, so I haven’t looked into it.

  7. Just an fyi, discover is currently hosting paypal, and i have almost maxed out the quarter by linking paypal to my shell app. This way it essentially works as another 5% gas category

  8. I have the CFF (and Discover), and I’m using that card to get 5% cash back on gas purchases this quarter (when I’m not getting and using pay at the pump, one time offers from Chase on non-CFF cards, Wells Fargo, or American Express on gas that is).

  9. Great point! There are also other Gas Apps that you can link PayPal too. I can’t recall which ones since I use Shell as well

  10. How to max out paypal? I’m always having a hard time for that. Like this quarter, I’m barely using my paypal.

  11. so many places accept paypal... walmart.com, target.com, ebay, best buy, probably some of your online subscriptions, google play, app store, steam, epic, and a bunch of online stores in general

  12. Just use the paypal checkout option for all your online shopping in the quarter, and make sure your CFF is the default payment option in your paypal account

  13. Many airlines also accept PayPal. I booked some flights this quarter and easily maxed out PayPal. It’s nice because my Chase offers 5% but only booking through their portal, and I would strongly prefer to book directly through the airlines.

  14. You could always "pay" someone you trust and have them send you the money back. You will eat a fee but you still come out ahead.

  15. Link paypal to a gas station's app you frequent to. You can also pay bills with Paypal billpay. Maxed out Discover paypal category this way

  16. I won’t be able to max it out, but will def put some decent spend at Walmart and the occasional online PayPal purchase. Thanks OP.

  17. Tbh discover did it better this year. More people use digital wallets than PayPal. Same thing for Amazon and Walmart

  18. Instead of not using PayPal for transactions, have you considered using PayPal for transactions?

  19. Hmm off the top of my head. Shell and 76 Gas apps let you use PayPal to pay. Target.com, esp when in early Dec when they do the 10% off Target gift card up to $500, you can pay with PayPal. So you pay $450 and get 5x on that. I usually buy 2 of those with my Player 2. I will add more as I do more research.

  20. You can signup for a free walmart+ trial, just cancel it a week before expiring and they usually extend it for another 20 days, giving you ~50 days of free walmart deliveries

  21. If you use PayPal as your payment option for groceries for curbside pickup, does that stack? (4X for first-year grocery bonus + 4X PayPal + 1X base)

  22. They've had PayPal for the last quarter of every year for the last few years, kinda predicted it.

  23. What do you guys do with your Flex card when you've either maxed out the spend or just don't use the categories offered? Back of the wallet and use other Chase cards or what?

  24. Should be able to stack this with drugstores using a QR code for at least 7% back (4x Q4 bonus + 2x drugstores bonus + 1x base)

  25. I miss PayPal key. I don't really shop online much but with PayPal key I was able to pay rent with it.

  26. Awesome - between this plus my Discover I’ll get 5% on almost all my spending the rest of the year.

  27. Such a sorry category IMO. I have the original Chase Freedom and get sock drawered for pretty much most of the year because other gas, the categories are not really something I use.

  28. I know this question isn’t relevant at this moment. When I try to pre approve on chase it says no offers found & something about me being opted out

  29. My Chase Freedom does not have rotating categories. I've had it for quite a while, I guess that was a feature that was not available when I got it.

  30. Are you sure you are thinking about the correct card? The post is NOT about the Chase Freedom Unlimited that gives 1.5x on all purchases. It is about the Chase Freedom Flex and the Original Chase Freedom.

  31. For Sam's members - don't forget you can buy gift cards for Sam's at Walmart and then use them at Sam's, thus getting you 5% there too. (Probably 7% if you are Plus since you get 2% from Sam's too).

  32. Between Apple/Google Pay and Amazon with Discover and PayPal with Chase, this is going to be a great quarter for cash back.

  33. The Chase Freedom Card pays 5% cash back on PayPal this quarter, so I linked the card to my PayPal account and tried to pay somebody using it, instead of direct debit from my checking account. PayPal wanted to charge me 2% and warned me that Chase would likely treat the payment as a cash advance and charge me for it. So, not such a great deal, I guess.

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