1. Holy fuck. At least there was a righteous outcome; eight counts of assault and a psych eval and the dogs, reading between the lines, are on death row

  2. The premediated part makes so much more sense, being as even when a full group showed up the dogs were stills seeking out the man in yellow.

  3. Also the man walking around slowly and aimlessly in the middle of everything, holding a young child’s hand, while doing nothing to help the situation. Cares more about watching it and being involved than protecting the kid.

  4. Every single person there, always in every video. I'm honestly surprised pitbulls don't run the world at this point

  5. Because they are all really secretly scared of their own dogs. They all like to say it “came out of nowhere” and “they have never showed aggression”. Bullshit. And then once their dogs do something like this they’re obviously scared to even go near them.

  6. Not that it changes your statement at all because the owner was useless and possibly malicious in letting them go but the dude in the beginning wasn’t the owner. He was just trying to help. The owner was an older woman named Cynthia Oliver, who was arrested.

  7. The owner is a fucking moron but so is they guy walking about holding his kids hand. Wtf, get that child away you dickhead

  8. I would love to see one dog attack video where people know how to react. Everyone stands around like a bunch of idiots with their thumb up their ass. The guy with the hose for example.... or the others just watching.

  9. They don’t exist. They account for almost every single serious dog attack or fatality. Look up the statistics.

  10. Or pepper spray, which is legal in NYC. The people who move to these places love big government, and fully expect the police to protect them in these situations.

  11. IIRC (correct me if I'm wrong) but wasn't there an article stating that New York went one whole weekend without a shooting for the first time in over 25 years? Now, I'm no genius but I'm guessing that means there's plenty of guns in New York. Maybe not in everyone's hands but plenty for sure.

  12. Let’s just walk our child around by the hand around these incredibly violent dogs and lead said child to a wounded, bloodied senior citizen… not dangerous or traumatic at all

  13. Possible no one had a gun on them or if they did, didn’t want to risk catching a felony in one of the least gun friendly cities in the US

  14. I never see vicious golden retriever or husky attacks. It's always a pitbull making lunch out of someone. Should require a special license to have pit bulls. Nothing against the animal but the pet owner has to be responsible.

  15. I think Canada is one of the few countries on this planet where the majority of dog bite fatalities aren't caused by pit bulls. It's actually huskies.

  16. The problem aren’t big dogs, the problem is one specific breed. Pitbulls. I got a pretty big girl myself but she wouldn’t even have needed good raising in order to be nice

  17. Can anyone tell me why the they just decide to attack at random? Any rhyme or reason or do they just go "hey look, something to rip apart"?

  18. They were literally breed for dog fighting. They are a bloodsports dog and by instinct they want to fight to the death. You can train to lower their frequency of acting on it but at the end of the day you can't train the instinct completely away and all it takes is one incident for someone to get seriously fucked up.

  19. The old hag who owns them dropped the leash, which they took as an attack command or something. Notice how they specifically go for that particular guy, hell bent on killing him.

  20. Seen a woman today with a huge pit pull at the traffic lights, first thing I thought of was, if that dog decides to attack someone she hasn't a chance of controlling it. Pissed me off.

  21. Pitbulls gonna do what pitbulls do. This isn’t surprising. Do people really not carry pocket knives anymore? Or mace? Anything?

  22. Everytime I see one of these videos it blows my mind. People just bumbling around in the world with absolutely no way to defend themselves like bad shit never happens.

  23. WHEN they flip....they can't be controlled. They are more akin to a wild animal in that way than to a domesticated animal. They were bred to do exactly what they are doing. They love it. It is in their DNA. Some owners get lucky and the switch doesn't flip, or if it does it isn't this public or deadly.

  24. The pit bulls are now in custody of animal control authorities, Markowski said. That worries the Boves, who own a pit bull named Gina as well as five cats. "My father feels terrible that the dogs are probably going to be put to sleep," Anthony Bove said.

  25. I would have kicked the fuck out of those dogs. Several people just watching not one person tried to kick the dog of him. Smh

  26. The way to stop a dog attack is actually to grab the hind legs and lift them in the air. They lose all leverage and can only hold the bite.

  27. just make people get a special license and mandatory course to own that breed. You dont go to jail and lose the dog.

  28. So I have been on Reddit a long time and I don’t remember seeing so many pit bull attack videos as I have seen this past week on here.

  29. I read the story and the owner let the dogs lose to attack the man. She was arrested on 8 counts of assault and 2 counts of reckless of endangerment. The dogs? Euthanized! I don't feel bad if the dogs are put down. The dogs were notorious for being vicious and attacking people around there. It was time to show the dogs who is boss and there was no room for them in this world to keep attacking people and the woman would be in jail and have to pay for everyone's medical bills. It's the owners responsibility to make sure the dogs don't attack anyone and no one should have to fear getting bit in their own neighborhood. Dogs are now gone and the woman in jail. At least it had a good ending.

  30. Prepared for all the downvotes and ridiculous attempts at justification. Why on earth are pit bulls still even a thing? Just ban them. Eradicate the breed. They don't serve any useful purpose .

  31. Pit bulls need to be put down!! All of Them! God sake how many more need to be mailed by stupid owners. Governments need to implement a ban on them. Any child or elderly can easily be killed by them.

  32. The incompetence from everyone around holy shit how do you see an old man bleeding and not attend to him wtf… oh yeah it’s the Bronx

  33. I was carrying groceries into my apartment on Thanksgiving in 1984 and a man with his Rottweiler about 75 ft away ( complete stranger to me) gestured to dog to 'Sic em'...I saw this because I happened to notice him because I like big dogs. The dog came charging at me full speed as I stood holding two grocery bags in my arms...I was frozen not sure what to do. As the dog beared down on me a car riding down the road slammed the dog dead center. Dog went flying and his leg was broken. The man driving the car got out and wasn't sure what to do as the dog yelped and struggled to get up. The owner came over to dog and was angry at the dog and attempted to drag it as it yelped, he pulled down the street yelling at it to shut up. I never said anything to owner as I was in shock about the whole incident. It made me realize there are some very sick people in this world and that a divine spirit was watching over me that day.

  34. If this is really the bronx then just walk down the street and grab a gun saves you the leg strain of stomping on things and makes sure the dog doest get back up

  35. Pitbulls - it's the owners right? these dogs need to be destroyed all of them - F*ck your "My dog wouldn't hurt a fly bullsh!t"

  36. In every 5 dog attacks, 3 are from pitbulls. How can people still not be precautious when walking on streets with a breed like this???

  37. If you cannot control the dogs and cannot train them properly then don’t. Get. The freaking. Dogs. I hope the elderly person is okay :( edit: yes guys I know Pittbulls are dangerous, I was saying in general. This guy sucked at handling his dogs.

  38. How fucking stupid and incapable are all of those people slowly walking towards the dog and just kinda looking; like jump those fuckers, kick them, gauge their eyes out, do something, there's like 10 of you and you're barely helping the poor old man who's about to die or at the very least get severely injured.

  39. So tired of people taking up for pits. Yes all dogs bite, but I'd much rather get a damn chihuahua off me than to fight off a pit. I've had to do that twice....its easier said than done. The breed needs to be outlawed and bred out of all dogs.

  40. I refuse to watch this video because I know how fucking brutal dog attack videos can be, but I already know the breed is a pit bull.

  41. If the dog is attacking someone else you have to CHOKE it until it goes unconscious. If he's attacking you gouge its eye out

  42. Of course they're fucking pit bulls. Jesus christ. I don't get to go through one day without seeing a video of pit bulls attacking people or ripping other pets apart. Fuck that dog breed.

  43. Another pair of golden retrievers mauling an innocent man. Just proof that its the owner and not the breed!

  44. Damnit, grab the fucking dog's hind legs and step on their heads. That's it. That's all it fucking takes to stop these land sharks from attacking.

  45. You know on the other line the first responder is like “wait what’s happening?” “Dog attack?” “What’s the address?” “You’re telling me a dog is attacking some people?” “Damn that’s crazy” “wait what was the address again?”

  46. It’s so heartbreaking and disgusting seeing how many people hate on the pitbulls instead of their owners that train them to act like that. I’ve known many people with pitbulls and the only time i got attacked was because the owners had trained the dog to attack people on site and never bothered to put it elsewhere while having company. It’s not the fault of the dog it’s the fault of the person. Think of it like this, the color of a persons skin doesn’t mean anything about how they act, it’s all about how they were raised.

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