1. 60gb iteration was the only PS3 that was fully backwards compatible with almost all PS1 and PS2 games and it had a bigger hard drive. Hence the price and why it's the most sought after.

  2. 20 GB's do too. I grabbed one of the 20's from a pawn shop for pretty cheap back in the day because they didn't know and just priced it at the same as the rest of the PS3's they had. Snagged it up for 130 CAD peso's like 8 years ago I think?

  3. Back in 2013 I traded my 360 for a PS3 and a copy of Killzone 3 at my local gamestop. They had one PS3 in stock and it just happened to be the backwards compatible one. Still have it to this day.

  4. False sir, i have a 16GB with full backwards compatibility. Mine is the first gen as well got it for $600 when it first came out. Had less memory than my ipod touch

  5. While $300 is steep, this is actually a rare console. A CECHA01 60gig PS3 has actual PS2 hardware in it that can successfully play any PS2 game (backwards compatible). This was also the launch edition sold alongside a stripped-down 20gig (CECHB01) console that no one wanted.

  6. They play SACDs too - Sony stripped that functionality out of all later releases. Because fuck you, consumers.

  7. seems like some fat ps3s do for $200 or over though just looking on eBay cause of their addition of native PS2/PS1 compatibility, not many of the first generations were made

  8. Interesting, I guess my local market is just over saturated with these things because this model goes for $60 or less all the time. I bought one with it's box for $40 a few weeks ago.

  9. I deal with these in my business all the time. If it really is one of the first generation ps2 backwards compatible then regularly go for $250-$300 on ebay

  10. You’re joking right? If it’s a working 60GB, these mfers costed $600 retail and till this day remain very rare indeed. The rarity comes from whether it’s functional or not and these fully backwards compatible ones are hard to come by. New ones (if available) will sell for $1k and up. Do your research.

  11. I never had any reason to do research considering how locally they usually sell for $50-80. The fat backcompat PS3's. It's insane around here.

  12. Why do people who obviously know fuck all about a niche product come on here to flame others. It gets so tiring seeing posts from people who think they know everything

  13. I don't think I know everything, I know what's up in my area and the fact is, in my area this is overpriced as hell. I see them all the time for $60-80, sometimes $100 with games n other stuff.

  14. These are fully backwards compatible with PS2 as they basically have a full PS2 inside of them, one of the very few models that do. Rare indeed.

  15. LMAO op has no idea what they are talking about. Yes, this is a rare console! Regularly sells for the price in the listing.

  16. Yeah with ps2 compatibility then yeah I can see it I guess since that model in particular didn't last long all can do ps1 but not all can do ps2 for some reason.

  17. If it is really backwards compatible, that actually is rare and worth far more then 60. They had a rather limited production and are hard to come by, especially outside of japan where the most backwards compatible models are if memory serves. I don't think 300 is too far fetched if it's legit.

  18. That version is rare. While 300 is a bit high, provided they actually did some repairs or took solid care of this thing then it might be worth it. These ones always had reliability issues

  19. Look, I'm not too educated on these things. I'll say that first and foremost. But something like that that is rare, sought after, and expensive at launch, yeah people absolutely will sell it for higher.

  20. I've gotten DM's and replies explaining the serial numbers and which ones do. Only a couple PS3's I've seen listed don't actually have the backwards compatibility. Plus people moved the goalpost, original people were shitting on me acting like it was impossible to find those PS3's cheap. Then I learned the serial numbers and started checking them. Same thing a lot of the PS3's I looked at could in fact play PS1 and PS2 games but then people changed the argument to "well those ones don't have the PS2 chip inside, which again, half of the ones I looked at are correct and absolutely do. But the ones that didn't can still play PS2 games through emulation in the system. So functionally the same to the average Joe.

  21. Had a fat boy 60GB I bought at launch. Sold it about 3 years ago for $300ish. It was very sought after for a while, maybe less so now.

  22. I haven't made up anything yet, I misunderstood something and learned quite a lot. People look at old comments, make an outdated and completely out of touch response comment to that. I discovered that only a couple local cheap listings are what I thought they were but people wanna refuse that as possible because reasons

  23. It's a first gen backwards compatible, idk about "rare" but $60 is a serious low-ball guess. I just sold mine on eBay about a month ago for $240.

  24. I wish the dude luck because he's apparently the only person in BC Canada who knows what they are worth because people undersell them here all the time. For his sake I hope he put it on eBay

  25. Plus you can get a ps3 slim for the same price which uses less power, makes less heat, and is quieter with less of a chance of YLODing and you can softmod it to play backups including ps2 games

  26. The one with reverse compatibility is more desirable for that alone. Despite its rumored inferior hardware. Definitely not 300 rare though

  27. Yeah, after looking for one of these £200-250 is about right. It sucks, but it natively plays PSX and PS2 games, which is really desirable.

  28. I accidentally upset a lot of people with this post, here's some cheap PS3's that fit the description of a guide I found for finding a backcompat ps3

  29. The 20 and 60 gig also had much glossier silver plastic around the disc drive, which is the quickest way to tell the difference at a glance. All of the PS3s pictured have fairly matte silver plastic, so they look to lack the Emotion engine and are cheaper.

  30. If I remember correctly it was only the 80gb original fat ps3’s that were backwards compatible.

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